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Tamborinyoka journalistic ratiocination of Mnangagwa 'meteoric rise' befit one of a pig collecting pearls!

Luke Tamborinyoka, Morgan Tsvangirai's spokesman, is one of the MDC leaders who have been trying to rewrite MDC's pathetic history of corruption, incompetence and betrayal; giving events a new spin s...Read more

Tamborinyoka journalistic ratiocination of Mnangagwa 'meteoric rise' befit one of a pig collecting pearls!

28 January 2015 | 2254 Views
Luke Tamborinyoka, Morgan Tsvangirai's spokesman, is one of the MDC leaders who have been trying to rewrite MDC's pathetic history of corruption, incompetence and betrayal; giving events a new spin s...

by Wilbert Mukori

Pre-paid waters debate expose bankruptcy of civil society

28 January 2015 | 1488 Views
Tendai Carter Muchada a budding writer who also works for CHRA, one of the organisations under investigation by USAID on misappropriation of funds attempts to do some amateur critic of my argumen...

by Dr Qhubani Moyo

Zanu-PF demise is nigh

28 January 2015 | 2216 Views
Battered and deeply polarised, Zimbabwe's ruling party, Zanu-PF, triumphantly continues to rule the roost. However, all signs seem clearer than before that the centre is no longer holding and the par...

by Grace Kwinjeh

Mnangagwa - when stealing votes for the boss gets rewarded

28 January 2015 | 3630 Views
The curious, awaiting press corps fretted with impatience until Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and a then unknown Israeli finally came out after what appeared to have been a long meeting with Presi...

by Luke Tamborinyoka

Mining can drastically change our economy

28 January 2015 | 1419 Views
I am quite delighted and overwhelmed about the recent developments taking place in the mining sector. As of now, mining is the backbone of the economy; hence, all efforts should be put towards develop...

by Peacemaker Zano

Let us learn to tolerate other people's religions

28 January 2015 | 1751 Views
The Zimbabwean constitution clearly calls for the freedom of association; hence, everyone has a prerogative and priviledge to choose which church to worship in without hesitation and fear of victimiza...

by Mukachana Hanyani

Mugabe not welcome in Africa

28 January 2015 | 4539 Views
President Mugabe returned on Friday from a five-week holiday in the Far East - goodness knows how much that cost the Zimbabwean taxpayers.No sooner had he unpacked his bags than he was on ano...

by Jera

'Mugabe is going nowhere,' says Kasukuwere - the tyrant's time is up, he is going!

27 January 2015 | 4233 Views
"President Mugabe is not going anywhere," said minister Kasukuwere."He is a veteran nationalist and God given leader. Mukuru mukuru hanga haigare pfunde. Please let President Mugabe do h...

by Wilbert Mukori

VP Mpoko says able bodied should not be vendors - of all the stupid marks that is top

27 January 2015 | 2495 Views
"I have got my own views regarding vending where you find an able-bodied man seated selling tomatoes. There are better things to do for someone who I fit except for those who are indisposed and physic...

by Wilbert Mukori

Zambians show Africa how to deal with despots like Mugabe

27 January 2015 | 3034 Views
Having been out of Zimbabwe for 37days, Mugabe hit the skies leaving for Zambia within 24hours of landing into a country he has destroyed and true to my earlier observation he too doesn't want to...

by Wangu-Mine

Jonathan Moyo snobbery won't work

27 January 2015 | 3577 Views
A person's social standing can breed certain behaviours and attitudes.Snobbery is a sense of superiority often expressed with condescending comments or acts.Looking at Zimbabwe, it is ...

by Conrad Nyamutata

Political dynasties emerge in Mugabe's Zanu-PF

27 January 2015 | 3848 Views
A new political trend is emerging in Zanu PF since 2013 general elections. The party's control and leadership is steadily going into the hands of a few families, the top leadership, and they have not ...

by Prince Tongogara

People should take Cde Chinotimba seriously

26 January 2015 | 2054 Views
The call by Buhera South legislator, Cde Joseph Chinotimba, dedicated to cleaning cities and other areas to ensure that the country is free of dirty and to avoid the spread of diseases, should ring a ...

by Mukachana Hanyani

Mugabe's wish fulfilled as tortured Senior MDC-T leader dies in South Africa

26 January 2015 | 11086 Views
It is with sadness that the MDC T announces to the world the untimely death of senior party provincial leader, Charles Matorera.At the time of his shocking torture induced departure, the MDC T...

by Wangu-Mine

Re-alignment of Laws Welcome!

