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'Service at Luveve clinic is so pathetic'

2015-07-02 11:47:41  - Service at luveve clinic is so pathetic. nurses went for tea break for more than an hour and a half now they have gone for lunc...Read more

'Service at Luveve clinic is so pathetic'

05 July 2015 | 536 Views
2015-07-02 11:47:41  - Service at luveve clinic is so pathetic. nurses went for tea break for more than an hour and a half now they have gone for lunc...

by Luveve Resident

Mthwakazi, moving on …now drive the restoration agenda!

05 July 2015 | 563 Views
Last week's contribution emphasized alignment, the criticality of uMthwakazi to properly align the message with the outcome. In many ways, this aligning is about vocalizing it more than it is a pr...

by Dominic Mwelase

Zim man dies in SA jail - WhatsApp

05 July 2015 | 1507 Views
Please note that Bulawayo24 does not edit WhatsApp updates. We publish them as sent by our readers and we do not disclose the sender's telephone number....

by Concerned Diasporan

Long-Live Mudhara Wedu: A Shona re-imagination of the Mdala wethu legacy

05 July 2015 | 1933 Views
July 1 is a very important day in the history of Zimbabwe, the day has been informally turned into a national Sabbath dedicated to celebrating the life of the founding icon of the second liberation w...

by Ras Mahomva

Zim Asset is failing

05 July 2015 | 1185 Views
"In pursuit of a new trajectory of accelerated economic growth and wealth creation, my government has formulated a new plan known as the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformati...

by Tendai Kwari @tendaikwari

Biti offers new economic blue print, 'HOPE': - with no political reforms call it hopeless!

04 July 2015 | 4169 Views
A few weeks ago Tendai Biti, the only one in all the MDC factions who has shown that he has a few working brain cells left, admitted to and even apologized to the nation for MDC's "collective foolish...

by Wilbert Mukori

Stop being cry babies Highlanders says Ezra Tshisa Sibanda

04 July 2015 | 4586 Views
Dynamos vs Highlanders, the aftermath: There are few sporting contests that carry quite the same passion in Zimbabwe as a DeMbare v Bosso clash.Their meetings regularly captivate millions of f...

by Ezra Tshisa Sibanda

How Sincere is Mutasa and cabal?

04 July 2015 | 3056 Views
Please note that Bulawayo24 does not edit WhatsApp updates. We publish them as sent by our readers and we do not disclose the sender's telephone number....

by Concerned Citizen

Beware of thieves at the ATM next to Fazak

03 July 2015 | 5158 Views
‪Please note that Bulawayo24 does not edit WhatsApp updates. We publish them as sent by our readers and we do not disclose the sender's telephone number...

by Concerned Citizen

Welshman Ncube on Friday: It Maybe Free, But Someone Pays For It

03 July 2015 | 4164 Views
In the early 1980s, I was a young man in my twenties listening and reading with keen interest as nationalist politicians promised us unlimited access to free education, health and such other thing...

by Prof Welshman Ncube

MDC-T glorifies oppression

03 July 2015 | 3412 Views
At a recent public seminar organised by the Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI), one man, an MDC-T supporter received a standing ovation for making a silly statement. There was ululation ...

by Tafara Shumba

African Women and Policy influence: 'let us keep on resisting, that is how we will advance!'

03 July 2015 | 1622 Views
Imagine a world where girls and boys are treated equally across the divide despite tribe, class or race, we must all hope for the day when government will recognize that equality of our young peo...

by M. Gumede

Futility of Tsvangirai politics, finally America speaks

03 July 2015 | 3190 Views
FOR once, let's give it to them. The MDC-T appears to have mastered the politics of spite. Only the consistency is self-destructively cynical, masochistic even, exposing the lack of brains to formulat...

by Joram Nyathi

A warning from history: time is running out for Mugabe and his hardliners to accept regime change

02 July 2015 | 4978 Views
When former ambassador and deputy minister, Amos Midzi, reportedly committed suicide last month it was no secret that he was up to his eyes in debt. That had not been a problem whilst he remained a s...

by Wilbert Mukori

No to senseless divisions, Cdes

02 July 2015 | 2985 Views
Dear Cabinet  and Politburo membersCOMRADES, I really meant what I said when I addressed members of the party's Youth League…that you should stop causing fresh divisions within the part...

