Mnangagwa plots Mugabe exit

Published: 16 hrs ago | 2354 Views


Zimbabwean woman has been pregnant for 2 years and still counting

Published: 38 mins ago
Allegations of witchcraft and conspiracies have taken centre stage as misfortune trails a 29-year-old Gokwe woman who for two years believed she was p
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Bongani Mafu, dead man walking

Published: 16 hrs ago
Highlanders 2 - 3 Chicken Inn HIGHLANDERS coach Bongani Mafu came short at accusing his players of sabotaging him in the 2-3 loss to Premiership c


Employers biggest winners in the Labour amendment Act

Published: 7 hrs ago
EMPLOYERS have been viewed as the biggest winners in the Labour Amendment Draft Act which has been signed into law by President Robert Mugabe.


Snoozing to lose again - the ANC and Zapu!

Published: 7 hrs ago
As the curtain comes down on Mugabe, the region's perennial losers - the ANC and Zapu - are set to be confirmed losers - again!The same forces


'Stop imitating Jamaicans,' Mapfumo tell Zimdancehall artistes

Published: 3 hrs ago
Chimurenga music legend Thomas "Mukanya" Mapfumo says Zimdancehall musicians must stop imitating Jamaican dancehall musicians.Mukanya, who has
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Aliens could have started life on Earth? - Study

Published: 27 Aug 2015 at 23:49hrs
New research, due to appear in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, shows life may have spread through space like an infectious virus.Alien life