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Sibanda bedroom coup jab at Mugabe was more potent than Ali's left hook that floored Foreman

Jabulani Sibanda's "bedroom coup" jab at Mugabe has hit home and true than Muhammad Ali's left hook that flooded George Foreman in the rumble in the jungle!The Shona have a saying; "Chidya ma...Read more

Sibanda bedroom coup jab at Mugabe was more potent than Ali's left hook that floored Foreman

31 October 2014 | 3715 Views
Jabulani Sibanda's "bedroom coup" jab at Mugabe has hit home and true than Muhammad Ali's left hook that flooded George Foreman in the rumble in the jungle!The Shona have a saying; "Chidya ma...

by Wilbert Mukori

Community Share Trusts: 'So what?' attitude at play

31 October 2014 | 740 Views
Talk on Community Share Ownership Trusts has died away. And in the hope to re-awaken the once much talked about programme, Cde Robert Mugabe recently made the following statement, one more similar...

by Zisunko Ndlovu

Mugabe and friends need to know we will change history narrative

31 October 2014 | 2469 Views
The recent exposure of the fictional story that has made it into Zimbabwe's textbooks about Joice Mujuru downing a helicopter with an AK47 has confirmed what a lot of citizens had always been que...

by Shingai Mugochi

Inside Mugabe's sealed succession envelope: Fear, self assassinations and a coup

31 October 2014 | 3358 Views
An observant student of power and its effects, the late French philosopher Michel Foucault noted that "we are subjected to the production of truth through power" and that "we cannot exercise power...

by Dinizulu Mbikokayise Macaphulana

When even the gullible can no longer be fooled

31 October 2014 | 827 Views
The west has once more attempted to stain the beautiful name of Zimbabwe with sordid grime. Typical of previous attempts, the latest was once more a miserably monumental letdown that left Lars Ron...

by Tafara Shumba

Image battered Tsvangirai faces the daunting task of reuniting the party

31 October 2014 | 1771 Views
The MDC-T holds a divisive congress that can potentially weaken the party again less than seven months after it split for the second time in less than a decade. Leader Morgan Tsvangirai's trus...

by Prince Tongogara

EU confirm re-engagement with Zanu PF, snuff out our hope for free and fair elections

31 October 2014 | 2464 Views
In 2002 the Western countries, include EU, USA, Canada and Australia, agreed to impose targeted sanctions against Mugabe and a number of his cronies in protest against the regime's bad human right...

by Wilbert Mukori

The British are coming to kneel before us, Cdes

31 October 2014 | 1769 Views
Dear Cabinet andPolitburo membersCOMRADES, read this: "A delegation from United Kingdom will visit Zimbabwe next (this) week to help the country implement the economic blueprint, the Zimba...

by cznotebook

Fallacy of internal Zanu-PF Revolt

30 October 2014 | 2768 Views
The figments of private press's imagination that a revolt is imminent in ZANU PF reflect on the levels of desperation they have reached in their quest for a political revolution in Zimbabwe. ...

by Caitlin Kamba

Grace must give details on Mujuru's corrupt acts

30 October 2014 | 4134 Views
The political muscle displayed by Grace Mugabe when she carried out her meet the people tour clearly shows how Zanu Pf is ignorant totally about how democracy works.  It shows that clearly in bla...

by Zanda Shumba

Mugabe's Zanu-PF must bring conspirators to book

30 October 2014 | 1695 Views
There is a group in Zanu-PF that is power-hungry. It hastens after President Mugabe's position while he is still in office. It is insolent and assumes, wrongly, that the President is no longer a f...

by Chronicle editorial comment

Synagogue Building Collapse: witnesses vindicate church as coroner allays fears of prosecution

29 October 2014 | 3073 Views
As proceedings continue at the Coroner's Inquest into the cause of the building collapse at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), more clarifications are emerging concerning the true cir...

by Mr Nosa Osazuwa - freelance journalist

We started with one-man-one-vote but now we have one-man-one veto

29 October 2014 | 3124 Views
We started from one-man-one-vote before independence but soon after independence it was changed to one-man-one-vote if it is a vote for Zanu PF, Zanu PF was so favoured that even the dead where voting...

by Wilbert Mukori

Not all learned people are wise

29 October 2014 | 3961 Views
Dr Simba Makoni is a man treading on very brittle ground and if he continues on this tangent and at such a phenomenal speed in making monumental blunders that are, quite honestly, apparent to any ...

by Suitable Kajau

Gossip + Sabotage = Bosso

29 October 2014 | 2814 Views
Highlanders FC's sombre state of affairs on and off the field are linked to numerous reasons but chief among them gossip.The rumours not only started during this difficult period for the oldes...

by Muziwethu Hadebe

ZSD condemn UK and EU for putting plunder profits above human rights

29 October 2014 | 1095 Views
The British government has sent a high powered trade delegation to Zimbabwe, the first in ten years. The Zanu PF regime has heralded the move as proof of the British and European Union (EU) ending the...

by Wilbert Mukori Secretary General Zimbabwe Social Democrats

Makanaka Wakatama: It's not 'patriarchal' society but greed and foolishness

28 October 2014 | 3722 Views
"We will not be deterred by Makanaka's remarks (criticizing the network for its interest in the case), because we understand the trauma she is undergoing. We will not fight her, she is a child who...

by Dalla Bill

Who really is Jabulani Sibanda?