by CZ

Government has the interest of War Veterans

02 July 2015 | 2244 Views
The recent sentiments by the ousted former Liberation War Veterans leader, Jabulani Sibanda that President Mugabe does not care about the welfare of war veterans should not be tolerated at all. ...

by Peacemaker Zano

Tsvangirai fails to learn from his mistakes

02 July 2015 | 3388 Views
In his struggle to maintain relevance in the political arena, the embattled MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, has once again made his attempts to be acknowledged in that field through sympathizing ...

by Peacemaker Zano

McDonald Lewanika missing the point

02 July 2015 | 2306 Views
The embattled former Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) director, McDonald Lewanika, missed the point when he says, 'Tired spirit of activism, donor fatigue to perpetuate ZANU-PF misrule as most huma...

by Suitable Kajau

Zim-economy on the recovery path

02 July 2015 | 3887 Views
The Government is dedicated to ensure that an enabling environment is created in the country to promote the quick recovery of the local economy. Meanwhile the Government is putting maximum effort ...

by Suitable Kajau

Discrimination minimises the potential of our country

02 July 2015 | 2224 Views
"The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity, but the one that removes the awareness of other possibilities; that makes it seem inc...

by Vince Musewe


01 July 2015 | 5450 Views
MQABUKO Isilw'esabhonga kwethuk'ondlebe zikhanyilanga. Inyath'eyaphoqol'imigoq'eGonakudzingwa bathuthumel'abeRhodesia. Ingonyam'eyabhodla wethuk'uSmith. umban'owakhwaz'eLancaster omhlo...

by Lima

MDC-T dismisses the appointment of Zimbabwe Gender Commissioner

01 July 2015 | 5156 Views
The MDC would like to express serious reservations about the composition of the recently appointed Zimbabwe Gender Commission. The Commission was established in terms of the provisions of Section 246 ...

by Obert Gutu

Local authorities should take on the issue of vendors

01 July 2015 | 3643 Views
The new Constitution of Zimbabwe has changed the basis of the relationship between the Ministry of Local Government and the Councils that administer local authorities throughout the country. For the f...

by MDC-T

Excuse us Mr Old Man Sir, Our time is Now!

30 June 2015 | 6866 Views
WE the youths of ZAPU (Youth Front), are utterly disgusted at the continued unfolding drama within the ruling ZANU party and government at the expense of imperative governance issues that brings bread...


Corruption exists in every country, undermines social justice in many and Zimbabwe has not been spared

30 June 2015 | 3983 Views
Corruption diverts public funds meant for development to rich elites, raids resources intended for poverty reduction and distorts the economy, with the biggest impact felt by the poorest people i...

by Leonard Koni

Help me find my family

30 June 2015 | 5698 Views
My name is Vuyo Mbela am looking for my family in Tjihanga Bulawayo Zimbabwe My father is Solomon khumalo my mom is a south african Ndileka Sylvia Mbela Nono my father's elder sister s...

by Kingcash Maibvise

Silly season has ripened for the private newspapers.

30 June 2015 | 5040 Views
In 1861, a term silly season was coined in the United Kingdom to describe a midsummer period when parliament and law courts are not sitting. There is nothing much newsworthy that happens during t...

by Tafara Shumba

Cops 'victimise' WeZhira community radio volunteers, Zacras condemns act

29 June 2015 | 4194 Views
MASVINGO - The police from CID section Masvingo Central have been visiting WeZhira Community Radio initiative in the past week including today 29 June 2015. They are asking various questio...

by Citizen Journalist

Fire the incompetent phantom offside official - Bosso vs Dembare

29 June 2015 | 5313 Views
IT is easily the biggest football fixture in Zimbabwe - an advert for our badly-battered national game to the outside world.Yesterday, Highlanders' meeting with Dynamos at Rufaro was watched a...

by Dingilizwe Ntuli

Mutasa violating Official Secrets Act

29 June 2015 | 6907 Views
Didymus Mutasa's continual discloses of national secrets is a criminal offence which demands that he should be arrested. Mutasa served two terms a state security minister in the present government...

by Suitable Kajau

Forked tongue: Obama applauds gay marriage, sings Amazing Grace

29 June 2015 | 5475 Views
What is duplicitous and unacceptable is to enjoy the credibility that comes from confessing the Christian faith while simultaneously holding views that are explicitly condemned in that faith.I...

