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Zanu PF apologist condemns Sibanda but only now the thug is 'a loose cannon'!

"There is nothing to celebrate, contrary to his name, about former War Veterans leader, Jabulani Sibanda," wrote the Zanu PF apologist, Caitlin Kamba. "Especially when he has become a loose ca...Read more

Zanu PF apologist condemns Sibanda but only now the thug is 'a loose cannon'!

04 August 2015 | 1528 Views
"There is nothing to celebrate, contrary to his name, about former War Veterans leader, Jabulani Sibanda," wrote the Zanu PF apologist, Caitlin Kamba. "Especially when he has become a loose ca...

by Patrick Guramatunhu

Tribalism is trivialism

04 August 2015 | 1926 Views
TWO Government ministers are pushing the Zim-Asset programme in their own very special way. If it had nobility then it would have been called lady-like. But then the whole saga is pregnant with ignobi...

by Nick Mangwana

Mugabe comes clean: I screwed up

04 August 2015 | 4520 Views
For almost a decade and a half Zimbabwe's ruling party pursued an official policy of systematic land evictions, often leading to the death of farmers and destruction of arable land. Now, the coun...

by Gerhard Jacobs

Clueless lamentation of a War veteran

04 August 2015 | 1882 Views
Morrison Nyati, the turncoat responsible for the butchering of sons and daughters of the sol in refugee camps in Mozambique, was once viewed as part of the machinery of the liberation struggle. Ho...

by Caitlin Kamba

Cecil the lion is an unnecessary sideshow - ZUNDE

04 August 2015 | 958 Views
Many will recall that my experience with Safari operations ended with Zanu PF government having the easy task of convincing a Zanu PF Judge Mtambanengwe to condemn me into exile on trumped up char...

by Benjamin Paradza

Killing of Cecil sparks calls to ban trophy hunting

03 August 2015 | 1475 Views
The maiming with a crossbow and later killing of Cecil, the famous Hwange lion, by American dentist Walter Palmer has led to an international firestorm of protest and calls for the...

by Don Pinnock

Zimpost issues heroes postage stamps

03 August 2015 | 1696 Views
Zimpost issued a special set of four postage stamps on Thursday last week.This is to commemorate the lives of four National Heroes of Zimbabwe.This is Zimpost's way of commemorating th...

by Zimpost

MDC obsessed with Mugabe's 'negatives', silent about wasted chance to end his rule!

03 August 2015 | 2527 Views
Ever since the rigged July 2013 elections which saw many of the MDC leaders kicked off the Zimbabwe gravy train for our political ruling elite MDC have redoubled their efforts to impress the Zimbabwe ...

by Wilbert Mukori

Zimbabwean authorities say killing Cecil the lion was definitely illegal

03 August 2015 | 3027 Views
Despite belated claims by American dentist Walter Palmer and Theo Bronkhorst, the professional hunter from Bushman Safaris that killing Cecil the lion was legal, Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Manage...

by Adam Cruise

This time it's the workers next time it's the chefs!

03 August 2015 | 2545 Views
National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) has already laid-off 500 workers in response to the government directive to the parastatal to implement savage job cuts.  "Firstly, I would like to ref...

by Wilbert Mukori

'Zimbabwe's walking sick' said Professor Ncube - It is the mental sickness that is killing the nation!

02 August 2015 | 3277 Views
Zimbabwe is blessed beyond measure in having rich soils plenty rain and sun shine, rich flora and fauna and vast quantities of diamonds, gold and other minerals; the nation rightly deserve to be call...

by Wilbert Mukori

Cecil was much-loved by Yankees, just like Morgan Tsvangirai

02 August 2015 | 2299 Views
The tale of a perverted Yankee with an obsession to inflict pain and misery, who hunted down a Zimbabwean lion for over two days with a bow and arrow, is strikingly symbolic of the manner in which the...

by Sunday Mail contributor

Zimbabwe's walking sick

01 August 2015 | 4346 Views
One of the most basic human needs is to be in good health. Poor health inevitably leads to death. Thus one of the primary functions of any government must be to secure the health of its citizens. This...

by Professor Welshman Ncube

Will 'vendorisation' be Mugabe's lasting legacy?

01 August 2015 | 3691 Views
Does Robert Mugabe accept that by allowing over 9,000 workers to lose their jobs since the 17 July Supreme Court ruling, this 'vendorisation' of Zimbabwe will be his lasting legacy?I couldn't ...

by Clifford Chitupa Mashiri

What makes Cecil the lion so special??

