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Mugabe has ruled Zanu PF and the country like a crow on the top perch crapping on those below

The factional fighting in Zanu PF is heating up and whilst the factional members are slogging it out in a vicious no-hold-barred and take-no-prisoners fight, they all take it in turn to shower Mugabe...Read more

Mugabe has ruled Zanu PF and the country like a crow on the top perch crapping on those below

02 September 2014 | 1778 Views
The factional fighting in Zanu PF is heating up and whilst the factional members are slogging it out in a vicious no-hold-barred and take-no-prisoners fight, they all take it in turn to shower Mugabe...

by Wilbert Mukori

Robert Mugabe no hero of Africa

02 September 2014 | 2851 Views
Cape Town - Perhaps I'm a despicable, counter-revolutionary, neo-colonialist settler after all.During my entire adult life, I have called myself an African. I have visited most countries on th...

by Max du Preez

Madonsela's anti-Zuma crusade could backfire on her

02 September 2014 | 2725 Views
Cape Town - Her supporters describe her as brilliant, fearless and presidential material. But critics of Thuli Madonsela, South Africa's popular and controversial public protector say she is reck...

by Thabo Kunene

MLF's Magagula and Mugabe can never be Leaders of a Diverse Country

01 September 2014 | 2444 Views
Any institution that is not a family will always have different segments and anyone dreaming to run an institution should start by learning the Science Of Diversity. David Magagula wrote in his last a...

by Ryton Dzimiri

China was Mugabe's last chance to get ZimAsset funding he got nothing and now he MUST GO!

01 September 2014 | 3523 Views
"Enda udzoke!" in Shona, "Hamba epunduke!" in Ndebele or "Go but you will be back!" the nation told Mugabe before he set off to China! Many of us viewed it just as a time wasting gimmick and it has t...

by Wilbert Mukori, Secretary General Zimbabwe Social Democrats

Shame on you!

01 September 2014 | 3395 Views
We are living on precious time. The young Zimbabwean of today is yet to fully understand how much sacrifice and death was put into the creation of this superstructure we now call a country. My aim is...

by Tafadzwa Murwisi

'New Zimbabwe' by 2018

01 September 2014 | 3394 Views
The year is 2018 and the spotlight is on a small country in Southern Africa called Zimbabwe. It is exactly 38 years since the republic of Zimbabwe was established after more than 90 years of Briti...

by Obert Gutu

Ways and means to improve pass rate in national exams

01 September 2014 | 1112 Views
It is infamous that after the country attained its independence from colonial rule in 1980, then Prime Minister President Mugabe declared education for all programme. For many years Zimbabwean edu...

by Peacemaker Zano

Succession planning - Mugabe's tragic failure

01 September 2014 | 3113 Views
Since 1977 when he controversially landed the leadership of ZANU PF, President Mugabe deliberately avoided grooming a successor. In his insidious or at least unannounced quest to become life presi...

by Moses Chamboko

Zimbabwe's opposition parties fast becoming irrelevant

31 August 2014 | 1295 Views
Zimbabwe's opposition parties are in serious disarray and are fast becoming irrelevant to the struggle for survival which the people are engaged in on a daily basis.Instead of introspectin...

by Pius Wakatama

Honorable Minister Nhema home, with us

30 August 2014 | 4238 Views
Zimbabwe has almost metamorphosed into a carnival, all owing to our slowly derailing sense of responsibility and focus from core mandates. Slowly into detritus of our own crumble. My relation...

by Zisunko Ndlovu

ZAPU never had dissidents

30 August 2014 | 3016 Views
No dread no. Sick minds call other minds sick. There never were ZAPU hatched dissidents. When Nkomo was interviewed by Jeremy Paxman on BBC in 1983 whilst in exile, he stated that ZAPU never had dissi...

by J. Moyo.

Mugabe is destroying not saving Zanu-PF

30 August 2014 | 2254 Views
President Robert Mugabe has for long claimed that he cannot leave Zanu-PF because doing so would cause the party to disintegrate. He has used that claim to justify his overstay but is clearly bluffing...

by Tawanda Majoni

The ZAPU Devolution of power model explained part 2

30 August 2014 | 1431 Views
The ZAPU model of governance by devolution of power is a people centred approach.  This is the second series of the four part series explaining the ZAPU model of devolution of power. ...

by Themba Mthethwa

Politics without 'Chimurenga' is vague

29 August 2014 | 1919 Views
In as much as Zimbabweans from different corners of life deliberate on the possible solutions for our country, any move not punctuated by the revolutionary cause, is a step misdirected and in the ...

by Caitlin Kamba

Let's resolve Medical Aid Societies and Health Service providers impasse now

29 August 2014 | 1453 Views
The stalemate between Medical Aid Societies and Health Service providers should be resolved expeditiously and amicably. The nation cannot afford the luxury of putting human lives at risk like tha...

by Suitable Kajau

Let's revisit death penalty now

29 August 2014 | 2125 Views
Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa's declaration that he will never sign death warrants for 97 murder convicts on death row stirred controversy and mixed fe...