by Edmund Kudzayi

Statement on the fire in that destroyed Power Sales shop in Gwanda

29 June 2015 | 4597 Views
Since the event of the fire that burnt down the Power Sales shop in the Central Business District in Gwanda on Wednesday, 24 June 2015, we have been inundated with calls from various media houses and ...

by Bekezela Maduma Fuzwayo

Warning: 'Zimbabwean travellers are being kidnapped and robbed in SA'

29 June 2015 | 7184 Views
Good DayThere is a serious problem happening in South Africa where Zimbabwean travellers are being kidnapped and robbed by people who give them lifts from Beitbridge Border or Mesina to Joburg...

by Concerned Citizen

Zimbabwean buses burning in South Africa - Video

29 June 2015 | 7137 Views
6:56pm, Jun 27 - ‪+44 **** ******‬: Zim news latest ; JHB fire broke out at newtown zim bus rank. It started when a bus belongs to Elite coaches cought fire due to mechanical fault , the fire spr...

by Majast

The struggle for a Mthwakazi State: It's about getting everything right and properly aligned!

28 June 2015 | 4722 Views
Veteran journalist, Jonathan Maphenduka launched his epoch-defining book, The Rule By Conquest: The Struggle in Mthwakazi, a fortnight ago. The book is a welcome addition to a struggle that bega...

by Dominic Mwelase

Time to Revive the Mambo Dynasty in Matebeleland and the Midlands

28 June 2015 | 6149 Views
The debate concerning the re-establishment of a Ndebele monarchy in a 'Mthwakazi Kingdom' in the lands now called Matebeleland and the Midlands has been going on for at least a decade now. Of par...

by Dombolakona-Tjing'wango Dlembewu Moyo

Mupositori response to Mugabe 'education' insult

28 June 2015 | 7937 Views
We read with disdain President Robert Mugabe's comments about Vapositori and their not being educated. The report came out in Zimbabwe's Daily News online paper and we respond that once again Mugabe i...

by Wilfred Kushure

Mujuru, Mutasa: The legend of the Boy Who Cried WOLF!

28 June 2015 | 5565 Views
IT is said that, many a time ago, a reverred village shepherd fell ill, and hence could not render his service, which was so critical as to be sacrosanct in ancient animal rearing society. As ill fate...

by Maynard Manyowa

Mnangagwa please leave us alone - Mthwakazi Republic party

28 June 2015 | 5316 Views
On Friday 26 of June 2015 Mnangagwa is said to have blasted the so called divisive forces who want to divide his beloved country Zimbabwe while he was addressing a constitution advocacy meeting i...

by Mbonisi Gumbo

Manheru re-issuance of corruption as black empowerment will not end economic meltdown

28 June 2015 | 4012 Views
There once was a man whose name I will not say because we all know him. For years he denied there was no corruption in high places and blamed all the nation's economic woes on Western imposed sanction...

by Wilbert Mukori.

She can't drive, she can't vote.... but can engage in sex

28 June 2015 | 5356 Views
The Prosecutor General, Mr Johannes Tomana, stirred up a hornet's nest last week when he argued that the courts have an obligation to listen to men who indulge in sexual activities with girls as youn...

by Edwin Mwase

Remembering The 27 June Curse

28 June 2015 | 4063 Views
I believe 27 is a very significant number. When Nelson Mandela was released after spending 27 years behind bars, it was obvious that freedom had eventually arrived in South Africa.Back hom...

by Jacob Gwature

Baboon with the smell of a white man

27 June 2015 | 6299 Views
YOU cannot help but admire American choreography. At the start of this month they had a hearing on Zimbabwe, itself an opportunity for demonstrating how much they stand in loco parentis to all of us t...

by Nathaniel Manheru

'The horror of residing in a company house' - Unedited

27 June 2015 | 6886 Views
This unedited message was sent to us via Bulawayo24 News Facebook page (

by Concerned Citizen

Welshman Ncube on Friday: Who Really is an 'Ordinary' Zimbabwean?

