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End of year message from MDC leader Welshman Ncube

Season's Greetings fellow Zimbabweans Even though, like most recent years, 2014 has been a difficult and challenging year for most Zimbabweans, we must nonetheless look back on the year w...Read more

End of year message from MDC leader Welshman Ncube

19 December 2014 | 1706 Views
Season's Greetings fellow Zimbabweans Even though, like most recent years, 2014 has been a difficult and challenging year for most Zimbabweans, we must nonetheless look back on the year w...

by Welshman Ncube, MDC President

ZSD's fervent hope for 2015 is that Zimbabweans finally learn why we are in this mess

19 December 2014 | 871 Views
The country is in serious economic trouble whose roots can be traced to politics. One would think with the country in trouble the people have woken up and are paying close attention to what is happeni...

by Wilbert Mukori, Secretary General Zimbabwe Social Democrats

ZSP applications concerns and warning

18 December 2014 | 3530 Views
It is about 2 weeks before the process of online applications for the renewal of the 2010 DZP permits to ZSP 2014 permits comes to an end on the 31st of December 2014.After the teething hiccup...

by Butholezwe Nyathi (National Coordinator-MWA-SA)

Weeding out Ebola in Liberia

15 December 2014 | 3361 Views
An innovative African initiative to strengthen food systems while combating Ebola NAIROBI - Thousands of smallho...

by AOP

The Guiding or Supporting Principle for Leadership of ZIM-ID is code named 'JJ6'!!

15 December 2014 | 994 Views
In a predominantly Christian nation like Zimbabwe, we acknowledge the fact that it was impossible to have our party leadership at each level together with its many supporters not dominated by peop...


Chamisa, Sikhala bounces back into MDC-T national executive

13 December 2014 | 9649 Views
The MDC-T national council met in Harare to discuss all outstanding business of the party's 4th Congress held in Harare from the 29th October to November 1, 2014. The council, sitting as Congress in l...

by Morgan Richard Tsvangirai

Bankers Association of Zimbabwe press statement on bond coins

10 December 2014 | 4963 Views
The Bankers Association of Zimbabwe, which represents all banking institutions in Zimbabwe, welcomes the introduction of the new Bond coins, which were unveiled by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and...

by MR S.M. T. Malaba

MDC Human Rights day Statement

10 December 2014 | 926 Views
Today we join the rest of the world in commemorating the International Human Rights Day, which runs under the theme, 'Human Rights 365'.While we would ordinarily use this day to celebrate ...

by Nhanhla Dube - MDC Spokesperson

SA Visa applicants penalised as VFS struggles to deal with application backlog

09 December 2014 | 5382 Views
Visa applicants penalised as VFS struggles to deal with application backlogSouth African visa and permit applicants are facing the rigours and frustrations of being at the mercy of a processing sy...


MDC-T launches operation vhuserere/umvuselelo/revival

08 December 2014 | 4942 Views
The MDC-T in South Africa is engaging the exiled Zimbabwean community in South Africa under a robust and dynamic basket of programmes amongst them being "OPERATION VHUSERERE/UMVUSELELO/REVIVAL" which ...

by Dr. Wangu Mazodze, MDC-T South Africa - Spokesperson

Tsvangirai leads with love

08 December 2014 | 4909 Views
In tandem with President Tsvangirai's message of love during the festive period, the MDC-T Johannesburg district has pampered the family of the late hero Remember Moyo with gifts.At the ti...

by Dr. Wangu Mazodze - MDC-T South Africa Spokesperson

Mugabe must use congress to bid farewell to Mthwakazi - MLF

06 December 2014 | 3373 Views
MLF urges Zimbabwean's life President to use his party's Congress to bid farewell to the people of Mthwakazi who have been a thorn in the flesh for him and his Party since 1980. MLF advises Mu...

by David Magagula

MDC Tsvangirai celebrates the 'Spirit' of Nelson Mandela

05 December 2014 | 2641 Views
                     The MDC T South Africa Province and President Tsvangirai join South Africa and the rest of the...