31 July 2015 | 4578 Views
Cecil's death got many if not all Zimbabweans questioning the importance of their welfare or rather the importance of other matters that directly impact hum...

by Kumbirai Kevin Mwenye

Insecure Professor Moyo fearful of 'Gamatox 2' calls for Zanu PF trucel

31 July 2015 | 4907 Views
The infighting in Zanu PF took a new twist last week with Mayor Wadyajena, a Zanu PF chairperson of a parliamentary committee pushing for the parliamentary censure of Zanu PF Local Government minister...

by Patrick Guramatunhu

In April Mugabe rebuked Chinamasa for bonus or 8% wage cut now he accepts a 50% - 'penga udzoke!'

31 July 2015 | 3870 Views
In his Mid-Term Fiscal Review in Parliament Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa, told the house the regime is planning to cut the public sector wage bill to 40 percent of total revenue from the curren...

by Wilbert Mukori

Looking for family, please help

31 July 2015 | 3270 Views
Sicela usizo kunomuntu odinga ifamily yakhe eMatopo kogogo uMaNgwenya ubaba wakhe nguKing France Mkhwebu kodwa sewashona waya egoli ngo 1993, ubhudi kababa nguMJ and usisi nguJane Sithethephi sice...

by Nkosinotando Viola Ngulube

Zimbabwe's two years of misery and hopelessness

31 July 2015 | 3241 Views
Today marks exactly two years since Robert Mugabe and his beleaguered and faction - ridden political party, Zanu-PF, staged the mother of all electoral theft and rigged themselves into power on July 3...

by Obert Chaurura Gutu

Grace Mugabe exposed speculators

31 July 2015 | 7061 Views
Once again, the First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe, has put paid to speculations that were doing rounds in rumour mongering mills of the private media about her political ambitions. Only recentl...

by John Sigauke

We are starving in the Garden of Eden - greatest testimonial to human incompetency!

31 July 2015 | 3342 Views
Zimbabwe qualifies to be called the Garden of Eden; it was rich soils and the ideal weather condition to grow crops and farm animals. The fact that the country has now been turned from the breadbasket...

by Wilbert Mukori

Obama advocates for democracy

30 July 2015 | 2720 Views
It would be an oversimplification for a rather complex issue to use Barack Obama's speech to label President Robert Mugabe a dictator and accuse him of seeking to be a life President. This is a cl...

by Stewart Murewa

Movement for Democratic Confusion

30 July 2015 | 3104 Views
EDITOR,Already, the MDC-T has done it again showing its highest level of confusion and disorder by reversing its 'no reforms no elections' strategy that it has been advocating for this whole ...

by Peacemaker Zano

I owe no one any apology about Obama, Cdes

30 July 2015 | 5727 Views
Dear Cabinet and Politburo membersCOMRADES, I notice that my detractors and their local handlers have decided to mislead our people into believing that because I decided not to be in Addis Ab...

by CZ

What swallowed Gondwanaland, Black majority rule on 18 April 1980?

30 July 2015 | 2844 Views
What ate 'Black majority rule' on April 18, 1980? Put in a more contemporary way, what made 'Shona majoritarian rule' acceptable to many Shona people on April 18, 1980? Take any newspaper ...

by Items Mazibuko

Mugabe's denial of the cancer of corruption killing the economy, an insult to the nation

30 July 2015 | 2491 Views
President Mugabe continues to blame the sanctions imposed on himself and a hundred or so others in his inner circle for the country's economic meltdown. He said the sanctions induced hardshi...

by Patrick Guramatunhu

Dr Mugabe's gracious secret

29 July 2015 | 5746 Views
Lead by example is one of the oldest phenomenon and adage often said than practised, owing to traditional tendencies of prioritizing benefits ahead of responsibilities when one assumes duty in an ...

by Caitlin Kamba

British to re-engage MDC-T after GNU fallout - so what was the MDC-T road to Damascus transformation!

29 July 2015 | 3804 Views
Douglas Mwonzora, MDC-T Secretary General, is heading a party delegation visiting UK, Norway and Australia at the invitation of these nations."We are also going to take that chance to mee...

by Wilbert Mukori

If the US dentist lured Cecil out of the park with food, he needs to be hanged

29 July 2015 | 3645 Views
Hunting is a coward's pastime. If, as has been reported, this dentist and his guides lured Cecil out of the park with food so as to shoot him on private property, because shooting him in the park ...

by Ingrid Newkirk, President, PETA U.S.

