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It is the 'Economic Meltdown, Stupid!' that is finally going to force Mugabe out of office!

The economic meltdown, stupid! To paraphrase a twisted to fit version of the President Clinton catch phrase. It was the strength of the American economy that secured President Clinto...Read more

It is the 'Economic Meltdown, Stupid!' that is finally going to force Mugabe out of office!

17 December 2014 | 2350 Views
The economic meltdown, stupid! To paraphrase a twisted to fit version of the President Clinton catch phrase. It was the strength of the American economy that secured President Clinto...

by Wilbert Mukori

Tsvangirai please come and wipe away my tears!

17 December 2014 | 3448 Views
EVERYDAY I SNIVEL and I can't take it anymore. President Tsvangirai please come and wipe away my tears. Robert Mugabe has caused a lot of suffering and the only hope for Zimbabwe is Morgan Tsvangi...

by Tapiwa Diamond Chadya

Tsvangirai and the multitudes in the big tent

17 December 2014 | 3838 Views
The mass mobilisation drive initiated by the MDC-T South Africa Province Organising secretary Trust Ndlovu seems to be bearing fruits. Hundreds of people congregated in various places around South Afr...

by Dr. Wangu Mazodze - MDC-T South Africa Spokesperson

VP Mphoko, Sir: Please - ungomunye wabo yini?

17 December 2014 | 5441 Views
Dumiso Dabengwa has said you are a 'sell-out' and a 'cheat', VP Mphoko, Sir. As Mthwakazi, we cannot ignore Dumiso Dabengwa's 'revelations', for two reasons.First, this is Dumiso Dabengwa spea...

by Casper Dube

Lovemore Madhuku a toothless bulldog

17 December 2014 | 2189 Views
It is quite interesting for progressive and like minded Zimbabweans to think that a constitutional expert is fast loosing relevance. Lovemore Manduku, of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)...

by Stewart Murewa

Let's give our leaders a chance please

17 December 2014 | 1626 Views
It is worrisome that the recent swearing in of two Vice Presidents, Comrades Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko, has been received negatively by some analysts and members of the public clai...

by Peacemaker Zano

What securocracy?

17 December 2014 | 2079 Views
Desperate times indeed call for desperate measures. Some political analysts have lost the plot altogether by demonising the attaining political situation in a bid to buy sympathy for those faced w...

by Caitlin Kamba

Unity is the Bedrock of National Development!

17 December 2014 | 869 Views
Now that the ZANU-PF Congress came and is gone; this post Congress period is time for re-focus so that we work diligently to build Zimbabwe. Congratulations to all newly appointed leaders!...

by Suitable Kajau

Didymus Mutasa and co now opposition, de facto

17 December 2014 | 5888 Views
Reports over the weekend that former Zanu-PF Secretary for Administration Didymus Mutasa has called for the mediation of South African President Jacob Zuma relating to the way he and others, including...

by Tichaona Zindoga

The deliberate mutilation of the Ndebele language unacceptable

17 December 2014 | 3083 Views
In a country like Zimbabwe which has been ruled on tribal lines since independence, all fair-minded and forward thinking organisations and individuals should be very sensitive when it comes to la...

by Thulani Nkala

A grim Christmas to all Zimbabweans and a grimier 2015 - want a merry one, earn it!

16 December 2014 | 2892 Views
"Politics is a dirty, especially Zimbabwean politics with corrupt and ruthless tyrants like Mugabe, Mnangagwa and Mujuru on one side and corrupt and blundering village idiots like Tsvangirai, Biti and...

by Wilbert Mukori

VP Mphoko not a sellout

16 December 2014 | 4213 Views
No amount of lies or smear campaign can turn VP Mphoko into a sell out. No genuine former ZPRA commander or soldier can support those lies, except former Rhodesian Special Branch personnel who were do...

by John Songo

Mugabe, Tsvangirai teacher, student

16 December 2014 | 3126 Views
NOW that the dust is settling after the political whirlwind in Zanu PF, let us go back to mother earth, and do what has to be done.Again, we felt betrayed and beaten by cunning old Robert ...