28 October 2014 | 5208 Views
Yesterday, Jabulani, despised Joseph Msika, who was Vice President of the country and said umsika he knew was where, vagetables and old clothes were bought. In other words to him Vice President M...

by John Songo

Lemba origins Revisited

28 October 2014 | 1866 Views
Much attention has been given to the origins of the Lemba people since the year 2000, when a Y chromosome study by Neil Bradman and Mark Thomas of University College London yielded results that indica...

by Anon

Zanu PF leadership Renewal will end in tears of joy

28 October 2014 | 5499 Views
Members of Zanu PF, should be proud and bearers of exemplary leadership and service to the people of Zimbabwe. Now that new conditions are posing acute challenges to these key components of governance...

by Zupa

Laying today's foundation for the generations to come

28 October 2014 | 996 Views
The foundation cannot be built using rubbles and used bricks, as this will weaken the whole structure. Laying today's foundation for the generations to come. ...

by Bishop Happison Chikova

The Zanu PF dictatorship was always doomed to end in tears

28 October 2014 | 3471 Views
Impeccable sources told the Daily News yesterday that many of VP Mujuru's supporters, comprising senior Zanu-PF members, wept uncontrollably when they met with her at the party's headquarters before ...

by Wilbert Mukori

Call for the Formation of a Matebeleland Regional Party

27 October 2014 | 3511 Views
What is apparently clear to any observant eye in the region currently called 'Matebeleland' is that all we have been given is a raw deall in this country called Zimbabwe. It is a total outrage tha...

by Ndzimu-unami Emmanuel Moyo

'Which sleeve size do you want to wear Jabulani?'

27 October 2014 | 5163 Views
Zanu pf is understood to be at an advanced stage of making Jabulani Sibanda - the much feared former Zipra combatant who now leads the Zimbabwe War Vertarians Association, to choose the size of the sl...

by Brain Sherif

That PhD, the undoing of Mugabe and Zanu-Pf

27 October 2014 | 6484 Views
It has been called many names from microwave PhD with regards to the speed of its remarkable completion, sexually transm...

by Shingai Mugochi, A concerned lay Zimbabwean.

'Matobo South legislator came out guns blazing, we wont lose sleep over him'

27 October 2014 | 3759 Views
The Matobo South legislator Saul Mahalima Ncube came out guns blazing after he was asked what plans and actions he had done to assist or source help for the citizenry who were left in the open after a...

by Bongani Somhambi Zilangwe

Zimbabwe Diaspora Vote sacrificed for business by Britain and the EU

27 October 2014 | 2357 Views
Despite admitting that Zimbabwe remains a country of concern, the UK has arguably sacrificed Zimbabwe's Diaspora Vote for business by sponsoring the first official trade delegation to Zimbabwe at ...

by Clifford Chitupa Mashiri

'Zimbabwe Going Forward: Opportunities and Constraints'

27 October 2014 | 1568 Views
Conference organized by Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI) and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS)Meikles Hotel, Harare, Thursday 23rd October 2014Cli...

by Dr. Strike Mkandla, Alternate Secretary General (ASG), ZAPU

Mujuru admit to being ugly but would not admit to being corrupt or vote rigging

26 October 2014 | 4536 Views
Mai Mujuru is in trouble and if she thinks that she will wriggle out with some stupid double talk; she has something else coming."Hongu semunhu ndine zvitadzo, handingarambe. Asi musandipawo z...

by Wilbert Mukori

Matebeleland people fear life after Mugabe

26 October 2014 | 4199 Views
The fear of the people of Matabeleland is that the new generation of leaders in Zanupf and MDC T could be more vicious than Mugabe and that life after Mugabe would be far more worse for Matebeles and ...

by Israel Dube

Love, Sex and Money: Blow his mind out

26 October 2014 | 3326 Views
THIS week we had an exciting chat about giving a blow job and it dawned on me that most people get it all wrong. One honest lady sparked the debate as she admitted she is hell bent on pleasing her ma...

by Auntie Charity

Mujuru dismisses corruption charges against her as trivial - she deserves to be dumped

26 October 2014 | 4415 Views
For the last two months Grace Mugabe has maintained a barrage of personal attack against VP Mujuru accusing of being corrupt and plotting to push Mugabe out of office. Grace has made repeated calls f...

by Wilbert Mukori

Decoding Grace's messages

26 October 2014 | 3163 Views
Let me begin by stating that I have no dog in this fight and hold no brief for the protagonists as I blame them for the economic, social, displacement of the citizens and political problems visiti...

by Hlaleleni Karanda

'Zanu-PF is much bigger than personal ambitions and vendetta'

25 October 2014 | 3877 Views
The current political discourse in our revolutionary party ZANU PF has raised more questions than answers for many people who love the party. For many years, many of us who have followed, supporte...

