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Food And Nutrition Security Key To Zim's Recovery

Over the past two decades (1990 - 2010), Zimbabwe underwent a number of economic and political challenges including economic decline (hyperinflation, rising unemployment, decrease in food producti...Read more

Food And Nutrition Security Key To Zim's Recovery

04 April 2014 | 3151 Views
Over the past two decades (1990 - 2010), Zimbabwe underwent a number of economic and political challenges including economic decline (hyperinflation, rising unemployment, decrease in food producti...

by Maxwell Teedzai

Kirst Coventry, Pokello join MDC-T

01 April 2014 | 10374 Views
Zimbabwean Olympian and top sportswoman Kirsty 'Golden girl' Coventry alongside with former Big Brother Africa Zimbabwe representative and businesswoman Pokello Nare joined the MDC political pa...

by Conilious Toga

April fools pranks

31 March 2014 | 4880 Views

by Moyo Roy

Gutu questions Mugabe's 'absence'

25 March 2014 | 7941 Views
Zimbabwe currently faces a debilitating crisis of governance. As the liquidity crunch continues to bite and both the public and private media continue, unabated, to expose and unravel shocking cas...

by Obert Gutu

ZUNDE on Politics

18 March 2014 | 776 Views
This is the second of a three-part series from ZUNDE on Governance, Politics and Rule of Law.In the first part of the series, we made a commitment that ZUNDE subscribes to the idea that go...


Jambanja PaHotera

15 February 2014 | 5358 Views
There has been a serious commotion at a local hotel in Swaziland involving husband and wife!Apparently the man had told the wife he was going to Mzansi on work related business, only to b...

by Ezra Tshisa Sibanda (Facebook update)

He's No Pope Francis - T.B. Joshua Turns Gay Man Straight

27 January 2014 | 18247 Views
In the wake of Nigeria's anti-gay bill signed into law by President Goodluck Jonathan, the nation's popular televangelist, T.B. Joshua addressed the issue of homosexuality during a live broadcast of h...

by Diran Olaniyi

Things the World didn't know about Robert Mugabe

22 January 2014 | 18950 Views
Adapted from Africainsider Robert Mugabe, 89, is undoubtedly a controversial figure, but many are familiar only with the details of his most public life. Both his childhood and adult life ar...

by Africainsider

Zim's inheritance not up for grabs

11 January 2014 | 1666 Views
Itinerant bashers of Zimbabwe's hope - and those of Africa at large - for an old, new economic order on the still-smoldering ashes of colonialism, are at it again, even shamelessly wielding obviou...

by Perspective Stephen Mpofu

Zimbabwe could benefit from stricter firearm regulation

10 January 2014 | 1971 Views
Tawanda MusarurwaYou definitely know something is wrong when a woman is robbed of a mango she is eating at gunpoint.This is the ridiculous incident that occurred recently along the Masvingo-Be...

by Tawanda Musarurwa

The Kalanga Origins of the Thembu and Nelson Mandela Revealed

06 January 2014 | 6776 Views
Stories of our Great Achievements Must be Told Alan Dershowitz notes his feelings about his Jewish identity when he was a Yale law student: "When I ...

by Ndzimu-unami Emmanuel Moyo

Zim's wasted economic potential - Eric Bloch

26 December 2013 | 2995 Views
AS 2014 approaches, the thoughts of Zimbabweans are focused on the economy and expectations for 2014. This is because of the magnitude of economic woes that have prevailed for too long, with consequen...

by Eric Bloch

Behind him we follow - Poem

24 December 2013 | 1369 Views
Let us rally behind his similitudeHim who sacrificed his life and wealth for the people?He is the only man who rose right at the edge of the graveThey wanted him deadFor being the...

by Dumisani Ndlovu (Gweru)

Zanu-PF is a highly complex and organised political party?

