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This and that with Mal'phosa - Izali Beula i-Sewula

A wise man one said a doctor's mistake is buried under ground while a teacher's mistake roams the streets. Having experienced both worlds as a health worker and a teacher, I would say the teacher ...Read more

This and that with Mal'phosa - Izali Beula i-Sewula

27 July 2014 | 1668 Views
A wise man one said a doctor's mistake is buried under ground while a teacher's mistake roams the streets. Having experienced both worlds as a health worker and a teacher, I would say the teacher ...

by Clerk Ndlovu

After decades of corruption and looting Zimbabwe needs cleansing

27 July 2014 | 1090 Views
After decades of corruption and looting Zimbabwe needs cleansing; Mugabe must not be allowed to keep the Blue Roof mansion or Tsvangirai the Highlands mansion! ...

by Wilbert Mukori, Secretary General Zimbabwe Social Democrats

Tendai Biti's infidelity

26 July 2014 | 4437 Views
From Tsvangirai's camp came revelations of Biti's infidelity. Apparently the judgemental Mr Biti was out carousing with his mistress when he pranged his car in Chegutu, a secret that Tsvangirai had ne...

by Jera

Superstition kills marriages

26 July 2014 | 1844 Views
I AM still thinking around Justice Chiweshe's concern over the sharp rise in divorce cases in our dear country."The rate at which couples are divorcing has reached alarming levels," said Justi...

by Fredrick Qaphelani Mabikwa Successful Solutions

Grace Mugabe's unofficial hike to the top

25 July 2014 | 3624 Views
Grace Mugabe, Zimbabwe's First Lady is said to be vying for the powerful women's league chairperson post in her Zanu-PF party, a local daily newspaper reported. The post is currently held by Women's A...

by Conilious Toga

Zimbabwe after the disputed 2013 election and the way forward

25 July 2014 | 1929 Views
Mr ChairmanLadies and Gentlemen, all protocol observedZimbabwe after the disputed 2013 election and the way forward1.IntroductionIt is my singular honour and pleasure to be inv...

by Morgan Tsvangirai

Chiyangwa shooting

25 July 2014 | 4374 Views
The truth and nothing else but the truth about the article on Joe Chinangwa, aka Chiyangwa, which appeared on ...

by Suitable Kajau

Why the 2018 Zimbabwean President will emerge from Diaspora

25 July 2014 | 3938 Views
Zimbabwe needs a completely new re-cultured Zimbabwean who does not think commonly but has innovative and creative traits which are not guided by Colonial Black inferiority stigma of yesterday. This i...

by Ryton Dzimiri

Dr Tsvangirai's London paper was a great disappointment

25 July 2014 | 3870 Views
Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai delivered his paper at Chatham House, London and to say it was a great disappointment would be to put it mildly even for one who had not expected much. For you see, disapp...

by Wilbert Mukori

Auditors should take aim at all government institutions

25 July 2014 | 1034 Views
The move by the Ministry of Power and Energy Development to carry out an audit at the operations of Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) Holdings is a welcome move that would reveal the tr...

by John Mukumbo

Government must set priority right

25 July 2014 | 782 Views
During my childhood in the dry land of Buhera, there was a bully called Mhunga. We used to call him Bambo. May his soul rest in peace. We spent most of our school holidays herding cattle in the fo...

by Tafara Shumba

'Morgan Tsvangirai delusional'

25 July 2014 | 2029 Views
EMBATTLED MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai is wrong to parade himself as the legitimate leader of the party on his trip to the United Kingdom, while his party is further disintegrating because of his...

by Staff reporter

What's the farce about Tsvangirai UK trip

24 July 2014 | 2287 Views
Quite puzzling is the excitement and talk about Morgan Tsvangirai and his group travelling to the United Kingdom as if he is doing it for a national cause yet he is going there to fundraise.We...

by Gugugu Magorira

Use Right To Demonstrate Productively and Focus on the Dictatorship

24 July 2014 | 828 Views
The UK-based Renewals planning to demonstrate at Tsvangirai's rally are attention seekers and misguided people trying to find some relevance after their project to derail Tsvangirai failed....

by Makusha Mugabe, Information and Publicity Secretary - MDC UK Midlands North

Why Zimbabwe has failed

24 July 2014 | 1971 Views
The promise by ZANU (PF) to empower and develop is hardly a sincere effort and remains a mere promise whose ultimate fulfilment could lead to their demise.Reading the book "Why Nations Fai...

by Vince Musewe

Zim Asset tool for economic growth

24 July 2014 | 661 Views
The Zimbabwe Government formulated the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (Zim Asset) as a new trajectory for economic growth and wealth creation. The results based agen...

by Stewart Murewa

Zimbabwe should make Community Share Ownership Trusts compulsory

23 July 2014 | 938 Views
Government's initiative of effecting the indigenization and economic empowerment policy to the mining sector through Community Share Ownership Trust (CSOT) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pr...

by Peacemaker Zano

Towards mending the economy

23 July 2014 | 1234 Views
In as much as resuscitating the economy should take centre stage, it is prudent for the government to guard against any act or attempt to stir economic despondency for what so ever reasons in the futu...