by Suitable Kajau

Strive Masiyiwa saving lives

29 August 2014 | 1592 Views
Strive Masiyiwa, the chairperson and founder of Econet Wireless Group, a global telecommunications service provider, is saving money and lives through Facebook, which is one of the world's biggest...

by Brian Kazungu

Eddie Cross's Gukurahundi claims are a distraction Zimbabwe can ill afford

28 August 2014 | 2939 Views
The Zimbabwe Social Democrats condemn in the strongest terms the growing trend by MDC leaders who have already proven to be incompetent and therefore irrelevant to the nation to revive their politica...

by Wilbert Mukori, Secretary General Zimbabwe Social Democrats

Mat'land glory beckons

28 August 2014 | 2884 Views
President Robert Mugabe's State visit to China is beaming with great potential that is set to rock Matabeleland north province with great leaps of economic growth, never witnessed since time immem...

by Tawanda Museve

Struggle credentials no panacea of leadership

28 August 2014 | 985 Views
Liberation struggle credentials have resulted in bad decisions and bad leadership starting at State house.I know that our liberation struggle history needs to be re-written. I know that ou...

by Vince Musewe

Tshinga not qualified to speak on behalf of PF Zapu

28 August 2014 | 2809 Views
No you hold on Tshinga Dube. You are the one to look at a mirror to establish whether you are qualified to speak and advise on matters concerning former PF ZAPU, because you left PF ZAPU in the 1970...

by John Songo

Arnold Payne a national hero.

27 August 2014 | 2999 Views
If there are any heroes worthy celebrating and worthy commemorating, then Arnold Payne is one of them. Having known him from the time l was an infant he excelled in every field that he found himse...

by Somhambi Zilangwe

Arnold Payne deserves recognition

27 August 2014 | 1543 Views
One of Gwanda's prominent children Mr Arnold "The waterman" Payne has died.Payne was born in Mtshabezi area of Gwanda 75 years ago and always had a big heart for his home town. In 1992 he ...

by Bekezela Maduma Fuzwayo

Chikasha's ADP, Gukurahundi and Genuine Change needed in Zimbabwe

27 August 2014 | 2372 Views
It is quite healthy for a Shona mouth in the form of Chikasha to kick off her ADP party by reminding Mugabe to publicly apologise for Gukurahundi killings. Let me be very quick to describe myself ...

by Ryton Dzimiri

Robert Mugabe may return to world stage as AU head

27 August 2014 | 3427 Views
PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is in pole position to become the next leader of the 54-member African Union (AU), after securing the chairmanship of the Southern African Development Community (Sa...

by Nicholas Kotch

Don't only fight Mugabe, fight the system

26 August 2014 | 2248 Views
Been reading an article in which Job Sikhala says that he will be working with a Zanu-PF supposed faction said to be planning to "overthrow" Mugabe. I haven't been able to get the how of the "overthro...

by Bekezela Maduma Fuzwayo

Is Bev bleaching or its good living?

26 August 2014 | 1979 Views
Controversial adult entertainer Beverly "Bev" Sibanda has dismissed rumours that she bleached her skin following reports that her skin was now lighter than usual.The 23 year old insisted that...

by Brenda Phiri

Morgan Tsvangirai and the real legitimacy crisis

26 August 2014 | 2217 Views
And Tsvangirai even had the temerity of writing to Sadc, where President Mugabe is chair, with the same monotone!For the better part of the past year, opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has b...

by Tichaona Zindoga

Death warrants: Is Mnangagwa playing God

26 August 2014 | 3477 Views
News that Zanu-PF Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa said he will not sign any death warrants because he was once sentenced to death appears to suggest he is now playing God. Of the 97 pe...

by Dr Clifford Chitupa Mashiri

Our unsung Heroes

26 August 2014 | 772 Views
History usually is meant to convey the truth about our past to future generations, that's a norm world over.History is the narration of the past as it unfolded. Museums are meant to be warehou...

by Somhambi Zilangwe

Grace Mugabe, a pawn (star)

25 August 2014 | 2792 Views
If I had sufficient political clout to be able to sit with Grace Mugabe, I would NOT be sitting and writing this article which I pray she will be able to read.I would have preferred what u...

by Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga

Cephas Msipa defected before the Unity Accord

25 August 2014 | 4172 Views
Cephas Msipa defected before the Unity AccordThe sentiments expressed in an article in Zimdaily situation, ‘Give chairmanship to Zapu cadre: Msipa' August 21, 2014 by ZimSitRep made an inte...

by Themba Mthethwa

Black Uselessness; Don't look beyond your nose Mr Manheru

25 August 2014 | 1698 Views
It is appalling for a staunch defender of Robert Mugabe to see the failings of Barack Obama in creating dignity for Black spices of humanity. Nathaniel Manheru is an intelligent but heavily astigmati...

by Ryton Dzimiri

Independence: African lazy day

25 August 2014 | 1198 Views
I could go to prison just for the title; for dampening the spirit of commemoration, and yet I would gladly go. This is a title that befits the occasion. Google the world and see what I am talking ...