'Infrasonic weapon' caused TB Joshua church collapse - academic

29 July 2015 | 4819 Views
An "infrasonic weapon" caused the collapse of a church's guest house in Lagos where 81 South Africans were killed last year.That's according to an academic paper published this month.I...

by TB Joshua Fans UK Blog

Once a Zanu, always a Zanu

29 July 2015 | 4894 Views
I have said it not once, not twice, not thrice but over and over again that once a Zanu always a Zanu.When I (and others) said opposition parties should not embrace these people falling out o...

by Bekezela Maduma Fuzwayo

Employers need a re-think on termination of workers contracts

28 July 2015 | 3581 Views
The recent events leading to massive laying-off of workers on the labour front seem to be receiving full backing of the relevant laws. In spite the legality of these aspects, it is prudent that we loo...

by Suitable Kajau

Ncube admits Zim leaders lack 'principles and vision' sadly indubitable proof of naive voters

28 July 2015 | 2882 Views
"The tragedy of our current politics in Zimbabwe is that it lacks ideology, principle and vision," confessed Professor Welshman Ncube."This is why we are now being told daily by all and sundr...

by Patrick Guramatunhu

Zapu RSA Chair, Bongani Halimana Speech - Joshua Nkomo Day

28 July 2015 | 2984 Views
Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Commemoration Hillbrow Theatre, JohannesburgJuly 25, 2015Organisers,Esteemed Guests,All protocol observed,L...

by Bongani Halimana Ndlovu, ZAPU RSA Provincial Chairman

Tsvangirai's MDC-T thrives on crisis

28 July 2015 | 3359 Views
Recent developments, among them, the vending issue, the alleged disappearance of Itai Dzamara and the Supreme Court labour ruling, have exposed MDC-T as a party that always attempts to flourish on cri...

by Tafara Shumba

'Africa is on the move' said President Obama - not Zim, not until implement reforms!

27 July 2015 | 7453 Views
US President Barack Obama on his first official visit as President to Kenya tells his the people of Kenya and the rest of Africa that the continent is on the move. "I wanted to be here, becaus...

by Wilbert Mukori

Is TB Joshua on the Run?

27 July 2015 | 7908 Views
Nigerian 'Prophet' T.B. Joshua's prolonged public absence is not only raising concerns among his followers but severely damaging local business in the area where his church is situated.The...

by Ihechukwu Njoku, a freelance Nigerian journalist.

Welshman Ncube is an alternative to Mugabe

27 July 2015 | 4874 Views
The future of Zimbabwe does not lie in the hands of Robert Mugabe, Zanu-PF, MDC-T or Morgan Tsvangirai.It is now crystal clear that Morgan Tsvangirai has lost the steam to win any future elec...

by Gugugu Magorira

African journalists should spearhead continent's development

27 July 2015 | 2673 Views
The recent announcement by African Union (AU) and SADC Chairperson, President Robert Mugabe that journalists in Africa should put African leaders and the developments in the continent into positive l...

by Peacemaker Zano

Coroner a Syndicate of the Collapse of the SCOAN Building?

26 July 2015 | 4781 Views
As article after article is published about Prophet T.B. Joshua in the wake of his tragic church building collapse, the prejudice and bias unashamedly displayed by the coroner and the media have f...

by TB Joshua Fans UK

Zimbabwe change is imminent, but how?

25 July 2015 | 6250 Views
Zimbabwe is an enigma to many. The country presents itself as a clean, modern State with friendly people, little crime and small pockets of prosperity and wealth. A small country blessed with a great ...

by Eddie Cross

Julius Malema is wrong about Zimbabwe

25 July 2015 | 5962 Views
Honourable Julius Malema, a few weeks ago you were placed on record making very preposterous claims regarding the President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe, his government, his policies, and the general wel...

by Maynard Manyowa

Nelson Chamisa's dreadful mistake, 6000 workers fired

25 July 2015 | 6495 Views
CAN someone tell me, just who is threatened by the First Lady hitting 50 years of age? Or by her celebrating that age? Or by the fact of taking advantage of that occurrence to fund-raise for charity? ...

by Nathaniel Manheru

Tobaiwa Mudede responds to birth control drugs critics

25 July 2015 | 4096 Views
Our presentation to the Parliamentary Portfolio committee on Women's Affairs, Gender and Community Development on July 7 2015 triggered a myriad of comments. We have received an overwhelming number o...

