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I'm not finished yet, says Matson Hlalo

MDC-T member Mr Victor Mapungwana was sworn in as Senator for his party after the expulsion of Senator Alderman Matson Hlalo from the opposition party. The firing of Mr Hlalo from MDC-T stemmed from a...Read more

I'm not finished yet, says Matson Hlalo

15 May 2016 | 2012 Views
MDC-T member Mr Victor Mapungwana was sworn in as Senator for his party after the expulsion of Senator Alderman Matson Hlalo from the opposition party. The firing of Mr Hlalo from MDC-T stemmed from a...

by Dumisani Sibanda

Fierce contact with the Rhodesian forces

15 May 2016 | 2433 Views
IN our last week's Lest We Forget Column we were talking to former Zipra Deputy Commander of the Northern Front which stretched from Bulilima up to Nyamapanda Border Post Nicholas Gibson Nkomo whose p...

by Staff write

RBZ explains bond notes

08 May 2016 | 2875 Views
I sympathise with the people of Zimbabwe who have taken our policy pronouncements to address the US dollar cash shortages to anticipate that we are going to have a repeat of the economic tragedy of 20...

by Dr John Mangudya

Morgan Tsvangirai bares all

01 May 2016 | 2827 Views
Following the recent MDC-T led mass demonstration, there has been a lot of talk about the relevance of party leader Morgan Tsvangirai, whose political orbituary many had already written.The su...

by Staff reporter

'Mash Central is a one-party province'

23 April 2016 | 2154 Views
Today, Guruve South Constituency in Mashonaland Central Province will hold a by-election for the vacant House of Assembly seat following the expulsion of Chriswell Mutematsaka by the ruling Zanu-PF pa...

by Tichaona Zindoga

'Why I want Mugabe to go,' by Jabulani Sibanda

27 March 2016 | 4644 Views
FORMER war veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda (JS) was instrumental in President Robert Mugabe's re-election in 2013 but now says the 92-year-old has become a burden for Zimbabweans.Last week he...

by Richard Chidza

Sad story of sell-outs in Zanu

27 March 2016 | 2987 Views
BORN in Damba (now Mhangura) in 1940, John Makwasha whose Chimurenga name was Bayayi Mabhunu joined politics during the early 1960s during the days of the National Democratic Party after listening to ...

by Chronicles from the Second Chimurenga

Zimbabwe struggle - Has Zambia been paid enough?

13 March 2016 | 1182 Views
Over the past two editions, Zambian veteran politician Dr Vernon Mwaanga has been narrating Zimbabwe's liberation struggle from a Zambian point of view.This week, Dr Mwaanga concludes his narr...

by Staff reporter

Interview: Magagula on General Nandinandi's untimely resignation

12 March 2016 | 3477 Views
On Friday, a report signed by Dr Churchill Guduza and Mr Andrea Sibanda, MLF's Vice President and Secretary General respectively was published announcing the untimely resignation of their party's pres...

by Mthwakazi Research Institute

'I have a succession plan,' says Tsvangirai

07 March 2016 | 4311 Views
Amid claims by some that main opposition (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai is now a spent force, the Daily News' reporters Fungi Kwaramba and Tendai Kamhungira (DN) took time to speak to Tsvangirai (MT),...

by Staff reporter

Mugabe is now a living ghost, says Mujuru

07 March 2016 | 3527 Views
Ex-vice-president Joice Mujuru (JM) says Zimbabwe is lucky to have Mugabe alive at his age as someone who could give the country spiritual guidance.mujuruShe says however, in an exclusive ...

by Staff reporter

Mugabe is now just a living spirit, says Mujuru

06 March 2016 | 2968 Views
Ex-vice-president Joi-ce Mujuru (JM) says Zimbabwe is lucky to have Mugabe alive at his age as someone who could give the country spiritual guidance.She says however, in an exclusive interview...

by Staff reporter

Chitepo's last few hours in Zambia

05 March 2016 | 2586 Views
Veteran Zambian politician, Dr Vernon Mwaanga who held different positions in the Zambian government during the days of the liberation struggle last week spoke to Munyaradzi Huni about how Zambia took...

by Munyaradzi Huni

Mugabe loves power too much, says Mujuru

05 March 2016 | 2167 Views
Fungi Kwaramba (FK) spoke to former Vice President Joice Mujuru, who now leads the opposition Zimbabwe People First about her time in Zanu PF and her relationship with President Robert Mugabe. Find be...

by Staff reporter

Prophet Passion's wife speaks out

03 March 2016 | 4903 Views
FOUNDER and President of Kingdom Embassy prophet Passion Java recently got remarried to Ethiopian beauty Lily Tsegaye (LT) in Jamaica. Prophet Java who runs a television station in Africa which has a ...

by Staff reporter

'Lake Kariba not drying up'

21 February 2016 | 1353 Views
Although water levels at Lake Kariba are historically at their lowest, it is false and misleading for anyone to suggest that it is drying, Kariba District Administrator Amigo Mhlanga told the Daily Ne...

by Staff reporter

From Jacob Zuma to Mugabe with love . . .

