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Opposition must not be fooled by ZANU PF 'squabbles'

"My generation has played its part, at times not as well as we should have. It is now time for a new generation to take over". This is paraphrased from the late Masipula's Sithole's Struggles within t...Read more

Opposition must not be fooled by ZANU PF 'squabbles'

12 February 2016 | 1133 Views
"My generation has played its part, at times not as well as we should have. It is now time for a new generation to take over". This is paraphrased from the late Masipula's Sithole's Struggles within t...

by Moses Chamboko

Zim opposition fiddling whilst country burns - what else, they are fiddler crabs

12 February 2016 | 459 Views
"Zim Opposition Fiddles While Zanu PF Burns" wrote Sij Ncube in Radio VOP.  Sure enough, Zanu PF is imploding and the opposition has done nothing of note to show they are ready to form th...

by Patrick Guramatunhu

No pay for doom Sayers

12 February 2016 | 1568 Views
The much awaited explosive ZANU PF, politburo meeting came and it passed without much of the anticipated drama as some sections of the media and the revolutionary party's protagonists made us to belie...

by Caitlin Kamba

America Sino-Soviet relations and its implication to African foreign policy and development

12 February 2016 | 542 Views
Bearing in mind at the signing of Sino-Soviet relations soon after the World War 11 China makes a declaration: "After the founding of the People's Republic, the Chinese leadership was concerned above ...

by Andrew M Manyevere

Welshman Ncube's dictatorship exposed

12 February 2016 | 1712 Views
The confusion and misunderstandings currently taking place in the opposition, MDC led by Welshman Ncube, depicts how that party is heading towards its political grave. Ncube has been attacked ...

by Sibusiso Ndlamini

Gukurahundi issue: Mujuru seeking political relevance

12 February 2016 | 2293 Views
For the past thirty-four years the proponents of the People First project led by Dr Joyce Mujuru the former Vice President of Zimbabwe, were in government enjoying the benefits that come with one bein...

by Mukachana Hanyani

Cartoon an 'insult to women, Ndebele people'

12 February 2016 | 2601 Views
A CARTOON depicting two scantily dressed young women engaged in a conversation suggesting that for young girls in Matabeleland and Midlands, prostituting one's body is an alternative to education ...

by Khanyile Mlotshwa

South Africa: The fall of reconciliation

12 February 2016 | 680 Views
At the dusk of the apartheid regime in 1993, laid the assassinated body of Chris Hani, killed by right wingers who sought to collapse the country into a civil war.The great communist and MK Ch...

by Mbuyiseni Ndlozi

Boisterous war vets abandon demo - proof, without Mugabe cajoling, they are not thugs

12 February 2016 | 1720 Views
"Boisterous fighters of the liberation struggle had to abandon their planned demonstration yesterday, which was meant to show support of their embattled leader, Christopher Mutsvangwa, as well as stop...

by Wilbert Mukori

Chinyoka now a legal nuisance

11 February 2016 | 1970 Views
A UK based Zimbabwean lawyer and government critic, Tinomudaishe Chinyoka filed a Constitutional Court application on Friday seeking a court order to have parliament probe President Mugabe's health to...

by Tafara Shumba

Government is prepared for the natural disaster

11 February 2016 | 1339 Views
Watching Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa speaking about the El-Nino -induced national disaster on Tuesday, one can draw confidence that Government is very much prepared for this disaster. For that r...

by Rufaro Mufundirwa

RBZ making all the right noises but…

11 February 2016 | 1049 Views
The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe remains too interventionist and constrained by politically vested interests to cause a fundamental economic paradigm shift which is required for us to revive the economy....

by Vince Musewe

Zanu propaganda can not decampaign ZAPU-Andrew Nyathi well done

10 February 2016 | 1436 Views
The recent claims by Chikuni Chido that the unity accord was ideal is just a propaganda which has no facts"the blue lies".Only those who are promoting Zanu agendas will see unity accord as ide...

by Sikhumbuzo Moyo

Is virginity testing practice still relevant?

10 February 2016 | 1627 Views
There is an old age adage indicating that "Ignorance is dangerous but even so when it is not acknowledged". In her article titled "MP Tshinga Dube, there is a big difference between telling a girl-chi...

by Mpumelelo Ncube

We are living a luxurious life - Zanu PF legislator

10 February 2016 | 5291 Views
A Zanu PF Matabeleland South legislator Ross Mpofu has boasted that they are living a luxurious life as they roll on latest wheels. In disjointed speech in Parliament on Tuesday, Mpofu sa...

by Thobekile Zhou

'Big Sister' Mujuru Dictator on the Making

10 February 2016 | 3549 Views
The obscured People First (PF) leader, 'Big Sister' Joyce Mujuru is headed for political doom as her counter-parts in opposition politics crying foul as they are labeling her a dictator, before she ha...

by Suitable Kajau

Zim needs $1.5b in drought relief, says VP Mnangagwa but why are silos empty?