24 December 2013 | 2775 Views
Read this article by Dr Obiu Ngondi-Katu initially published on and see what other people think of Zanu-PF! I visited Zimbabwe to see for ...

by Dr Obiu Ngondi-Katu

Speak to Them Josh - Joshua Nkomo Poem

23 December 2013 | 2086 Views
(On Main Street and 8th Avenue Intersection, Bulawayo-April 2010)Speak to them Old JoshCrowds wait to listen to youTo listen to truths about governan...

by Giyani Moyo

The history of the unity between ZAPU and ZANU

21 December 2013 | 1843 Views
The 22 December 1987, will be remembered and celebrated as a day when President Robert Mugabe and Dr. Joshua Nkomo, finally signed a Unity Agreement to unite the people of Zimbabwe under one political...

by War Vet

Who killed King Lobengula?

15 December 2013 | 2339 Views
Since the death of King Lobengula in 1894, historians have been battling to unravel the truth regarding the death of this second and last King of the Ndebele. It has been reported that Lobengula died ...

by SundayMail

African philanthropists push for prosperity

14 December 2013 | 1149 Views
Last July, US President Barack Obama set the spark for his Power Africa programme that will help sub-Saharan African countries build power production and transmission projects and double their el...

by Kingsley Ighobor

Time is now for spatial and land use planning and re-building the land administration system in Zimbabwe

01 December 2013 | 2399 Views
IntriductionIn this 10th of 12 articles I focus on the need to rebuild the land use planning system and how this how this will aid land administration....

by Mandivamba Rukuni, a discussion paper in the Zimbabwe Land Series

How Govt can sharpen focus on National Budget

24 November 2013 | 1280 Views
The Zimbabwean Government has a daunting task of delivering value and transformation to an ailing economy which is burdened with a plethora of challenges and ever-growing expenditure.Resigning...

by Request Machimbira

The Oscar that Prudence Mabhena never won

17 November 2013 | 3106 Views
She sits in her electric wheelchair, twitches her face and forces a smile. You can easily tell that her mind is busy at work, trying to mask the pain. After a few more twitches, the smile com...

by Garikai Mazara Sunday Mail

Cart before the horses

11 November 2013 | 1886 Views
This is just a story about my friend Dzimbahwe. All characters appearing in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coinc...

by Zanda Shumba

Welshman Ncube only speaking in silence

11 November 2013 | 2962 Views
THE elections of July 31 2013 came, happened and left an indelible mark of success and failure on the political parties which took to the field of electoral contest.The MDC led by Welshman Ncu...

by Zethule Nkengana

Slippery justice for victims of oil spills

18 October 2013 | 1380 Views

by Yemisi Akinbobola

Shea butter nourishes opportunities for African women

18 October 2013 | 1550 Views
Fair trade brings decent profits to millions In a fancy Manhattan hotel in New York, women in colorful traditional African gowns make their way to ...

by Rebecca Moudio

What do you think of this photo?

11 October 2013 | 5170 Views
While browsing the internet today I came across this photograph of a woman at a popular braaing place.I am not really sure if this image has been Photoshopped or not but assuming the image h...

by Moyo Roy

Detroit attorneys put down bankruptcy papers and knock all individual objections

16 September 2013 | 2957 Views
Recent reports suggest that Detroit has hit back against opposition to its bankruptcy and has said that filing bankruptcy wouldn't cut down pensions. The Detroit attorneys made their case final a...

by Mirana

Has President Mugabe violated the constitution?

11 September 2013 | 3324 Views
Questions are being asked if President Mugabe has violated the constitution, after he avoided appointing an intelligence minister.Section 225 of the new constitution specifically provides that...

by Mthulisi Mathuthu

TB Joshua has more visitors than Buckingham Palace - The Guardian UK

02 September 2013 | 2751 Views
According to a report in UK's Guardian Newspaper today, Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua's popularity exceeds even that of famous London landmarks Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London.Accord...

by Ihechukwu Njoku

How do we grow? Where will our resources have the greatest impact? What is the role of Management Training in Africa?