by Onward Chiswa

Returning diasporans will pressure Zim to take good governance serious

23 July 2014 | 3891 Views
Botswana's defence minister Ramadeluka Seretse was quoted in the press saying it was now safe for Zimbabweans to return to their country because the situation had improved. SA will decide next...

by Nomusa Garikai

ZIMRA Executing its National Mandate

23 July 2014 | 925 Views
Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) executes a critical national mandate of collecting taxes from all responsible organizations and citizens. It derives its mandate from the Revenue Authority Act [...

by Suitable Kajau

Fighting over positions in Zanu PF is fight over an HIV positive widow

23 July 2014 | 4374 Views
The fight to fill the second Vice President position left vacant after the death of VP John Nkomois heating up amongst former PF Zapu leaders. Meanwhile the factional war between Mujuru and Mn...

by Wilbert Mukori

MDC-T constitutional amendments appearing in the media are false

22 July 2014 | 1614 Views
Press Statement (22nd July 2014)The MDC wishes to state categorically that the press reports of its constitutional amendments appearing in the media ar...

by Douglas Mwonzora

Ncube sets record straight

22 July 2014 | 2387 Views
Here is my response to reports that have been carried in The Star and its sister publications in the Independent Group about Mail & Guardian Media Ltd (M&G) and Alpha Media Holdings (AMH) over...

by Trevor Ncube

Chinamasa says scraping Zimdollar damaged the economy; is he minister of nonsense?

22 July 2014 | 3168 Views
Is Patrick Chinamasa the Minister of Finance or the Minister of Nonsense because to say the scrapping of the Z$ in 2008 damaged the economy is nonsense!"The migration from hyperinflation to mu...

by Wilbert Mukori

What has Dr Tsvangirai learnt to be wiser that during GNU days?

21 July 2014 | 2111 Views
It is hearting to hear that Dr Morgan Tsvangirai is "a little wiser" and will not be cheated by President Mugabe as happened during the GNU. But what exactly has he learnt and when? We in ...

by Wilbert Mukori

Of age and Zanu-PF

21 July 2014 | 2454 Views
I laughed as I read today that Zanu-PF youth secretary Absolom Sikhosana called on the youths to allow Mugabe to rule the country “until he is tired". If I was on Twitter or Face...

by Tapiwanashe Mapindani

Zimdollar return inevitable

21 July 2014 | 7024 Views
Since the medieval evolution of nations, the predominant classic feature of national identity was decoded by economic identity (sovereign currency) and the political identity (the flag).While...

by Joseph Sagwati

Mugabe's IRBM plans will NOT deliver any economic recovery

21 July 2014 | 2391 Views
President Mugabe's IRBM plans will NOT deliver any economic recovery; this is an excuse for not taking the tough political decisions demanded of him....

by Wilbert Mukori, Secretary General Zimbabwe Social Democrats

Even Mandela was Pro-Palestine

20 July 2014 | 1570 Views
He who controls the media can commit war crimes and get away with it.Israel for one. On Sunday 20th of July they refused a 3 hour humanitarian ceasefire requested by the International Red Cros...

by Ashirai Mtirikwi Mawere

Zanu-PF propagandist at his nonsensical best, sun rising from the West

20 July 2014 | 3605 Views
In his latest article the Zanu-PF Columnist, Nathaniel Manheru, dismissed the forthcoming ad- dress by Dr Morgan Tsvangirai at Chatham House, London on "The Future of Opposition Politics in Zimba...

by Wilbert Mukori

Mugabe's succession, war vets hold key

20 July 2014 | 2633 Views
Veterans from Zimbabwe's liberation war are an ever present generational feature of our political landscape.Their narratives of the struggle have largely been captured by Zanu-PF as a politic...

by Takura Zhangazha

Misconceptions on ZAPU, ZAPU leadership and tribal politics

20 July 2014 | 1246 Views
This article is in response to a piece penned by Mqondisi Moyo President of Matebeleland Republic Party titled ' not too late Dumiso Dabengwa'. We do not aim to provoke a war of words with our erstwhi...

by Patrick Ndlovu

The future of opposition politics in Zimbabwe with Dr Tsvangirai

19 July 2014 | 4342 Views
My good friend from Zambia once recounted to me a stormy encounter between President Sata and a dismissed senior Patriotic Front party official who proceeded to join the opposition Movement for Multip...

by Nathaniel Manheru

The plight of menstruating girls

19 July 2014 | 2232 Views
Menstruation is a rite of passage which is received with mixed emotions. Some girls dread it. Others can't wait.For Zimbabwean adolescents, like in other African countries, this natural proces...

by Mary Taruvinga

'Laughter the best medicine'

19 July 2014 | 2318 Views
Zimbabweans are a happy lot. Being educated and innovative as we are, we always find our own 'home-based solutions' to our predicament.Faced with the unrelenting economic malaise and the liqui...

by Problem Masau

'Spare us from stereotypes,' says mapostori

18 July 2014 | 2150 Views
"WE are looked down upon, but we are among the few churches with a large following across the African continent as well as having our own schools," say Johane Marange Church members. The churc...