by Chris Dube

Robert Mugabe understands the consequences of sacrifice

16 December 2014 | 2880 Views
Torment him all you want, crucify him with all your strength, scrutinise him frequently, judge him without trial, put him in the class of Hitler to ignite municipal merriment, call him a tyrant to sel...

by Immigration Maziwisa

When Mugabe paid war vets $50k in 1997 it was a bribe, freedom fighters became mercenaries

16 December 2014 | 2626 Views
The war veterans under the command of the late Chenjerai Hitler Hunzvi in 1997 forced Mugabe to award them Z$50 000 gratuity each plus monthly pensions for life. They also demanded to have 20% of all...

by Patrick Guramatunhu

Grace to be VP if Mugabe retires, if he dies in office she will be buried, politically, with him

16 December 2014 | 9871 Views
The possibility of Mugabe retiring early and not to die in office is on the cards. Oppah Muchinguri has given that scenario more mileage when she was asked by journalists whether the removal of Muju...

by Wilbert Mukori

War vets ministry to keep ex-fighters in Mugabe's corner

15 December 2014 | 2600 Views
President Robert Mugabe, in his political twilight, finally rewarded the liberation war veterans through creating a cabinet ministry specifically to look at their welfare despite the fact that surviv...

by Prince Tongogara

Zimbabwe: Update on illegal farm invasions and contempt of court

15 December 2014 | 2489 Views
Update regarding the illegal invasion and continued contempt of court by Dr Ray Ndhlukula (Deputy Chief Secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet) on Centenary farm; Dr Benedict Moyo (Chair...

by Dave Conolly, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Mugabe must stop the rot

15 December 2014 | 4001 Views
REPORTS that Zimbabwe will for the first time in its history be paying salaries of President Robert Mugabe's deputies - two Vice-Presidents and a pension equivalent to a sitting vice president for fir...

by NewsDay Editorial

President Mugabe, a man of unity

15 December 2014 | 1969 Views
December 22 marks a very important day in the history and future of the Republic of Zimbabwe.Two revolutionary parties that had differed in the approach of executing the war of liberation but ...

by Tafara Shumba

Zimbabwe identity nightmare

15 December 2014 | 3983 Views
I never imagined that a simple act of processing identity documents could be so demanding, complicated and tiresome, writes ONAI HARA.My father, being Zambian, migrated to work in Zimbabwe - w...

by Onai Hara

'Senile Mugabe not voice of Zimbabwe'

15 December 2014 | 3398 Views
The Vigil has delivered a letter to the Ghanaian High Commission in London apologising for the insulting remarks about Ghana made by Mugabe at the Zanu-PF Congress. W...

by Zim Vigil

Tsvangirai the people's only hope

15 December 2014 | 3831 Views
A global research company conducted a survey in South Africa following the launch of the Tsvangirai-led MDC party's new narrative of EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL. During the exercise, in tandem wi...

by Dr. Wangu Mazodze

Mnangagwa has to manage his victory carefully

15 December 2014 | 5111 Views
A few days ago, in an article entitled, "Life after political victory", I wrote about the burden of success. In it, I implicitly warned about the danger of triumphalism - that whilst the Mnangagwa fa...

by Alex T. Magaisa

Zimbabwe can never partner CIA

15 December 2014 | 1447 Views
The West's machinations aimed at tarnishing Zimbabwean image has this time gone farfetched by hatching an ill-conceived connection between the United State's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and ...

by Caitlin Kamba

Tsvina yenyu yanyanya vapostori

15 December 2014 | 2126 Views
Tsvina pamiviri yenyu nepa magemenzi enyu haikoki vanhu vatsva kuuya kuzonamata. Chipostori ndicho chinamato chepa mavambo chemu Zimbabwe asi varimo muchipostori ichochi ndimi munoita kuti ruzhinji rw...

by Masowe eChishanu

Three hours at the ICC- a journalist's perspective

15 December 2014 | 1188 Views
I had in mind a court housed at an opulent building with massive security, but alas, the International Criminal Court (ICC) is temporarily located at a modest building in The Hague, Netherlands wi...

by Andrew Mambondiyani recently at The Hague, Netherlands

Excuse me! Let me speak

15 December 2014 | 2544 Views
Excuse me! Let me speak. If you let me I shall speak calmly and rationally. When I am done let come on me what may for I have staked my life in order to fulfill nothing less than a dream for my co...

by Field Ruwe

Ousted Mujuru supporters pledge loyalty to Mugabe - for now whilst political wind is in the tyrant's favour!