14 August 2013 | 8267 Views
14 August 2013: The challenges facing Africa are enormous, and incontestable. Much has been said and written about the economic, social and environmental inequalities confronting us on this contine...

by Frik Landman, head of the University of Stellenbosch Business School’s (USB) private company: USB Executive D

Mugabe's election victory is defeat for democracy

04 August 2013 | 3463 Views
Award-winning Zimbabwean author and lawyer, Petina Gappah, on why Robert Mugabe's election victory is a devastating loss for democracy and for the country. Early on Thursday morning, the day ...

by Staff Reporter

'Even those that they killed shamelessly during Gukurahundi have embraced them' - Biti

03 August 2013 | 12983 Views
WE LIVE in horrible times surrounded by horrible man. Man we have always assumed human, rational and real. They are not.Since late Wednesday, July 31, we have been walking like zombies, d...

by Tendai Biti

'Why a Mugabe victory would be good for Zim' - Roy Agyemang

03 August 2013 | 6129 Views
Robert Mugabe belongs to a dying breed of politicians on the African continent. Molded in the crucible of politics of nationalism, he emerges as the surviving face of African nationalism radicalised t...

by Roy Agyemang

CDE. Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo

24 July 2013 | 4326 Views
UMqabuko oqaqamb' emqolweni we Rhodesia nge nkafula kufa Intonga eyaphenduka isalukazi UMafukufuku ka Mafuyana Ofukuze wafulela ngembabazane Umkhokheli okhokhele amalwa ecatsha bethungatha inkulul...

by Charles Mahlafuna Thebe

Qoute of the day

20 July 2013 | 2774 Views
"Its not wise to force people to attend political meetings because they will automatically show you their other sides in the polling stations!" - Conilious Toga...

by Conilious Toga

MDC-T land management and agrarian revolution

18 July 2013 | 3754 Views
At its inception in 1999, the MDC identified access to land and the enhancement of agricultural productivity as being central to sustainable development and the eradication of poverty.As such...

by MDC-T

Elections must be held on time in Zimbabwe

17 June 2013 | 3795 Views
Ladies and Gentlemen, there is not a single day that President Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe without an electoral mandate from the people of Zimbabwe.All those howling in protest please cite the ...

by Jupiter Punungwe

Zim security sector reform full of contradictions

16 June 2013 | 3485 Views
According to the principles of Security Sector Reform as set out in the United Nation's Secretary General's 2008 report entitled Securing Peace and Development: The Role of the United Nations in Suppo...

by Tau Tawengwa

Why is the Hero of Hotel Rwanda Controversial?

28 May 2013 | 6841 Views
When I first came to America in 2007, people I met asked where I come from. Being from Rwanda always trigged more questions… "Oh my God! Did you see the movie ...

by Louis Gakumba

Which constitution will guide Zimbabweans on electoral processes?

28 May 2013 | 5794 Views
On 22 May 2013, President Robert Mugabe assented to the Constitution of Zimbabwe (Amendment No.20) Bill (hereafter referred to as "the new Constitution"). It was gazetted on the same day. This is the ...

by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights

DJ Munya, Learnmore Jongwe, Oscar Pistorius, from hero to zero because of love

27 May 2013 | 9437 Views
They bask in the glory of fame and riches, but it is love which often becomes their Achilles' heel.From hero to zero, most celebrities, rich business and powerful politicians successfully rid...

by Opinion maker

Man of God promises to deliver Zimbabwe

25 May 2013 | 3970 Views
Prior to the March 29, 2008 harmonised elections Mr Langton Toungana was an unknown pastor based in the resort town of Victoria Falls. However, he boldly put his nomination papers to go into the elect...

by Sydney Kawadza

Why Tsvangirai dislikes China Vice Premier Wang Yang's visit

25 May 2013 | 2475 Views
The official visit this week by the People's Republic of China Vice Premier Wang Yang is a demonstration of the strong relations between the Government of Zimbabwe and China.VP Wang became the...

by The Herald editorial

New Constitution: Denying themselves a key verb of politics

25 May 2013 | 1911 Views
As expected, the constitutional bill was assented to by the President, all to an indifferent Nation that went about its business, unbothered, without notice. As repeatedly said by this column, the con...