by Field Ruwe

Tsvangirai belated call for reforms to be implemented is an attention seeking gimmick

25 August 2014 | 1025 Views
We in the Zimbabwe Social Democrats welcome MDC-T's belated call for the implementation of the democratic and holding of elections as the only meaningful way out of Zimbabwe's current economic mess....

by Wilbert Mukori, Secretary General Zimbabwe Social Democrats

Tsvangirai, Sikhala and bane of Zimbabwean opposition

25 August 2014 | 1905 Views
THE Achilles heel of Zimbabwe politics is the lack of an authentic, relevant and effective opposition. Instead of a policy-orientated response to the current economic challenges facing the country...

by Bernard Bwoni

Barack Obama: White terror, Black tears

24 August 2014 | 2508 Views
IT has always been a hard fact of life that in America as elsewhere in Europe, a black man only has condemned colour and a sorry history, nothing else. But the asce...

by Nathaniel Manheru

Zanu-PF a confused and confusing lot

24 August 2014 | 3246 Views
In front of a strong crowd of 2 000 people in Johannesburg, Berea park on Saturday's ZPRA /MKVA commemoration of the fallen heroes of the Wankie and Sipolilo battles, the Zapu Yout...

by Godknows Sibanda

Angry Ndebele people demand more teacher training in Zimbabwe

24 August 2014 | 3753 Views
Lack of teacher training colleges in Zimbabwe's southern regions has raised tribal and political tensions as the minority Ndebele group resists the deployment of teachers from President Robert Mu...

by Kudzai Mashininga

Baba Jukwa case: A closer look at legal arguments

24 August 2014 | 4563 Views
INTRODUCTIONON the 26th of June 2014, Zimbabwean police arrested of the Sunday Mail Newspaper editor, Edmund Kudzayi, on charges of "attempting to subvert a constitutio...

by Chiedza Simbo and Dewa Mavhinga

MDC-Renewal to assist communities

24 August 2014 | 1246 Views
Over the past three months, the MDC Renewal Team has been travelling across Zimbabwe; interacting with the general populace at all levels and hearing their views on how best the country can move ahead...

by Elton Mangoma

ZIPRA and MK: Commemorate an alliance sealed with blood

23 August 2014 | 3097 Views
On the 2nd August 2012, The South African President, Jacob Zuma launched a programme of honouring the MK veterans who fought running battles in Wankie/Sipolilo area in the then Rhodesia.&n...

by Thulani Nkala

The Hedge Fund and Robert Mugabe

23 August 2014 | 3187 Views
This article was taken from

by Cam Simpson and Jesse Westbrook

Intra-Africa trade: Going beyond political commitments

23 August 2014 | 1370 Views
Progress will come when agreements are implemented  Among Africa's policy wonks, underperforming trade across the continent within the region ...

by Masimba Tafirenyika

Devolution of Power Concept Explained, instalment 1 of 4

23 August 2014 | 1762 Views
The explanation of the concept of devolution of power proffered herein in this first instalment and the three subsequent ones is as espoused by the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZAPU). The devo...

by Themba Mthethwa

MDC-Renewal say Mugabe did not rig elections we must ignore the idiots and move on!

23 August 2014 | 2544 Views
MDC Renewal Team spokesman and Harare lawyer, Jacob Mafume, now says Zanu PF won last year’s elections fair and square and that calls for fresh elections are "idiotic". To those Zimbabweans who stil...

by Wilbert Mukori

Mugabe firmly holds levers of power

22 August 2014 | 1566 Views
With the nomination of First Lady Grace Mugabe to a senior Zanu-PF position, the great succession debate is dominating headlines once again. But is it still too soon to contemplate the future? By all ...

by Simon Allison - Political analyst

Tsvangirai, Khupe the only solution to Zimbabwe's woes

22 August 2014 | 2732 Views
In our article published on the 19th, entitled, "Tsvangirai, the best since sliced bread," we argued that Zimbabwe...

by Dlayila Omuhle

Tsvangirai - Congress is not the panacea but dialogue is

22 August 2014 | 2058 Views
Truth be told MDC-T will be shooting itself on the foot i.e if it is go on with their congress this coming October. Its common knowledge that the main reason why MDC-T decided to bring cl...

by Tawanda Tshabangu

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Mugabe has ruled Zanu PF and the country like a crow on the top perch ...

by Wilbert Mukori | 02 September 2014 | 1778 Views

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by Hangoyapalala waTjibundule | 02 September 2014 | 2031 Views

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Robert Mugabe no hero of Africa - Cape Town - Perhaps I'm a despicable...

by Max du Preez | 02 September 2014 | 2851 Views

Madonsela's anti-Zuma crusade could backfire on her - Cape Town - Her...

by Thabo Kunene | 02 September 2014 | 2725 Views

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Roki cancels SA show

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Tuku to Deliver Inaugural Hugh Masekela Lecture

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Controversy over Bev's album - Newly-appointed Msasa Bricks Ambassador...

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