15 December 2014 | 2471 Views
Ousted Zanu-PF Manicaland provincial chairman Ambassador John Shumba Mvundura said he will remain a loyal member of the ruling party and accepts the decision taken against him.People like Mvu...

by Wilbert Mukori

We can have a rich and prosperous Zimbabwe

14 December 2014 | 2973 Views
I would like to thank you for providing this forum for open debate and exchange of ideas. As someone who has been in the public gallery in our parliament on countless occasion I can honestly say there...

by Patrick Guramatunhu

Equal opportunities for all - MDC-T

14 December 2014 | 2441 Views
AS THE MOTHERLAND promenade towards the conclude of the definitive segment of a tough swop, decisions pertaining a superlative future have long been stored subliminally in the MDC-T waiting to be unle...

by Tapiwa Diamond Chadya,

Zipra advice to Mnangagwa upon his elevation

14 December 2014 | 7972 Views
Emmerson Mnangagwa is now Deputy President  and is billed to repair the damaged  security and happiness of all Zimbabweans from current mismanagement. Mnangagwa is not the cleanest candidate...

by Ryton Dzimiri

MDC-United's unity must be applauded

14 December 2014 | 4417 Views
On November 27, 2014, 5 000 Zimbabweans, 17 African diplomats, representatives of the embassies of Australia, France, Norway, India, USA and the UK as well as 31 local civil society organisations gath...

by Pius Wakatama

Is he Zimbabwe's future president?

14 December 2014 | 5294 Views
Mysterious. Dangerous. Reclusive. Hardline. Ruthless. Rich and helpful. All of these descriptions have been used for 72-year-old Emmerson Mnangagwa.Sworn into office as vice-president on Frida...

by Peta Thornycroft

Mujuru supporters back-stabbing others - cannot defend their rights no wonder they failed to defend those of others

14 December 2014 | 1542 Views
According to a report in the The Sunday Mail former Energy and Power Development Minister Dzikamai Mavhaire leaked information implicating his Deputy, Engineer Munacho Mutezo in the alleged siphoning...

by Wilbert Mukori

Mugabe removed Mujuru 'brutally', now its payback time - his dirty secrets are up for sell!

13 December 2014 | 9682 Views
Excellent analysis Dumisani Muleya; "Mugabe didn't want Mujuru to be removed in a brutal way", Bulawayo24 opinion. Whilst I agree with you that Mugabe probably did not want Mai Mujuru "remov...

by Wilbert Mukori

Zanu-PF congress was good for politicians, but lukewarm for the economy

13 December 2014 | 1872 Views
Politically, it is no secret that I sympathised with ousted Zanu-PF second secretary, Amai  Joice Mujuru .That being said, the leadership decided and we lost the race but one does not tea...

by Fidelis Fengu

Zimbabwean history that is nothing

13 December 2014 | 1510 Views
THE War of the Axe had ended, serving the Xhosa nation a stunning defeat. And the British treachery had settled that war expectedly through characteristic British deceit.The year was 1847,...

by Nathaniel Manheru

'My life is an open book,' Mnangagwa says - who wants to know; that the people want for you to step aside NOW!

13 December 2014 | 3544 Views
Mnangagwa told VOA Zimbabweans have nothing to fear. "Those who fear me are not honest people," said Mnangagwa - a man of few words.

"They are afraid of relating to an honest person and those wh...

by Wilbert Mukori

Mnangagwa was first class freedom fighter but State President, no!