by Dr. Wangu Mazodze

ZAPU's time has come

04 December 2014 | 3429 Views
Zapu supporters and sympathisers are watching with keen interest events unfolding in Zimbabwe. The Zanu-pf beast is fatally wounded. Some of the wounds have been inflicted by our friends within their ...

by Bokane Mlindelwa Vundla

The MDC Renewal SA group led by Juma Ulete called to order

04 December 2014 | 2022 Views
2:39am, Dec 4 - ‪+27 78 905 7807‬: Hie, I'm here to set the record straight, I'm one of the executive members of the S.A. provincial, mdc renewal team t...

by MDC Renewal SA Province

Our heartfelt condolences to SA Home Affairs Minister, Mr Malusi Gigaba

03 December 2014 | 9259 Views
The Zimbabwe's Independent Democrats, or ZIM-ID (SA-Team Diaspora), the ZSP Permits Forum and the Community of Zimbabwe Diasporans in South Africa (CZD-SA) would like to collectively express their...


MDC Harare Youth Assembly Condemns Zanu-PF Congress

01 December 2014 | 3265 Views
The MDC Harare Youth Assembly strongly condemns the upcoming Zanu-PF congress which is set to start tomorrow in the Capital. Zanu-PF is holding this celebration of national failure it calls a co...

by Francis Mufambi, MDC Provincial Youth Secretary General

MDC-T President Tsvangirai speaks

01 December 2014 | 6435 Views
The MDC-T in South Africa has embarked on an extensive "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year "wishes program.  The provincial Organizing secretary Mr. Trust Ndlovu has launched this program in...

by Dr. Wangu Mazodze - MDC T South Africa Spokesperson

'Matabeleland cannot continue screaming and kicking in agony inside the belly of the beast'

01 December 2014 | 2049 Views
As vividly evidenced by the current political upheavals, the surrogate mother Zimbabwe is moaning, what you see happening now is nothing but labour pains. Those in the know will tell you that at this...

by Israel Dube MLO Secretary for Information and Publicity

All political parties must endorse social contracts

28 November 2014 | 1744 Views
ZDCT which support Diaspora-based Zimbabweans to influence policy and practice affecting the development of their country while encouraging effective dialogue between Zimbabwean and decision makers; c...


MDC-T official dies in bus accident

28 November 2014 | 7471 Views
Shushine Siyamandanda dies  The MDC has learnt with great shock, disbelief and sadness the death of Shushine Siyamandanda, Gokwe Kabuyuni distict ...

by Staff Reporter

The Tsvangirai owned MDC-T party must shut up: MDC Renewal SA Province

27 November 2014 | 3794 Views
Yesterday was a historic day for all Zimbabweans who yearn for true democracy in a country whose people has endured 34 years of dictatorship. The United Movement for Democratic Change is a sacred unio...

by Freeman Masuku

'Neither Tsvangirai nor MDC-T are talking to Biti unity'

25 November 2014 | 3531 Views
Obert Gutu, the MDC's  spokesman has's attempt to flight propaganda on behalf of the Renewal people, by suggesting that MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai is engagi...

by Obert Gutu MDC Spokesman

Zapu corrects misunderstandings and distortions of Dr Dabengwa's Press Statement

17 November 2014 | 3803 Views
Two issues have emerged since Dr Dumiso Dabengwa's Press statement of the 13th November 2014. Distortions and misunderstands having been flying left and right, in this short document we seek to c...

by ZAPU Europe Information, Publicity and Marketing Department

Joice Mujuru hits back, Press Statement- Full-text

17 November 2014 | 8421 Views

by Dr Joice Teurai Ropa Mujuru

MDC conducts Provincial outreach

16 November 2014 | 3451 Views
The MDC national leadership, led by President, Prof Welshman Ncube has embarked on a nationwide outreach to meet, consult and update provincial structures on the negotiations towards re-unificatio...

by Nhlanhla Dube MDC Spokesperson

ZAPU Position on Coalition of Democrats (CODE)

