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HIV testing and counseling, gateway to national development

The HIV/AIDS pandemic has had an unprecedented devastating impact at individual, household and community levels in Zimbabwe. An ill population is not good enough for national development. This makes i...Read more

HIV testing and counseling, gateway to national development

24 November 2014 | 461 Views
The HIV/AIDS pandemic has had an unprecedented devastating impact at individual, household and community levels in Zimbabwe. An ill population is not good enough for national development. This makes i...

by Suitable Kajau

Governance Crisis in Zimbabwe - The Need for International Action

24 November 2014 | 602 Views
Press Statement from MDC UK and IrelandThe MDC UK and Ireland joins the rest of the democratic world in demanding that the South African Presidency explain to Zimbabwean people why it hid from...

by Makusha Mugabe

ZIM-ID deeply saddened by Stadium disaster after a Church crusade!

24 November 2014 | 739 Views
On behalf of the entire party's leadership, supporters and indeed his own behalf, the President of the Zimbabwe's Independent Democrats (or ZIM-ID) Ldr. Gift Eglone, would like to extend the heart...


ZINASU not qualified to lecture ZICOSU about politics

24 November 2014 | 969 Views
Normally I do not always involve myself in issues to do with politics as I am always involved in doing what brings food on my family`s table but the recent events, where the Zimbabwe National Stud...

by John Mukumbo

Authenticating electronic based records based evidence in Zimbabwean labour disputes

24 November 2014 | 302 Views
Today computers provide us with powerful tools for information handling, retrieval and distribution. Computers have contributed to the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations through the use...

by Etiwel Mutero

An idiot's guide to Zimbabwe politics

23 November 2014 | 1767 Views
This is Ray Ndlovu's idiot's guide to Zimbabwe politics.President Robert Mugabe has been at the helm of Zanu-PF – as its first secretary - and Zimbab...

by Ray Ndlovu

The demise of Mai Mujuru is a lesson in gender equality gone mad

23 November 2014 | 2489 Views
Those who saw the appointment of Joice Mujuru as good for gender equality ten years ago must now admit how wrong they were. Mai Mujuru has proven to be an incompetent and ineffective leader no...

by Wilbert Mukori

Proof of same-sex love in the Bible

23 November 2014 | 5054 Views
Most people often condemn homosexuality and they use the bible as basis for their condemnation.  The tragic reality is that they don't know the original meaning of the words in Hebrew or Greek t...

by Cameron Modisane

Chinamasa 'rubbish' Khampepe report condemning 2002 elections and yet Zanu PF still haunted by it!

22 November 2014 | 2445 Views
Chinamasa dismiss the Khampepe report that concluded that the 2002 Zimbabwe elections were not free and fair. "Having regard to all the circumstances, and in particular the cumulative substan...

by Wilber Mukori

The Danger of Hungry Women Delving In Zimbabwean Politics

22 November 2014 | 3602 Views
Anger, Vengeance, Vulgar, Political Power all concocted in any woman who has no husband is a menu for disaster. Women of any age below 75 who have no husbands or have husbands below the descriptio...

by Ryton Dzimiri

Mujuru's only political option

22 November 2014 | 7836 Views
THE allegations against the Vice President, Cde Joyce Mujuru, have migrated from being mere party fictional or congress electioneering rhetoric to serious matters with far reaching consequences on nat...

by Qhubani Moyo

White farmers must sue the filthy rich occupying the seized farm and not wait forever for Gvt compensation

22 November 2014 | 1570 Views
WHITE former commercial farmers who lost land during a programme of violent seizures that began in 2000 will be compensated for improvements to the properties when the country has funds available, Fi...

by Wilbert Mukori

Bosso, a club with a rich history that spans decades

22 November 2014 | 868 Views
HIGHLANDERS FC is a club with a rich history that spans decades. When one goes through it , it is very easy to wear a smile on your face. It is a history that is very rich. The fans are no doubt the b...