12 December 2014 | 7124 Views
Mnangagwa was a first class freedom fighter but he is the last person the nation wanted for State President. We are in serious trouble.As an ex-combatant I had the chance to meet and work with...

by Patrick

Mugabe didn't want Mujuru to be removed in a brutal way

12 December 2014 | 10132 Views
IN the aftermath of Zanu-PF's historic congress in which the force of n*ked coercion was used in the internal power struggle, fuelled by President Robert Mugabe's unresolved succession, amid purges, ...

by Dumisani Muleya

Tsvangirai badly broke, looking for money for personal upkeep

12 December 2014 | 7744 Views
MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai may be living behind the high walls of the posh Highlands home he moved into during his tenure as prime minister during the unity government (2009-2013), but life is not...

by Staff Writers

Mujuru, fired ministers deserve no sympathy

12 December 2014 | 6206 Views
Zanu-PF's "cyclonic gangsters" led by the newly-appointed Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa and supported by Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere, Patrick Zhuwao, Obert Mpofu and others, finally persuade...

by Muckraker

Mphoko: Ace up the sleeve?

12 December 2014 | 4534 Views
IF there was to be a public identification parade, most Zimbabweans would be unable to recognise newly-appointed Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko (74), but that has not stopped President Robert Mugab...

by Staff reporter

Mnangagwa dismiss cyanide attempt as 'normal'?

12 December 2014 | 3484 Views
Audio of the interview is at the end.Two more individuals have been hospitalised following the attempted cyanide assassination of Emmerson Mnangagwa. The poison was sprayed in his Zanu-PF HQ o...

by Wilbert Mukori

Mutumwa Mawere rejects Mnangagwa

12 December 2014 | 8595 Views
I APPRECIATE the interest expressed by your readers about my relationship with Emmerson Mnangagwa and its alleged implications on my business success.I think that if my businesses had failed t...

by Mutumwa Mawere

Recycling bootlickers won't lift Zimbabwe

11 December 2014 | 3922 Views
THE firing of ex-Vice-President Joice Mujuru and eight Cabinet ministers by President Robert Mugabe could not have come at an opportune time, but the President must ensure all unproductive ministers g...

by NewsDay Editorial

Povo are crying for end to corruption and tyranny - the 'correct line' Mnangagwa vows to hold - we are fcuked!

11 December 2014 | 5142 Views
"I feel humbled that I have been accorded this honour to serve our beloved country Zimbabwe in the capacity of Vice President," said Mnangagwa. "I have assured the President and I would want to assur...

by Wilbert Mukori

Mnangagwa, A private yet effective Mugabe insurance

11 December 2014 | 4940 Views
It is interesting that as Zimbabweans we do not closely follow events as they happen but react to them. This has led the opposition to fail to read the situation before it takes root. For example the...

by Tsolo Dube

Mthwakazi - the Zimbabwe Project has just been re-set at 'Start' again!

11 December 2014 | 2751 Views
For Mthwakazi's 'blind', and those who uncritically ingest the rubbish fed the public by the press - both the so-called independent press and state media - what we have just seen in Zanu-PF in the...

by Mpiyakhe Zondo

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Mujuru finally loses Mt Darwin West seat - FORMER Vice-President Joice...

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Mujuru probe gathers momentum - POLICE have intensified investigations...

by Staff Reporter | 18 December 2014 | 3690 Views

It is the 'Economic Meltdown, Stupid!' that is finally going to force ...

by Wilbert Mukori | 17 December 2014 | 2350 Views

Tsvangirai please come and wipe away my tears!

by Tapiwa Diamond Chadya | 17 December 2014 | 3448 Views

The revolution is a relay - Today we celebrate the day when ZAPU was ...

by Lenin Mafela, ZAPU Youth Front | 17 December 2014 | 1210 Views


Ibumba roars into life with Tuku expected to headline the event - THE ...

by Simbarashe Mutizwa | 16 December 2014 | 874 Views

Hollywood star 007 in drive to save Zimbabwe elephants - HOLLYWOOD st...

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T1 Wema1 drops new single 'Anochera Ngoda'

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Miss World 2014 - LIVE Grand Final -

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Bulawayo boy joins Joyous Celebration - TAKESURE "Zamar" Ncube has rea...

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Zim comedy: Usandisiye! - Video - Post by Luckie Aaroni. ...

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