by Kennedy M. Mandaza, ZANU PF SA Secretary for Information and Publicity

Makoni, leave Grace Mugabe alone

24 October 2014 | 6037 Views
The First Lady is a natural pick by the people for the people of Zimbabwe.In that vein, there is nothing sinister about her going around meeting the people who chose her to lead them.I...

by Suitable Kajau

Grace sets war vets on Mujuru but has nothing against her toughest opponent

23 October 2014 | 6269 Views
If Mai Mujuru and her supporter thought the end of the meet-the-people rallies was the end of Grace Mugabe's "hour on the political stage" they could not have been more wrong. Grace is still on a war ...

by Wilbert Mukori

What next Jonathan Moyo? - WhatsApp update

23 October 2014 | 4699 Views
Please note that Bulawayo24 does not edit WhatsApp updates. We publish them as sent by our readers and we do not disclose the sender's telephone number. 16:39,...

by Concerned Citizen

Help us find our brother Qhubekani Ndlovu - WhatsApp update

23 October 2014 | 2145 Views
Please note that Bulawayo24 does not edit WhatsApp updates. We publish them as sent by our readers and we do not disclose the sender's telephone number. ...

by Concerned Citizen

Let's help Grace Mugabe to destroy Zanu-PF evil

23 October 2014 | 6113 Views
The power of the people must liberate our politics. I have finally finished reading Tony Blair's book "A Journey" and the profound conclusion in his book is that; the power of politics sh...

by Vince Musewe

Tobacco farmers should opt for other crops

23 October 2014 | 1949 Views
On 14 October 2014 The NewsDay reported that the number of tobacco growers who registered for the 2015 agricultural season declined when compared to the number of farmers who registered last year ...

by Peacemaker Zano

Dr Simba Makoni Leave Dr Grace Mugabe Alone

22 October 2014 | 6711 Views
Dr Grace Mugabe is a natural pick by the people for the people of Zimbabwe. In that vein, there is nothing sinister about her going around meeting the people who chose her to lead them. If she h...

by Suitable Kajau

Dr Grace Mugabe's tours breathes hope

22 October 2014 | 4296 Views
Dr Grace Mugabe's whirlwind working tours that saw her rock the country's ten provinces within a fortnight has left an indelible mark in the lives of women and youths yearning for economic fortunes to...

by Tawanda Museve

Matebeleland pressure group - cum political party takes Zanu PF war to the wire

22 October 2014 | 3884 Views
 On the 27th of September, almost all media houses ran a story of Matabeleland purporting to be backing Zimbabwe's Vice President, Joyce Mujuru for the country's presidency' seat, over the cu...

by Tongai Zwayisa

Hail Dr Grace Mugabe

22 October 2014 | 3959 Views
For so long there are some pertinent issues negatively affecting the day to day lives of the generality of our populace whose solutions are below our nose but have gone unaddressed nor publicly sp...

by Tawanda Museve

Yes we did it! come on! - the brave man who asked Mugabe to take a rest

21 October 2014 | 8289 Views
We occupied Africa Unity Square today, yet again forced the state to respond, and, yet again, demonstrated our goodwill by agreeing to negotiate.We are the people! We are the numbers! And...

by Itai Dzamara

Biti absolves self, calls Tsvangirai modern day sell-out

21 October 2014 | 3964 Views
"Each struggle has its own sell-out and Tsvangirai is our own Nyathi," said Tendai Biti.Biti was comparing Morgan Tsvangirai to the infamous Morrison Nyathi, a liberation war fighter who t...

by Wilbert Mukori

Let's defend ourselves against negativity

21 October 2014 | 1711 Views
Why does the Peace Project focus on negative things and don't appreciate the stability we have. It's like everyone is complaining about everything that MDC-T has done but don't value contribution to ...

by Zupa

Gadadi battle brings back sad memories for Mat'land

21 October 2014 | 4009 Views
Thousands of people from all over Matabeleland including political and traditional leaders will on November 8th converge on Gadadi,the historic site of the bloody battle between King Lobhengula's ...

by Thabo Kunene

Mujuru(s) reaping what they sowed?

21 October 2014 | 6922 Views
Amid serious confusion, if not national paralysis, about the effect of First Lady Grace Mugabe's vicious attacks on Vice President Joice Mujuru, there is a chilling and unsavoury signal that is emerg...

by Chris Goko

Things we have learnt from and about Grace Mugabe

21 October 2014 | 6560 Views
In the last article we mapped the rise of Grace Mugabe in recent months, from her position as an ordinary member of Zanu PF, into active politics where she is soon to become the head of the party's po...

by Alex T. Magaisa

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When even the gullible can no longer be fooled - The west has once mor...

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MDC-T Congress - Live updates - Below are live updates of the Morgan ...

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Mujuru, Mnangagwa to be probed - President Robert Mugabe will soon set...

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Thousands demand Mujuru's resignation - Scores of Zanu-PF supporters y...

by Staff reporter | 31 October 2014 | 2125 Views

Zanu PF divisions reach boiling point, Gwanetsa fired

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Our hands are clean, says DJ Munya

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