27 June 2015 | 5106 Views
A few years ago, I heard an Afro American rhythm and blues singer named John Legend sing this about ordinary people: 'We're just ordinary people. We don't know which way to go. Cuz we're ordinary...

by Welshman Ncube

ZANU-PF is the people's choice

27 June 2015 | 4768 Views
The recent claim by a local think tank, Zimbabwe Democracy Institute (ZDI), that Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), together with the state security agents assists the ruling party, ZANU-PF,&nbs...

by Chido Chikuni

Mugabe's main challenge is a crisis of legitimacy in the Zanu PF system

27 June 2015 | 4827 Views
The critical weakness that will eventually topple Mugabe is a failure of legitimacy. In political science, legitimacy is the popular acceptance of an authority, usually a governing law or regime. ...

by Tendai Kwari

We have to reclaim and restore Mthwakazi State

26 June 2015 | 4371 Views
Yesterday some of us had an opportunity to attend the official launch of a book Titled: THE RULE BY CONQUEST- THE STRUGGLE IN MTHWAKAZI written by Mr Jonathan Maphenduka a retired journalist who exper...

by Mbonisi Gumbo

Paul Mwazha and testimonies

26 June 2015 | 7512 Views
TESTIMONIES are a common ritual in most churches and in apostolic sects in particular. According to Christian doctrine, a witness is no good if the witness does not have the courage to take the stand ...

by Ray Bande

Mugabe better off with Moyo inside the tent pissing out than outside pissing in!

26 June 2015 | 7375 Views
"Moyo's victory was seen as spiting President Mugabe who had appointed him a non-constituency Member of Parliament before he proceeded to appoint him a minister in his bloated government," commented B...

by Wilbert Mukori

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Zim man dies in SA jail - WhatsApp - Please note that Bulawayo24 does ...

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Cuthbert Dube denied Canadian visa

by Staff Reporter | 05 July 2015 | 2607 Views

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by Staff Reporter | 05 July 2015 | 2083 Views

Mliswa labels Mujuru, Mutasa as cowards, distances himself from People...

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Lodges installing hidden cameras to record and sale p*rnography - A fo...

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Government ditches non Five Leveled' ECD teachers for untrained O'Leve...

by Stephen Jakes | 05 July 2015 | 2294 Views

Zim Asset is failing - "In pursuit of a new trajectory of accelerated...

by Tendai Kwari @tendaikwari | 05 July 2015 | 1185 Views

Sovereign Wealth Fund board appointed - A new board of the Sovereign W...

by Staff Reporter | 05 July 2015 | 908 Views

Prophet hands over murder suspect to police - A suspect in the murder ...

by Staff Reporter | 05 July 2015 | 3225 Views

Rife prostitution forces hotel closures - The Zimbabwe Tourism Author...

by Stephen Jakes | 05 July 2015 | 3255 Views

Traffic cop knocked down at roadblock

by Staff Reporter | 05 July 2015 | 3494 Views

Council worker attempts suicide at work premises over salary - A Shuru...

by Staff Reporter | 05 July 2015 | 1929 Views

Broke teacher steals sanitary pads

by Thobekile Zhou | 05 July 2015 | 2172 Views

Govt to train few nurses - THE Government is drastically trimming enr...

by Thobekile Zhou | 05 July 2015 | 1566 Views

Joshua Nkomo 'probably turning in his grave' - Sibanda - HARARE - Jabu...

by Staff Reporter | 04 July 2015 | 3275 Views

Biti offers new economic blue print, 'HOPE': - with no political refor...

by Wilbert Mukori | 04 July 2015 | 4169 Views

Mugabe back home - President Robert Mugabe, who is the current chair ...

by Staff Reporter | 04 July 2015 | 2680 Views

Tunisia President declares a state of emergency - Tunis - Tunisia Pres...

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Bigger and Better Women's Day Gospel Festival

by Entertainment Reporter | 03 July 2015 | 2385 Views

Silence Is Not Peace!, Says Bongani Ncube

by Nkosini Tshuma | 02 July 2015 | 3540 Views

Zimbabweans fail to answer a simple question like who is your former p...

by Staff reporter | 02 July 2015 | 4575 Views

Zim Achievers to host first ever winners and nominees reception - Win...

by Arts Correspondent | 02 July 2015 | 2003 Views

Team Bulawayo UK Shows cancelled - The Team Bulawayo UK shows which we...

by Thulani Nkala | 02 July 2015 | 2475 Views

DStv adds new channel for Zimbabwe viewers

by Staff reporter | 01 July 2015 | 10438 Views

Rihanna Duct Tapes Floyd Mayweather's Mouth Shut at BET Awards

by Staff Reporter | 30 June 2015 | 9131 Views

Professor wants out of Kalawa - KWAITO star Professor wants out of Ka...

by Staff reporter | 30 June 2015 | 6479 Views

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