by Nkululeko Ndlovu

Mugabe pulls the strings in Zimbabwe's succession battle

22 November 2014 | 2551 Views
LONDON - In August, he stood shoulder to shoulder in Beijing with President Xi Jinping of China. Then, in September, he addressed the United Nations to condemn "the evil machinations of Western countr...

by Alan Cowell

No sacred cows in Mugabe's kraal

22 November 2014 | 2416 Views
For starters this is not 1982 when President Robert Mugabe was sleeker and nimbler and besides Joice Mujuru is not July Moyo.Her liberation war record is impeccable and the fact that she holds...

by James Maridadi

Chipinge Health Crisis : as Dr G Mugabe gets louder

22 November 2014 | 3082 Views
For a moment everything was supposed to go on a standstill. Every man, woman and child was supposed to hold their breath in expectation until the last day of the upcoming ZANU-PF Congress. Life had to...

by Ashirai Mtirikwi Mawere

It's surprising anyone is surprised fissures tearing Zanu PF, security sectors too!

22 November 2014 | 3716 Views
The worsening Zanu PF dog-eat-dog fighting is spilling over into the security sector."Factionalism has existed in the security sector for a long time but it seems to be getting stronger in res...

by Wilbert Mukori

Grace Mugabe likely to triumph succession race as she gives husband bold ultimatum

21 November 2014 | 10644 Views
Grace Mugabe has given strong indications that she is the one in charge in Zimbabwe, she even dared give her husband, the president of Zimbabwe an ultimatum. No one in Zimbabwe has managed to do that ...

by Nomalizwe Mbulu

Opposition should rise to the occasion

21 November 2014 | 2279 Views
"There comes a time in every sect, party, or institution when it stops growing, its arteries harden, its young men see no visions, its old men dream no dreams; it lives in the past and desperately tri...

by Chris Dube

Is It Vengeance in Zanu PF?

21 November 2014 | 3715 Views
It looks like one faction is fighting against the other, member against the member, tribe against tribe in Zanu pf, one may ask is it some form of vengeance or what?. Almost everyone in Zimbabwe i...

by Mqondisi Moyo Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) President

'Hands off Job Sikhala,' demands MDC-T

21 November 2014 | 4039 Views
The MDC T South Africa notes with regret the provocative, uninvited and unfriendly visit to the private residence of Job Sikala. We further condemn in strongest possible terms and hereby warn anyone ...

by Dr. Wangu Mazodze - MDC-T South Africa - Spokesperson

Over 30,000 Zim Special Permit applications almost ready for collection

21 November 2014 | 3691 Views
Good news are indeed on the horizon for the early ZSP applicants who successfully completed their relevant submissions, according to Minister Malusi Gigaba of Home Affairs (SA). He was speaking du...

by Zim-ID

Grace Mugabe must account for own wealth

21 November 2014 | 4906 Views
PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe's wife Grace has been systematically attacking Vice-President Joice Mujuru accusing her, besides claiming she has been plotting to oust and assassinate her husband and her...

by Zimbabwe Independent Editorial

Mugabe's last laugh

21 November 2014 | 6714 Views
THE skin is drawn tightly over his cheekbones, the lips have become almost fleshless and the once obstinate jaw is reduced to a fragile, boney structure.There is a likeness to the 3,000-year-...

by Jan Raath

Why Mujuru deserves no sympathy

21 November 2014 | 5586 Views
ZIMBABWE'S Vice President, or VeePee (VP), as she is often called, Mrs Joice Mujuru, is in an extremely unenviable position at the moment. I doubt she has slept well at night for the last three ...

by Ken Yamamoto

Why Grace Mugabe entered Zimbabwe's mainstream politics?

21 November 2014 | 3585 Views
President Robert Gabriel Mugabe's second wife, Grace, who is loathed by the economically depressed Southern African nation, for her expensive shopping sprees, of luxury European goods and brands, at t...

by Itai Mushekwe

All Mugabe's power has gone with the destruction of Mujuru faction

21 November 2014 | 2920 Views
The Mujuru faction is finished so what next? That is the billion dollar question that will engage the nation now. Mugabe's political strength up to now was bases on his ability to play one fac...

by Wilbert Mukori

MP is naïve to think being kicked out of Zanu PF is the worst to happen to him!