26 January 2015 | 1981 Views
The call by Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to accelerate the realignment of local laws in line with the new constitution is a welcome development. Zimbabwe is a unitary, democratic and sovereign re...

by Suitable Kajau

Tortured Senior MDC-T leader dies in South Africa

26 January 2015 | 2765 Views
It is with sadness that the MDC-T announces to the world the untimely death of senior party provincial leader, Charles Matorera.At the time of his shocking torture induced departure, the MDC-T...

by Dr. Wangu Mazodze

The Harare city authorities must learn to respect residents

26 January 2015 | 1949 Views
Today, I am forced to respond to the Herald story with the headline 'Harare concedes it's illegal to hold clamped cars'. When people who are prevailing over a system become serial liars, then the...

by Bishop Happison Chikova

MDC-Renewal complain Zanu-PF infighting has left them 'in limbo'

26 January 2015 | 2243 Views
Mrs Sekai Holland, a senior MDC-Renewal leader, complained about the infighting tiring Zanu-PF apart because it has left her party "in limbo" as what to do. Well that sure takes the biscuit; how incom...

by Wilbert Mukori

Mthwakazi condemns the blocking of Gukurahundi commemoration

26 January 2015 | 1821 Views
As the people of Matebeleland we feel, hit hard by the Zimbabwe security agencies to refuse the staging of the Gukurahundi Genocide Commemoration arranged by Ibhetshu LikaZulu. We as the first hand vi...

by People In Diaspora Matebeleland

Is Robert Mugabe now a persona-non-grata in SADC?

25 January 2015 | 4983 Views
Robert Gabriel Mugabe of Zimbabwe yesterday had the tables turned against him just across the border when huge crowds of Zambians chanted "Mugabe must go!" at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Lusaka....

by Clifford Chitupa Mashiri

Chaos at SA embassy in Zimbabwe attracts tricksters

25 January 2015 | 4896 Views
Confusion over the renewal and application for South African work permits and other documents has spawned an influx of conmen at the South African Embassy in Harare as thousands flock the embassy in s...

by Tavada Mafa

40 die in DRC riots against Chinese unfair deals - Zim knows these only too well!

25 January 2015 | 2856 Views
40 people killed in the DRC in political demonstration that escalated into rioting against the Chinese. "The protests primarily opposed a change to electoral law that would allow Kabila to re...

by Wilbert Mukori

Dignity in resistance

25 January 2015 | 825 Views
"CAN we think Zimbabwe out of this? Yes. If we abandon bigotry and bigots as a nation we can study and think Zimbabwe out of her present conflictual political condition that is seeing heroes and heroi...

by Nathaniel Manheru

It's so cold outside Mugabe's protection

25 January 2015 | 2664 Views
Who will step into the shoes of the leader? This question must have occupied the minds of the late vice presidents Joshua Nkomo, Simon Muzenda, Joseph Msika, and John Nkomo.They all di...

by Mutumwa Mawere

Doomed Didymus

25 January 2015 | 1929 Views
President Robert Mugabe flew back from his long and controversial holiday in the Far East on Thursday afternoon and, sadly, went into a predictable but mindless rant against hapless former Presidentia...

by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF threats against Prophet Magaya uncalled for

25 January 2015 | 2095 Views
The threats on Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD)Ministries leader Prophet Walter Magaya by Godwin Gomwe, the Zanu-PF Harare provincial youth leader, are as irrational and unwarranted as they are...

by Staff writer

Opportunities for truth in Zanu-PF battles

25 January 2015 | 2387 Views
Kufa kwemurume hubuda ura, so goes the Shona proverb. Loosely translated, it means a man is not dead until the intestines are out.It appears the knives are out in Zanu-PF and the battle will n...

by Dzikamai Bere

Qhubani Moyo, wake up and smell the coffee

25 January 2015 | 1396 Views
On Sunday January 18 2015, The Sunday News published an article entitled; Civil society anti-prepaid water meters mislead residents.Naturally there are traditional names that I have always kno...

by Tendai Muchada

Zimbabwe - must we be worse than Somalia to admit failure?

24 January 2015 | 2231 Views
At the Beitbridge border post, what attracts your attention easily, in addition to visible corruption, filthy environments and faces of hopeless men, women and children, is the inscription on one of t...

by Moses Chamboko

'Africans cannot treat themselves better than colonialists did,' said Yamamoto - tragically, that is true!

23 January 2015 | 2287 Views

"In spite of years of despicable oppression and ill-treatment under white colonial rule, I can't help, but observe that when given the chance, Africans in general cannot treat themselves...

by Wilbert Mukori

'This is not why Mugabe died for the country'

23 January 2015 | 6046 Views
That great poet, Leonard Zhakata (for what is a musician if not a poet?) had it right when he said ‘kana ndichishaura batai mazwi, kuitira mangwana. Vamwe vanozodudzira nepasipo, vamwe ndevanof...

by Tinomudaishe Chinyoka

The Chinotimba Dilemma

23 January 2015 | 4014 Views
When Zimrights, one of Zimbabwe's oldest civil society organisations, awarded a human rights defender award to Zanu-PF MP and war-veteran, Joseph Chinotimba towards Christmas, I thought the organisati...

by Alex T. Magaisa

What sort of a president would Mnangagwa be?