by Tobaiwa T Mudede and Richard Hondo

MDC-T 'a duplicate of ZANU-PF'

25 July 2015 | 4281 Views
It is sad to listen to people like Obert Gutu and the entire MDC-T leadership mislead the people of Zimbabwe as they do by making people believe that they are still a strong opposition party. In the f...

by Tsolo Dube

We are the change that we seek

24 July 2015 | 4925 Views
At the core of the Zimbabwean problem lies a guy who many if not all Zimbabweans don't know well. He is not translucent himself and he is hideous. In many instances he uses proxies to say or direct th...

by Shumba Zanda

MDC, MDC Renewal Team re-unification doomed

24 July 2015 | 5541 Views
The two gluttonous MDC fragments, Welshman Ncube-led MDC and the Tendai Biti-fronted MDC Renewal Team failed to strike a unification deal owing to irreparable differences over how to allocate powe...

by Suitable Kajau

Happy Birthday Dr G Mugabe

24 July 2015 | 4848 Views
Zimbabwe Unemployed People's Association join people around Zimbabwe and the world in wishing "Happy Birthday" to the first lady as she turn 50 years old. ZUPA represents the interests of ...

by Innocent Ndibali

The Truth About Chenjerai Hove

23 July 2015 | 8321 Views
Fellow Zimbabweans,Let me correct malicious, insensitive, half-truths, untruths, and innuendos written about Chenjerai Hove by several people in several publications since his passing on i...

by Morgan Mugove Changamire

Western diplomats should stop meddling in local affairs

23 July 2015 | 4451 Views
It has become a norm that the western diplomats have taken the role of proponents of regime change instead of representing their governments as ambassadors. Ambassadors should not be reckless in h...

by Stewart Murewa

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Zanu PF apologist condemns Sibanda but only now the thug is 'a loose cannon'!

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Unpaid hooker bash cop in public

by Staff Reporter | 04 August 2015 | 2644 Views

Malema fraud and corruption case struck off the roll

by Staff reporter | 04 August 2015 | 1411 Views

My wife must give my lobola back!

by Staff reporter | 04 August 2015 | 2900 Views

Mugabe comes clean: I screwed up

by Gerhard Jacobs | 04 August 2015 | 4520 Views

Mujuru turns down Mugabe, Zanu-PF

by Staff reporter | 04 August 2015 | 5033 Views

Zanu-PF demo against Wadyajena flops

by Staff reporter | 04 August 2015 | 2056 Views

Chinese experts jets in for mega deals

by Staff reporter | 04 August 2015 | 1112 Views

Life imprisonment unconstitutional

by Staff reporter | 04 August 2015 | 998 Views

Mass protests loom over job cuts

by Staff reporter | 04 August 2015 | 1706 Views

Chihuri claims credit for stopping MDC-T

by Staff reporter | 04 August 2015 | 1446 Views

Bredenkamp in trouble over $3.8m Yakub debt

by Staff reporter | 04 August 2015 | 895 Views

Zimbabwe economic intelligence in foreign hands

by Staff reporter | 04 August 2015 | 1207 Views

Air Zimbabwe secures fuel

by Staff reporter | 04 August 2015 | 742 Views

Clueless lamentation of a War veteran

by Caitlin Kamba | 04 August 2015 | 1882 Views

Headmaster tortures 94 students for not paying fees - ZIMRIGHTS

by Staff Reporter | 04 August 2015 | 1379 Views

Govt wont backtrack on urban-tollgates - Min Mpofu

by Staff Reporter | 04 August 2015 | 1386 Views

Another US hunter 'kills' lion in Zimbabwe

by Thobekile Zhou | 04 August 2015 | 1902 Views


Rebecca Malope has been married for long but no one knows

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Singer Daniel Jenkins says no to date rape

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Rapper's wife caught cheating

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Thokozani Langa consoles Mtshengiseni Gcwensa's familly

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Stand-up comedy on the rise in Bulawayo

by Staff reporter | 01 August 2015 | 2539 Views

Heavy K expected in Bulawayo

by Staff reporter | 01 August 2015 | 2321 Views

Gwanda gospel music extravaganza confirmed

by Staff correspondent in Pretoria South Africa | 29 July 2015 | 3969 Views

Zim music industry dead - Prof Moyo

by Staff Reporter | 29 July 2015 | 5365 Views