14 November 2014 | 3309 Views
Dr Dumiso Dabengwa, yesterday on the 13th November 2014, at a Press Conference at Bulawayo Press Club spelt out the strategic position of ZAPU when it comes to collaborative working with other dem...

by ZAPU Europe Information, Publicity and Marketing Department

ZAPU press statement at Bulawayo press club

13 November 2014 | 3040 Views
The Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU) as the name says is a political organization that is built on fundamentals that recognize and acknowledge the nation state of Zimbabwe, its ethnic diversity,...

by Zapu

Ndibali warns ZUPA presidential hopefuls

11 November 2014 | 3431 Views
Some ZUPA members with dubious presidential ambitions are engaged in misinformation, bribery to give themselves or preferred candidates an edge to succeed him, Innocent Ndibali has revealed. &nbs...

by Nyarai Nkundu

A Zapu cadre mercilessly 'tortured' by Mpofu left permanently disabled

11 November 2014 | 3337 Views
The revelations on Southern Eye on 10th November 2014 that Obert Mpofu (the one who kneels before Mugabe and also signs 'your obedient son') instructed his security guards to torture a Zapu cadre...

by ZAPU Europe Information, Publicity and Marketing department

MDC Conducts Provincial outreach

10 November 2014 | 2725 Views
The MDC national leadership, led by President, Prof Welshman Ncube has embarked on a nationwide outreach to meet, consult and update provincial structures on the negotiations towards re-unificatio...

by MDC Information, Media and Publicity Department

ZAPU deplores ZANU PF Police brutality against Itai Dzamara

08 November 2014 | 3655 Views
The new Constitution of Zimbabwe allows for peaceful demonstrations and petitioning of public bodies. ZAPU's ideology of Human Rightsism promotes the observance and upholding of Human Righ...

by ZAPU Europe Information, Publicity and Marketing Department.

Launch of MDC-T South Africa Province Information Centre

06 November 2014 | 2044 Views
Every Zimbabwean In SA must be accounted for !! It is my pleasure to inform my fellow comrades of the launch of an information centre in Johannesburg, South África.This initiativ...

by Dr Wangu Mazodze MDC T SA Spokesperson

ZESN Newsletters should respect Ndebele language

03 November 2014 | 1850 Views
Christians For Social Justice is calling on the Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) to show respect of the Ndebele language by immediately refraining from deliberately using wrong Ndebele languag...

by Concerned Christians For Social Justice

AIF announces 30-day extension for the US$ 150 000 IPA 2015 award

31 October 2014 | 921 Views
A total prize share of US$150 000  HARARE - AIF announces 30-day extension for the US$ 150 000 IPA 2015 award – a once-in-a-lifetime opportun...

by APO

Tsvangirai's opening address to the 4th congress of the MDC-T

31 October 2014 | 4044 Views
Members of the MDC's outgoing standing committee, national executive and councilProvincial leaders and all members of the MDC family here present ...

by MDC-T

'No one scrambled for bail money' - MDC

30 October 2014 | 4647 Views
We make reference to the Southern Eye story of Wednesday, 30 October 2014 titled, 'MDC scrambles for bail money'. We would like to put it on record that no one in the MDC has scrambled to ret...

by Nhlanhla Dube National MDC Spokesperson

A friendly warning to ZSP applicants

30 October 2014 | 7096 Views
We consider beginning with correctly identifying ourselves of significant importance especially to those eligible ZSP applicants who had not yet appropriately heard about us from our many other platfo...