23 January 2015 | 4756 Views
A shocking report appeared in the Johannesburg Sunday Times this week in which Umkhonto weSizwe (MK) veterans beat up party supporters during a train trip from Cape Town to Johannesburg.The d...

by Muckraker

Qhubani, singing for his unholy super?

23 January 2015 | 3392 Views
ON Sunday the 18th of January I came across an article entitled "Civil Society Anti-Prepaid water meters mislead residents" which was published in the state run Sunday News. Naturally, there are tradi...

by Tendai Muchada

There is no doubt that Mugabe is a man of flesh

23 January 2015 | 3965 Views
YES Prime Minister is a satirical British sitcom that was transmitted by BBC Television from 1986 to 1988. The sitcom followed the events of the premiership of Jim Hacker after his unexpected elevat...

by Mutumwa Mawere

Civil Society must claim Space

22 January 2015 | 1633 Views
The shocking, dramatic and sometimes confusing political situation in Zimbabwe is in dire need of a sane perspective. In a series of events that that could have been taken from a Shakespearean dra...

by Methembeni Moyo

Death in Zimbabwe is used as a tool

22 January 2015 | 3198 Views
The bodies of the Botswana accident victims have arrived back in the country. The nine are Menson Ncube, Davison Sibanda, Eunice Moyo, Sharon Moyo, Liston Mlilo, Nozithelo Sibanda, Langelihle phiri, B...

by Juice Juicey

Zanu PF has stripped Mutasa of all that matters, he must make his now or never check-mate move!

22 January 2015 | 3264 Views
Zanu PF Manicaland province has written to the politburo, the highest decision-making body in the party other than congress (well it would be better to say the highest rubber-stamping body because th...

by Wilbert Mukori

Xenophobia in Soweto, Somali shops looted - Photos

22 January 2015 | 4061 Views
11:39, 22 Jan - ‪+27 7* *** ****: At Soweto today,  Xenophobia - Somali shops been looted kuzima...

by SA Resident

'Women must also know their limits'

22 January 2015 | 5458 Views
If ever there is one litigious question that can arise for discussion, it is the question of what passes for propriety in dressing.There are as many opinions on the subject as there are grains...

by Learnmore Zuze

'It really pains to be a Zimbabwean in South Africa now'

22 January 2015 | 8174 Views
10:31, 22 Jan - +27 8* *** ****: Hi Byo 24, It really pains to be a Zimbabwean in South Africa now. As i speak we payed R59 per person @ the South Africa  ...

by Concerned Diasporan

'ZAPU wanted to kill me' says Mnangagwa, A lie and blatant excuse of murdering those he HATES

22 January 2015 | 4895 Views
I have read lies by desperate people, but this is exceptional. ZAPU never at one stage led by which ever person, or ZIPRA could stoop that low as to want to kill any person for a down low comment lik...

by Tsolo Dube

Tsvangirai faces Doom

22 January 2015 | 3580 Views
At this moment in time fresh storm is brewing in the MDC-T with party leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, threatening to dissolve the party's provincial structures accused of waging a social media campaign to ...

by Stewart Murewa

Graduates have fallen to the reality of unemployment

22 January 2015 | 2855 Views
In most countries, graduates have fallen to the reality of un employment! The traditional noble idea of getting education, then a better life is greatly threatened. You hear of those who did ...

by Mathew Unique Dube

There is nothing wrong with deploying security forces to Africa Cup of Nations

22 January 2015 | 1665 Views
It is indeed worrisome that the MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu, keeps waffling over the deployment of security forces to Africa Cup of Nation (Afcon) claiming that it was unconstitutional.Mr Gu...

by Peacemaker Zano

Mugabe spits on Chimurenga

22 January 2015 | 4612 Views
But Mutasa reminds his comrades that 'one man one vote' was the central theme of the liberation war. By doing away with elections at the last congress, Mugabe has effectively spat on the core princip...

by Jera

Mujuru's deafening silence

22 January 2015 | 4495 Views
The attacks were so bad that, in boxing parlance, any referee would have put a stop to the bout. Mujuru's silence at first seemed like a clever strategy but in the end was her downfall.Surely...

by Jera

AWOL Mugabe blames Mnangagwa for Zimbabwe's problems

22 January 2015 | 10977 Views
The captain has deserted the ship midway through the long haul voyage. Mugabe is finally fed up with the political and economic instability he brought upon Zimbabwe at the instigation of Emerson Dambu...