20 November 2014 | 4252 Views
Zanu PF MP for Chipinge South and former Central Committee member Enoch Porusingazi who was suspended by the politburo last week for five years for factionalism (a new made-up party crime for all thos...

by Wilbert Mukori

Prices of consumer goods are indeed high

20 November 2014 | 1734 Views
The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) recently revealed that prices of most consumer goods remained high during the first 10 months of this year. It is a worrisome revelation that the basket for ...

by John Sigauke

Grace Mugabe crossing Muchinguri and Mnangagwa: Will they easily forget?

20 November 2014 | 7071 Views
Grace Mugabe is riding high at the moment and has done what many in Zimbabwe have failed. She is shaking the political landscape and some have claimed that she has well and truly destroyed Zanu-PF. ...

by Nomalizwe Mbulu

Africa, a continent of prophets?

20 November 2014 | 3523 Views
Live on Emmanuel TV the controversial Pentecostal "prophet" from Nigeria T.B. Joshua is working a miracle. In front of the usual audience of thousands of people in his Synagogue Church of All Nations ...

by Mario Giro

HASHTAG: '#BOBJukwaBack!'

20 November 2014 | 4460 Views
This is very unfair, and unotoshaya kuti zvirikumbofamba sei? It now feels more like someone hacked into our Facebook accounts as Zimbabweans and started choosing "friends" for us on social media...

by Fbr. Mthokozisi Ndiweni

Zanu's Grip to Power Finally Destroyed by Sex Deprivation

20 November 2014 | 6821 Views
Since 1977, Zanu has dominated Zimbabwean Politics with little challenge. So many have tried to destroy Zanu without success. It is laughable to say Zanu has finally been conquered by Sexual Depri...

by Ryton Dzimiri

Justice delayed is justice denied, says MDC-T

20 November 2014 | 1254 Views
The MDC T South Africa Province joins the whole world in receiving the much awaited Judge Khampepe report on the Zimbabwe 2002 Presidential election. To us there is no reason for celebration nor jubil...

by Dr. Wangu Mazodze - MDC T South Africa Province Spokesperson

MDC-T South Africa Province remembers Ndanga - GB

20 November 2014 | 1156 Views
The MDC T South Africa Province yesterday held a memorial service in honour of fallen hero Cde Greenwich Ndanga. Cde Ndanga met his untimely demise whilst on a spiritual retreat to the West African co...

by Dr. Wangu Mazodze - South Africa Province Spokesperson

Prof Jonathan Moyo was right, Zanu-PF can only be destroyed from within

20 November 2014 | 6681 Views
UNDOUBTEDLY, post-independence fissures in Zanu PF have never been as wide or at least as visible as they are today. A replay of the 1963 split from ZAPU seems imminent.Grace Mugabe's entry in...

by Moses Chamboko

South Africa begins turbulent new political transition

20 November 2014 | 2303 Views
THERE are two ways of looking at the state of South Africa as 2014 nears its tumultuous end.The usual glass half empty option is to condemn the country to a continued free-fall both economical...

by Daniel Silke

Tsvangirai blames SADC for rigged 2013 in a blame-some-one-else stupid game!

20 November 2014 | 1142 Views
MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai uses the final release of the Zimbabwe 2002 election report by the SA government to blame SADC for Zimbabwe's rigged 2013 elections as well; a cowardly move that cannot ...

by Wilbert Mukori

'They are not as sweet as they look'

19 November 2014 | 3717 Views
Have you ever been in a place, but for some reason nobody told the idiot who works there and thinks she runs the place that it were ok for you to be there?I'll give you an example: Let's say y...

by Nomathemba Ndebele

Treason claims do not add up

19 November 2014 | 2627 Views
There are many things that do not add up about the treason claims which have been sensationally plastered all over the state media. Firstly the article in the Sunday Mail is littered with the opin...

by Jera

'CIOs can produce dossiers of any citizen'

19 November 2014 | 4432 Views
According to gossip on the kombis and at Mereki, the CIO can, if asked, produce thick dossiers on the movements of any given citizen, from the vagabond foraging for food in dustbins, to the busin...

by Staff reporter

It's time for Joice Mujuru to run!