10 February 2016 | 746 Views
"Masvingo has 75 percent of maize being a write off while Matabeleland South has 65 percent write off. 30 percent of the rural communities, which is 3 million people are food insecure and they re-quir...

by Wilbert Mukori

Vehicle advertising by-law controversial

10 February 2016 | 1028 Views
Is it lawful or unlawful to drive or park a motor vehicle bearing an advertisement for its sale in the Bulawayo municipal area?This is a question among residents of the City of Kings following...

by Vehicle advertising by-law controversial

A little, bitter man called Mzila Ndlovu

10 February 2016 | 1227 Views
Thank goodness for the drama that is happening in Zanu-PF at the moment. With what is happening in the ruling party as top officials trade word and invective - verbal leather - all other activities in...

by Tichaona Zindoga

MP Tshinga Dube, there is a big difference between telling a girl-child to preserve her virginity and empowering her to be self

09 February 2016 | 2543 Views
In our effort to empower our girl-children in one way or the other, our comments should be practical and not insult the already insulted girl-children who would have endured rape and serious sex abuse...

by Nomazulu Thata

Of Mugabe, Gukurahundi, UN veto, Secretary Moon, South Korea and North Korea missile defience

09 February 2016 | 2413 Views
Last week President Mugabe threatened UN Secretary General that Africa will walk out en mass if the AU's demands for two permanent seats on the UN Security Council complete with veto powers are not me...

by Patrick Guramatunhu

Silly season for Didymus Mutasa

09 February 2016 | 3692 Views
Inasmuch as laws are like sausages which most of us would not want to witness their manufacturing, the same goes with democratic processes which certainly involve the toleration of a plurality of idio...

by Morgan Ngomwa

Temba Mliswa has no agenda

09 February 2016 | 2368 Views
The former ZANU PF Mashonaland West chairperson Temba Mliswa expresses admiration and envy for the leadership qualities of President Robert Mugabe. His attempts at slighting President Mugabe's economi...

by Stewart Murewa

Tsvangirai's MDC risks losing relevance

09 February 2016 | 1717 Views
THE turn of the century saw the emergence of a new-fangled and red-hot political opposition. The new party, with a strong labour backing, could be described earnestly as a total package; it had it all...

by Learnmore Zuze

Economic reforms will repair engine, GPA reforms will fix brakes and get a sober driver too

09 February 2016 | 1068 Views
One of the outstanding features of our economic and political crisis is seen it coming but for the last 20 years at least we have been powerless to stop it because we lost the power to a meaningful sa...

by Nomusa

Drought to wipe out elephant population - Minister

08 February 2016 | 1150 Views
Minister of Environment, Water and Climate, Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri has raised fears that  Zimbabwe's elephant population and several animals could be wiped out due to drought.Elephant p...

by Thobekile Zhou

What’s the name of that Chronicle cartoonist again?

08 February 2016 | 1986 Views
What’s the name of that Chronicle cartoonist again? For at least two days, Zimbabweans were involved in heated social media exchanges - some of them very personal, bitter and abusive, over a cartoon...

by Mxolisi Ncube

1987 Unity Accord was an ideal union

08 February 2016 | 1590 Views
The recent false claim by Andrew Nyati, a ZAPU secretary for mobilization and organization that the 1987 Unity Accord was a mistake should not be given an ear as it depicts the level of political medi...

by Chido Chikuni

ZANU PF's perpetual excuses are a clear sign of failure

08 February 2016 | 1224 Views
In any given environment, success is measured by one's ability to deliver, in spite of any challenges faced along the way; as the inability to deliver by proffering excuses - no matter how understanda...

by Tendai Ruben Mbofana

Musewe offers imaginary boom by 'assumed visionary' leaders to entice us away from GPA reforms

08 February 2016 | 1034 Views
If I had to name the greatest challenge of our generation since Zimbabwe attained her independence in 1980 then, without a moment's hesitation, it is our failure to stop Mugabe imposing this corrupt a...

by Wilbert Mukori

Zanu betrayed 87 Greenland farmers in Beatrice

08 February 2016 | 1411 Views
14 Years after seizing commercial farms from farmers who were producing a lot of food, Zanu is evicting those same people whom they gave farms.This shows that Zanu doesn't care about people's ...

by Sikhumbuzo Moyo

President has ruined people's lives and killed their dreams

07 February 2016 | 2864 Views
I seldom read poorly-written newspapers like The Sunday Mail, but today I had the misfortune of coming across it's 10 January 2016 issue, where, whilst flipping through the paper's sycophantic pages, ...

by Tendai Ruben Mbofana

Reminescing the Zhii era

07 February 2016 | 584 Views
One of the pioneers of the armed struggle that freed blacks in this country from colonial bondage was Clark Mpofu (CM) an ex-Zipra combatant. Sunday News Correspondent, Dumisani Sibanda (DS), ...

by Clark Mpofu

Chimurenga II Chronicles: Real love or Smith's grand plan?