by Dr. Wangu Mazodze

Name and shame them

22 January 2015 | 2015 Views
CHIEF Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku broke with tradition last week when he gave a frank assessment of the performance of his subordinates during the official opening of the 2015 legal year. His speech ...

by Financial Gazette

We should revisit leadership Code, Cdes

22 January 2015 | 2164 Views
Dear Cabinet andPolitburo membersCOMRADES, I know that by now most of you have read this: "Minister Chimene told The Sunday Mail that preliminary investigations indicated Mutasa had become...

by CZ

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Zanu-PF demise is nigh

by Grace Kwinjeh | 28 January 2015 | 2216 Views

My life will never be the same again, says rape victim - inhuman and t...

by Primrose Ndlovu GORY | 28 January 2015 | 2327 Views

'I did not rape, I was pleasuring myself' - A VICTORIA Falls man who i...

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Soccer Star takes gong to the grave, for ritual purposes

by Fungai Muderere | 28 January 2015 | 3432 Views

Mnangagwa - when stealing votes for the boss gets rewarded - The curio...

by Luke Tamborinyoka | 28 January 2015 | 3630 Views

Seek T.B. Joshua's help over Boko Haram, Botswana advises Nigeria - Me...

by Tebego Motalaote - Gabarone, Botswana | 28 January 2015 | 2599 Views

'66% of teenagers indulge in unprotected sex' - Zimbabwe needs to inte...

by Staff reporter | 28 January 2015 | 2059 Views

MDC-T youth chairperson attacked by soldier - MDC-T Chivi Central dist...

by Staff Reporter | 28 January 2015 | 2058 Views

Delays with SA permits - Zimbabweans sent away from work - Three Zimba...

by Tariro Washinyira | 28 January 2015 | 4609 Views

'I enjoyed being raped,' man says

by Staff reporter | 28 January 2015 | 9216 Views

Cop escapes jail after stealing friend's certificates

by Sibhekisipho Fayayo | 28 January 2015 | 3218 Views

Man rapes teen as friend watches

by Fairness Moyana | 28 January 2015 | 5272 Views

Mysterious snake coils, licks kids to survive - SNAKES are dangerous s...

by Nhlalwenhle Ncube | 28 January 2015 | 6113 Views

Man teams up with son, tie wife to tree

by Danisa Masuku | 28 January 2015 | 2865 Views

Mugabe not welcome in Africa

by Jera | 28 January 2015 | 4539 Views

Mutasa in another scandal

by Hebert Zharare and Paidamoyo Chipunza | 28 January 2015 | 4326 Views

'We are sick of Zanu-PF wars' - Zimbabweans say they are sick and tir...

by Staff reporter | 28 January 2015 | 2508 Views

Seremwe denies Mujuru links

by Farirai Machivenyika | 28 January 2015 | 2419 Views

Mt Darwin says no to Mugabe - Analysts say the surprising outcome of ...

by Staff reporter | 28 January 2015 | 5501 Views


Mugabe, Mujuru at Harare Gallery

by A.A.V. Amasi | 28 January 2015 | 4080 Views

Prof Jonathan Moyo says 'Zimbabwe to meet digitisation deadline in Jun...

by Farirai Machivenyika | 27 January 2015 | 1711 Views

DJ stabbed by lover - A MATSHOBANE suburb disk jockey (29) got more t...

by Staff reporter | 27 January 2015 | 3798 Views

Bulawayo movie Qiniso out in February - THE much anticipated movie, Qi...

by Showbiz Reporter | 26 January 2015 | 1917 Views

Where is omasiganda music now?

by Fred Zindi | 26 January 2015 | 1957 Views

Ringo billed for pre-Valentines Bash in Bulawayo

by Bongani Ndlovu | 26 January 2015 | 3116 Views

The return of Alick Macheso

by Entertainment Correspondent | 24 January 2015 | 3913 Views

Chigubhu vows to continue cracking people's ribs

by Staff Reporter | 23 January 2015 | 2589 Views

The Nsa Gets An Ok For Telephony Metadata Collection Yet Again

As much as we’d like to forget about the national security agency (nsa) and its mass surveillance program, it seems that there is no distracting ourselves from this unnerving reality.missing from the news for quite some time now, the issue has resu... Read More
SecNews 09 July 2014 ago

Rules Or Relationship

The dog does not need a lead to go for a walk. its owner can just speak a word and the dog responds. now, we are not comparing ourselves to dogs, we are comparing performance-based christian living to relationship-based christian living. big, big ... Read More
LindaDiokpa 30 December 2014 ago