21 February 2016 | 1795 Views
I FIRST met President Robert Mugabe at the airport in Maputo, Mozambique when he had just been released from prison in 1974. He was with Mr Joshua Nkomo and they were on their way to Geneva where nego...

by Staff reporter

'Zanu-PF Youth League respects war veterans'

20 February 2016 | 783 Views
The Zanu-PF Youth League has hogged the limelight for the wrong reasons this week, with its officials making unfortunate statements at a time the country readies itself to mark the 21st February Movem...

by Lloyd Gumbo

'Liberation war truants causing disharmony,' says Mutsvangwa

03 February 2016 | 1107 Views
Recent troubles within the war veterans movement and brazen disrespect shown to liberation war fighters are fanned by factionalists and successionists in the ruling Zanu-PF. War veterans leader Chris ...

by Staff reporter

'Give farmers title deeds,' says Joshua Malinga

17 January 2016 | 1141 Views
On Wednesday, a senior Zanu-PF member and a beneficiary of the land reform programme, Joshua Teke Malinga addressed members of the Bulawayo Press Club where he spoke on a number of issues including th...

by Dumisani Sibanda

Wayne Albertyn remembers the old days of Zimbabwe soccer

15 January 2016 | 2814 Views
Everything can be killed except nostalgia for football, we carry it in every love affair, in everything that deeply torments and unties and tricks. General nostalgia is when you want 'once upon a time...

by Byo24News

'Good leadership is about people' - Festus Mogae

08 January 2016 | 2167 Views
Festus Mogae served as president of the southern African country of Botswana from 1998 to 2008. He is the recipient of several international awards, including the 200...

by Tefo Pheage

'I feel sorry for Mugabe'

07 January 2016 | 5120 Views
President Robert Mugabe recently described former Zanu-PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo (RG) as a traitor.The Daily News caught up with the former Dare Rechimurenga supremo to discuss this and&nbs...

by Staff reporter

Financing Africa's development agenda

05 December 2015 | 1473 Views
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will build on the expiring Millennium Development Goals, which were launched in 2000 to end extreme poverty by 2015. What do the SDGs mean for African countrie...

by Jocelyne Sambira

'Mujuru expulsion marks Zanu-PF's demise'

16 November 2015 | 5949 Views
Former Zanu-PF provincial spokesperson (Masvingo) and Zimbabwe National Liberation Army (Zanla) political commissar - Retired Lt. Colonel Kudzai Sevias Mbudzi believes his former party is headed for d...

by Staff reporter

Interview with the ZAPU Presidential Aspirant - Thulani Nkala

07 November 2015 | 3668 Views
ZAPU will be holding its historical 10th National Congress on 18th to 21st December 2015, in what promises to be an exciting elective Congress as it looks like as if all the positions will be heavily ...

by Dumisani Ngulube

Mujuru betrayed Temba Mliswa

20 October 2015 | 5996 Views
Former Zanu-PF Mashonaland West provincial chairman Temba Mliswa claims he was never part of a faction but respected the elected officials including Joice Mujuru whom he says betrayed him.Mlis...

by Staff reporter

'Wadyajena is abusing Mnangagwa's name'

17 October 2015 | 3467 Views
TWO prominent young cadres of the ruling zanu-pf party, Cdes Justice Mayor Wadyajena and Acie Lumumba (AL), have of late been involved in a rather nasty public fight where they have thrown everything ...

by Tichaona Zindoga

Interview with the writer of Abalobi Bakithi's upcoming book launch

11 October 2015 | 3229 Views
Ntando: Salibonani, salibonani! Kuhlelo lwethu lokuxoxa labalobi abaloba bengaphansi kwenhlanganiso Abalobi Bakithi, lamuhla siloMeluleki Vodloza Sibanda ongomu...

by Ntando Ncube

WATCH: Up close with James Makamba

07 September 2015 | 3658 Views
James Makamba is an entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio of interests covering telecommunications, broadcasting, retail, mining and consultancy and even a stint as a mayor!. He came to promin...

by Staff reporter

State House is far, says Mnangagwa - Interview Part 3

29 August 2015 | 2175 Views
Q: So you created what is called a "bogey" in this country?A: What is a bogey?Q: A kind of false flag, where people...

by Baffour Ankomah

State House is far, says Mnangagwa - Interview Part 2

29 August 2015 | 2306 Views
Q: Why can't the many "solid" cadres you talk about be like Mugabe? Iron sharpens iron, isn't it?A: I don't know what that means, iron sharpens iron, that i...

by Baffour Ankomah

State House is far, says Mnangagwa - Interview Part 1

29 August 2015 | 2691 Views
"I have been with the president since 1963. We have been working together since then, first in Tanganyika and thereafter we were in prison together; he did 11 years and I did 10 years," says VP Mnanga...

by Baffour Ankomah

'Gukurahundi is a festering sore'