07 February 2016 | 636 Views
Last week, Noel Chikanya whose Chimurenga name was Roy Mudzingwa spoke about the clashes between Zapu and Zanu during the formatives days of the country's liberation struggle.He narrated how i...

by Munyaradzi Huni and Tendai Manzvanzvike

'Religion is one no matter the faith'

07 February 2016 | 428 Views
MOSLEMS and Christians should work together as one family as they are creations of the same Almighty Father (Peace Be Upon Him), an Islamic leader has said.Sheikh Al-Hajj M K Jula said this on...

by Lovemore Chazingwa

Musewe the truth is Mugabe is Don Quixote on 'pink face' charge to hide misrule

06 February 2016 | 2458 Views
Comrade Vince Musewe set out to tell the President and the nation at large the truth as to why Africa and Zimbabwe in particular was in such a political and economic mess in his article "If the truth ...

by Patrick Guramatunhu

No more other Gukurahundi 2, abduction and killings to come ZAPU is protecting its citizens

06 February 2016 | 2409 Views
In Zimbabwe there is this thing called fear among the citizens.Most citizens don't like Zanu but they were intimidated during war of liberation till today and now intimidation is the only thing they f...

by Sikhumbuzo Moyo

'To put the world to order, put nation . . . self to order first,' advised Confucius Mugabe better listen and learn

06 February 2016 | 2081 Views
"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall," said Confucius, the Chinese sage who died in 479 BC. Many would argue that it was his teaching and many others like who...

by Wilbert Mukori

My appeal to President Robert Mugabe

05 February 2016 | 2188 Views
President Robert Mugabe is presiding over a population of about 20 million people. 14 million of these are resident here in Zimbabwe and another disgruntled 6 million living as economic refugees all o...

by Bekezela Maduma Fuzwayo

Mukwazhe is a political comedy

05 February 2016 | 1068 Views
At times it's not necessary to respond to some statements that some nonentities vomit in the newspapers. I read in the newspaper of some political comedians going by the names Kisinoti Mukwazhe and Mo...

by Rufaro Mufundirwa

Zimbabwe's Future Football Philosophy and Style

05 February 2016 | 897 Views
Since independence Zimbabwe football have evolved from foreign coach to foreign coach with little success in Afcon. Our football became of age in the late 90s when Reinhard Fabisch was ap...

by Lord Morris Kakunguwo

Zanu PF is imploding and Mugabe is desperate to stop it with a peace offer and a coup de grace!

05 February 2016 | 2922 Views
If anyone thought kicking out of Mai Mujuru and her supporters on the new and spurious charge of "factionalism" in 2014 would end the infighting in the party events on the ground have proved them wron...

by Patrick Guramatunhu

If the truth be said Mr President

05 February 2016 | 2004 Views
Africa can never rise economically or otherwise until we address our political systems some of which remain exclusive and despotic and are therefore contrary to the systems which have resulted in the ...

by Vince Musewe

NGOs must stick to their mandate

05 February 2016 | 695 Views
We are not lost to the immense contributions being made by Non-Governmental Organizations in Zimbabwe. Since independence, NGOs have incredibly assisted in the humanitarian field and the socio-economi...

by John Sigauke

Chamisa stop being a hypocrite

05 February 2016 | 1911 Views
The recent claim by MDC-T Kuwadzana East MP, Nelson Chamisa that funds meant for by-elections should be channeled towards paying civil servants' bonuses should not be tolerated but dismissed with due ...

by Sibusiso Ndlamini

ZPP Report: A lie cannot live

05 February 2016 | 901 Views
The observation by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, a German philosopher of the early enlightenment was on the nose. Hegel said: "We learn from history that we do not learn from history."The Zim...

by Tafara Shumba

Forecast: Bank failure to hit Africa

04 February 2016 | 1258 Views
AFRICA, through drastic banking sector overhauling initiatives may indeed recover all, including her debased economy and soon turn around her fortunes to become the world's fastest growing economy, al...

by Maxwell Teedzai - Southern Africa Political Analyst

Zimbabwe: China's newest eco-political harbor dispossessing western influence in Africa

04 February 2016 | 1332 Views
To China, Zimbabwe is China's newest colonial harbor while to the United States, Zimbabwe is the United States' newest threat to its US-Africa imperialistic agenda. Cecil John Rhodes succeeded in bloc...

by Maxwell Teedzai - Political Analyst

People First: Memory is a hermeneutic matter

04 February 2016 | 2980 Views
"To the injustice committed in our name we must not add the injustice of forgetting," so said German historian, Hannah Vogt, who is also author of top-selling book, The Burden of Guilt - A short histo...

by Mxolisi Ncube

Mugabe's paranoia disturbing

04 February 2016 | 2956 Views
The recent arrest of Zimbabwe's Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana, on accusations of allowing for the granting of bail for two men accused of intending to bomb Mugabe's dairy, brings back the debate ...

by Peace Marangwanda

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