by Cletus Mushanawani

Unpacking Zimbabwe's 2034 World Cup bid

18 July 2014 | 2041 Views
From 2005 when I launched this column - Tourism Matrix - I have been in the thick of things in the tourism and hospitality industry. Prior to launching the column, I had been writing mere tour...

by Isdore Guvamombe

In honour of our living and dead Heroes/Heroines

18 July 2014 | 934 Views
Every year in August Zimbabweans have a national and moral duty to remember and commemorate the lives of both deceased and living Zimbabwean cadres who sacrificed their precious lives and blood fo...

by Peacemaker Zano

Newsday seems obsessed with tarnishing PHD Ministries

18 July 2014 | 3448 Views
I have been following all reports on PHD Ministries by a named NewsDay reporter. It is not a coincidence that I have never encountered anything factual, positive or encouraging from Newsday on Prophet...

by Chido Wilcox

What does Mugabe but more significantly the nation, want out of GNU2

18 July 2014 | 3848 Views
"If you see a frog hopping in the midday heat as if his very life depends on each hop, you can be sure something is after him and his life is indeed on the line!" I wrote in my last piece....

by Wilbert Mukori

Mthwakazi Republic Party must be banned

17 July 2014 | 1637 Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party (MNP) and Mthwakazi Republic party (MRP) held a joint meeting in Bulawayo last week. The meeting was organized by Dumisani Ncube, a Zimbabwean based in Australia.Ncube...

by John Sigauke

Dr Dabengwa, Its better late than never!

17 July 2014 | 3092 Views
MRP would like to commend Dr Dumiso Dabengwa the Zapu President for finally seeing the light though it's not enough. This highly publicized and botched Grand Coalition will never help the people of Mt...

by Mqondisi Moyo

Susan's death spelt doom for Morgan Tsvangirai

17 July 2014 | 3369 Views
THE leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T), Morgan Tsvangirai's personal compass lost its true north following the death of his wife in 2009.  Although it has taken a while to confi...

by Maggie Mzumara

Economy first, politics later

17 July 2014 | 1333 Views
Some people never get enough of the swim in the slumbers of shame. Morgan Tsvangirai's sentiments of cheap beer during the Rhodesian era, reflects of a disoriented would be leader. What he puts fi...

by Onward Chiswa

Good Corporate Integrity Should Rule Public Office

17 July 2014 | 545 Views
The grilling of the High Court Judges, Justice Charles Hungwe, Justice Bhunu, and Labour court Judges Euna Makamure and Mercy Moya-Matshanga, by the Judicial Service Commissioners during public in...

by Suitable Kajau

Do we have honourable or dishonourable MPs?

17 July 2014 | 944 Views
When I was growing up in the early eighties, I held great veneration for our legislators. So great that I even thought they don't visit the toilet for the big job, let alone fight. As pupi...

by Tafara Shumba

Can social financing help the Zimbabwean economy?

17 July 2014 | 992 Views
The case of Zimbabwe's economy is rather precarious. The country is operating a multi- foreign currency system, which give it no true control of its money supply. In addition, the country is a...

by Tafadzwa Chiganga

'Stop Zvirikufaya Videos,' says Eric Knight

17 July 2014 | 4063 Views
During my frequent escapades between my beloved country Zimbabwe and my adopted country UK, I have noticed some very disturbing trend. A cold war is being secretly fought between those in the diaspora...

by Eric Knight

Robert Mugabe's land permit con

17 July 2014 | 1694 Views
Out of the crooked timber of Zanu-PF, nothing straight will ever be made.I detest it when Zanu-PF takes advantage of the ignorance of the masses to create the delusion that they are empowering...

by Vince Musewe

MDC-Renewal not different from MDC-Tsvangirai

17 July 2014 | 1781 Views
The recent statements on the social media by the excessively ambitious Promise Mkwananzi will definitely scuttle the prospects of a united front in 2018.For Mkwananzi to describe the MDC led b...

by Gugugu Magorira

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by Staff reporter | 28 July 2014 | 962 Views

Deadly Ebola virus, Zimbabwe in red alert - ZIMBABWE is on high alert ...

by Staff reporter | 28 July 2014 | 947 Views

Woman fakes mother's death, jailed 2 years

by Staff reporter | 28 July 2014 | 824 Views

Tsvangirai extends begging bowl to the British - MDC-T leader Mr Morga...

by Daniel Nemukuyu | 28 July 2014 | 688 Views

Mentally ill woman crushes niece's head - POLICE have arrested a 29-ye...

by Thupeyo Muleya | 28 July 2014 | 454 Views

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by Mpumelelo Nyoni | 28 July 2014 | 883 Views

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Tsvangirai 'nikuved' in UK - MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai was last w...

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Khaya Moyo gets Andrew Langa's backing

by Marvelous Moyo | 28 July 2014 | 440 Views

Tendai Biti party announces executive

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This and that with Mal'phosa - Izali Beula i-Sewula

by Clerk Ndlovu | 27 July 2014 | 1668 Views


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