by Nathaniel Manheru

IMPORTANT Voter & Citizenship Info for Zimbabwe-born residents with SADC parents

09 May 2013 | 6340 Views
An Important notice for people born in Zimbabwe whose parents were citizens of any SADC country at the time of their birth, and for all this time been denied the opportunity to vote on the grounds tha...

by Staff reporter

Bosso - Dembare match overview by Alois Bunjira

23 April 2013 | 4672 Views
Unedited Facebook Post: My name is Alois Bunjira....

by Moyo Roy

Independence message to fellow Zimbabweans

18 April 2013 | 2595 Views
Today Zimbabweans of all color, tribe and race converged in Harare and elsewhere possible to celebrate Independence which they attained thirty-three years ago. There had been campaigns and counter...

by Moyo Joakim

Hitchhiker's guide to designing a successful life

04 April 2013 | 4851 Views
Success is a major goal for many, but it can also be illusive and for some, a major obstacle. What is success, really? Is success not the attainment of a state of being in which we are happy, healthy ...


Let us promote our mother languages

02 April 2013 | 3168 Views
Shona and Ndebele are the two languages spoken by the black majority in Zimbabwe - from the Limpopo to the Zambezi, with a few pockets here and there of minority languages.These two langua...

by John Gambanga

Poor Britain is now begging us, COMRADES!

02 April 2013 | 4301 Views
CABINET FILES AND NOTEBOOK WITH CZ Dear Cabinet and Politburo members COMRADES, last week our re-engagement team with Europe was in London at t...

by CZ Notebook

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Woman raped while having sex with lover in a car - A 24-year-old woman...

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Stolen car found involved in accident - A CITY man is counting his los...

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Families fight over Mangwe chieftaincy - A CHIEFTAINSHIP wrangle has e...

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Violent clashes at MDC-T meeting - THE beleaguered MDC-T was on Thursd...

by Vusumuzi Dube | 20 April 2014 | 1253 Views

'Armed' robbers acquitted - TWO suspected armed robbers who were dragg...

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6 women on a stealing spree - Six Bulawayo women including one who is ...

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Woman nabbed for selling mbanje - A 56-YEAR-OLD Maphisa woman has been...

by Nobuhle Nyoni | 20 April 2014 | 694 Views

Pastor rape accuser lied to 'fix' him - A SEVENTH Day Adventist (SDA) ...

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Mugabe tell businesspeople to repay their loans - PRESIDENT Mugabe has...

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Brother kill brother in fight over house - TONGOONA is Shona for "we w...

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Prophet Makandiwa brings Harare to a standstill - Zimbabwe's capital, ...

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Abortion drug abused - A CLOSELY-KNIT clique of doctors and pharmacist...

by Vusumuzi Dube | 20 April 2014 | 850 Views


Hosiah Chipanga likens self to biblical Noah - VETERAN musician-cum-pr...

by Liberty Dube | 20 April 2014 | 2021 Views

Deborah Fraser jets in

by Staff Reporter | 19 April 2014 | 1964 Views

All-white party for Dongo - Soulful singer Trevor Dongo is set perform...

by Jonathan Mbiriyamveka | 18 April 2014 | 2244 Views

Tuku Greatest Hits Concert postponed - Oliver Mtukudzi's Greatest Hits...

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'Corruption is betrayal of the values of the liberation struggle' says...

by Jonathan Mbiriyamveka | 16 April 2014 | 2017 Views

Stand Up comedian to record one man show in Zimbabwe - Daliso Chaponda...

by Staff reporter | 16 April 2014 | 1352 Views

L'Vovo Derrango billed for Bulawayo show - THOSE attending the Zimbabw...

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Artist Profile - Interview with D2X

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Generations actor's Bulawayo show flops

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Mukanya gets 'wild' applause - Self exiled legendary musician Dr Thoma...

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Freshlyground to perform in Zim's HIFA after insulting Mugabe - South...

by Arts reporter | 13 April 2014 | 3846 Views

Galileo Is A Tool That Can Spy All Kinds Of Mobile Devices

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The Final Round By Raja Zeeshan

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