19 November 2014 | 5708 Views
The unfolding drama in Zanu-PF helps confirm the known fact that President Robert Mugabe intends to die in office - as well as show the depth of ruthlessness he is capable of in dealing with matters t...

by Tangai Chipangura

Zimbabwe Presidential bedroom videos - coming to your whatsapp soon!

19 November 2014 | 6856 Views
Background Fake Dr Amai Comrade Grace Mugabe has come out threatening the Vice President, genuine Dr Comrade Joice Mujuru with revealing of tapes expo...

by Shingai Mugochi A lay concerned Zimbabwean

Grace's savage attack of Mujuru will not make Mnangagwa forget or forgive her for cheating him!

19 November 2014 | 9408 Views
PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe's wife Grace has sensationally claimed that Vice-President Joice Mujuru plans to humiliate her, "Gaddafi-style", once her husband is no longer in office."I supported ...

by Wilbert Mukori

Zanu-PF - When the weevil is revealed

19 November 2014 | 2236 Views
EVENTS in Zanu-PF over the past few weeks, which culminated in the suspension of national spokesman Rugare Gumbo and the expulsion of renegade war veterans' leader Jabulani Sibanda, are significant in...

by Tichaona Zindoga

The collective fear of all Zimbos has reached frightening levels: Part 2!

19 November 2014 | 3795 Views
The very essence of the "FEAR NOT" command as stated briefly in Part 1 is not that you can die for Jesus himself or anyone even if you are to become a martyr. The same Christian bible says Jesus d...


Mugabe will taste his evil rebound

19 November 2014 | 6186 Views
Please don't be afraid to publish this article.Zanu-PF has been a party that has thrived through every form of evil. All the decades Mugabe has managed to stay in power, he has managed to do s...

by Zanda Shumba

Matabeleland must welcome back its prodigal sons

19 November 2014 | 3922 Views
The Nguni people of Southern Africa have a saying: "Inxeba lendoda alihlekwa" which literally means you must never rejoice in another man's misfortunes or when...

by Thabo Kunene

War vets used as 'runner dogs' in Zanu-PF politics

19 November 2014 | 3214 Views
PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has routinely used veterans of the country's 1970s liberation war to keep himself in power, particularly after the emergence of a vibrant opposition in the form of the MDC in 1...

by Phillip Chidavaenzi

Mujuru struck a presidential pose and tone in her press statement

19 November 2014 | 6512 Views
Below is the Editorial Comment from today's Herald.VICE President Joice Mujuru struck a presidential pose and tone in her press statement released exclu...

by Herald Editorial Comment

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All Zimbabwean families to be tested for HIV/AIDS - Government has emb...

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Ousted Zanu-PF officials 'smuggled; into Congress - SOME Zanu-PF membe...

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Woman fined $200 for wrecking marriage

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Mugabe picks Oppah Muchinguri for Vice President

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Two bus drivers die in Beitbridge crash

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Man caught sexually abusing a donkey - A 34-YEAR-OLD man from Insuza...

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Zimbabwean comedy is officially funny in Australia

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Zanu-PF youths release album - ZANU-PF youths in Nyanga have recorded ...

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Tuku tribute dinner postponed - With all the preparations at a very ad...

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Promoters, bouncers clash

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The Zero-day Vulnerability Cve-2014-4114 Impacting All Versions Of Microsoft Windows

new microsoft windows zero-day vulnerability - cve-2014-4114on tuesday, october 14, 2014, isight partners - in close collaboration with microsoft - announced the discovery of a zero-day vulnerability impacting all supported versions of microsoft win... Read More
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Those Behind Tb Joshua Watch Photo Proof!

when this couple (dave and angie) were indicted of being the masterminds behind tb joshua watch, the blog admins refuted it and denied any sort of connections with the couple, but that’s not what the facts portray as precisely every single one ... Read More
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