27 August 2015 | 3165 Views
Rising Bulawayo-born writer-cum-playwright Christopher Mlalazi (CM), who is currently a writer in residence in Germany, has gained respect in Zimbabwe's competitive writing community largely because o...

by Jeffrey Muvundusi

Itai Dzamara issue, everyone's responsibility

15 July 2015 | 4710 Views
The issue of a missing citizen Itai Dzamara is everyone's concern, so as to re-establish his whereabouts. This is not the time for pointing fingers at each other as the prime focus should be cast...

by Suitable Kajau

Zimbabwe has gone to the dogs

12 July 2015 | 6980 Views
The economic, social and political freefall of the once envied teapot shaped country of Madzimbabwe has reached alarming proportions.At a time when the general citizenry is walloping in po...

by Wangu-Mine

'Zanu-PF must reform or perish'

11 June 2015 | 5010 Views
ZIMBABWE'S political terrain has undergone significant transformation, but the more things change, the more they remain the same. The Financial Gazette's Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Dumisani Ndlela (DN), ...

by Staff reporter

'Mugabe never trusted ex-Zipra guerillas'

02 June 2015 | 6858 Views
Firebrand former war veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda was last year expelled from Zanu-PF alongside ex-vice president Joice Mujuru, party cadres like ex-spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, former Presidential ...

by Staff reporter

'Zanu-PF expulsions not kangaroo court decisions'

30 May 2015 | 4106 Views
Zanu-PF has just recently expelled or suspended up to 100 of its members due to a number of reasons but chiefly for being part of a sinister plot to unconstitutionally unseat President Mugabe ahead of...

by Tichaona Zindoga

'Tsvangirai unlikely to pave way for Mujuru'

26 May 2015 | 5852 Views
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition executive director McDonald Lewanika speaks to Dailynews assistant Editor Guthrie Munyuki about civic society's role in the current discourse and the political terrain....

by Staff reporter

White farmers and the whole country alike, under siege from Mugabe's Office

10 May 2015 | 4221 Views
This week one of the few remaining white commercial farmers in Zimbabwe, David Connolly (DC), owner of Centenary Farm, about 30km from Bulawayo was tracked down. Itai Mushekwe (IM), discusses with him...

by Itai Mushekwe

'Tsvangirai has no formula against Zanu-PF, says Magaisa

09 May 2015 | 4555 Views
Former advisor to opposition MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai Dr Alex Magaisa has conceded that opposition failure to defeat the ruling Zanu-PF is down to the ruling party being too "formidable" for the...

by Tichaona Zindoga

Africa grapples with a jobless growth

07 May 2015 | 2690 Views
Until recently, rising demands for African commodities boosted most of the region's economies. Yet unemployment, especially among the youth, remains high. Africa Renewal's Franck Kuwonu spoke with Aen...

by Africa Renewal

If you want to liberate your body, liberate your mind

07 May 2015 | 3470 Views
Recently the United Nations declared 2015-2024 as the International Decade for the People of African Descent. Africa Renewal‘s Masimba Tafirenyika sat down with the president of the 69th session of ...

by Africa Renewal

Temba Mliswa ready to die for Hurungwe

26 April 2015 | 4304 Views
Expelled Hurungwe West legislator and former Zanu-PF Mashonaland West chairman - Temba Mliswa - is not fazed by the State machinery and security agents deployed in his constituency by his former part...

by Fungi Kwaramba

'Mugabe is my boss,' says Kenneth Kaunda

26 April 2015 | 4632 Views
Zambia's first Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda turns 91 years old on April 28, a week after Zimbabwe celebrated its 35th birthday. Dr Kaunda played a major role in Zimbabwe's Independence from ...

by Emilia Zindi

Jonathan Moyo unpacking #1980sofarsogood

18 April 2015 | 2847 Views
TODAY Zimbabwe celebrates 35 years of Independence. The trending motif of this year's celebrations has been #1980sofarsogood. The Herald reporter Susan Nyabunze (SN) caught up with Information, Media ...

by Susan Nyabunze

One on one with Professor Welshman Ncube

28 March 2015 | 3712 Views
THE Chronicle's Political Editor Nduduzo Tshuma on Thursday sat down with MDC leader Professor Welshman Ncube in the wake of a spate of resignations of senior party officials, including secretary gen...

by Nduduzo Tshuma

I've played my part, says Biti

21 March 2015 | 5133 Views
Members of the Tendai Biti-led MDC faction were this week kicked out of Parliament for having crossed the floor from the MDC-T party on whose ticket they were elected during the July 2013 elections.&...

by Tichaona Zindoga

I feel vindicated, says Mugabe

03 March 2015 | 4283 Views
PRESIDENT Mugabe turned 91-years-old on the 21st of February, and had his birthday celebrations in Victoria Falls over the weekend. As per tradition, the President granted an interview to ZBCtv Curren...

by Chris Chivinge

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Mugabe makes bold statement

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No cash shortage in Victoria Falls - VICTORIA FALLS - At a time when m...

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Victoria Falls to rename 86 roads

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Dj Zinhle dying to be in Bulawayo

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