Edgar Lungu Is the Suitable Successor to Sata

30 October 2014 | 1692 Views
The nation should ignore all those who are hired or motivated by evil to accuse or disparage Acting president Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front PF leader ship especially during this moment when ...

by Wright Musoma, ZRP President

One Giant Step for ZAPU

30 October 2014 | 2940 Views
Today on the 29th October 2014 a group of ZAPU Officials converged in London to officially open the ZAPU offices in the heart of London, on City Road just a stone throw away from the famous Old St...

by Thulani Nkala

Condolence Message for His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata

29 October 2014 | 2948 Views
Your Honour, on behalf of the good people of Zimbabwe and our party Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment (DARE), we would like to convey our deepest condolences following the untime...

by Dare

MDC-T Joburg mourns Vuyani Mahlangu

28 October 2014 | 2770 Views
Our Condolences goes to the Mahlangu family, MDC T national chairman Lovemore Moyo, our Party President DR Morgan Richard Tsvangirai and the MDC T family as a whole, following the untimely passing...

by Lft Gen Simbarashe Mujeye

Victory and Going to Top Gears - Itai Dzamara

24 October 2014 | 3651 Views
Victory and Going to Top GearsDay 3 of our occupation of Africa Unity Square was unique and typical in several ways, which have a lot of meaning to how our programme has quickly evolved....

by Itai Dzamara

Blood Ebola survivors tested as short-term treatment option

23 October 2014 | 1465 Views
ANTWERP, Belgium - An international research consortium led by the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp (ITM) will assess whether treatment with antibodies in the blood of Ebola survivors could h...

by APO

State must have nothing to fear - Dzamara

22 October 2014 | 3829 Views
Over 150 people today turned up at Africa Unity Square, to join in the wait for President Robert Mugabe's response, but, it was the apparent demonstration of serious fear and paranoia by the state...

by Itai Dzamara

ZUNDE, one year on

21 October 2014 | 1191 Views
Galvanized into action by the ominous results of July 31st elections, what started off 12 months ago on 24 October 2013 as a noble idea between three people, has grown steadily into a global pheno...


South Africa extends ZSP appointment dates deadline!

20 October 2014 | 6650 Views
The new deadline on booking appointments for permit renewals now set to be the 28th February 2015 indeed comes as some sort of a huge relief to many distressed Zimbabweans in SA. Our greatest gra...

by ZIM-ID (SA)

MDC-T National Executive meets

18 October 2014 | 2513 Views
The National Executive Committee of the MDC-T met today to review the provincial congresses as well as the just ended nomination processes and was happy that the process had proceeded peacefully....

by Staff Reporter

Greed tear apart Matebeleland Liberation Orgainsation (MLO)

17 October 2014 | 2593 Views
As posted by Busani Sibanda 'Brian Ndwane' on the MLO Facebook lifetime, I stand to confirm that the allegation are true, MLO 's top leadership has parted ways with them because of their immaturity an...

by Skhosi Ncube

Using Animation to Battle Ebola

14 October 2014 | 979 Views
Nashville, Tennessee - United Methodist Communications collaborated with Chocolate Moose Media and iHeed to create an animation for West Africa that dispels myths about how Ebola is spread and pr...

by APO

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Chinamasa clueless

by Staff Reporter | 20 December 2014 | 2353 Views

Zimbabwe defends sale of elephants - ZIMBABWE has defended the sale of...

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Court protects self-confessed prostitute from pimp boyfriend

by Staff Reporter | 20 December 2014 | 1566 Views

Dr Debangwa to join Mujuru 'to prevent' Zanu PF dictatorship he said -...

by Wilbert Mukori | 20 December 2014 | 2621 Views

Mugabe, A Sometimes Necessary Demon!!!

by Ryton Dzimiri | 20 December 2014 | 2987 Views

Outrage over Zimondi's 18-year jail sentence - The imposition of an 1...

by Court Reporter | 20 December 2014 | 3846 Views

Dabengwa calls Obert Mpofu bare-faced liar

by Staff Reporter | 19 December 2014 | 5256 Views

Mnangagwa threatens merciless crackdown on Mujuru/allies - ACTING Pres...

by Staff Reporter | 19 December 2014 | 5194 Views

Dabengwa joins forces with Mujuru - ZAPU leader Dr Dumiso Dabengwa has...

by Staff Reporter | 19 December 2014 | 6579 Views

Gukurahundi Western Conspiracy, VP P. Mphoko responds

by Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko | 19 December 2014 | 4843 Views

'Zanu-PF won't survive without Mujuru'

by Staff Reporter | 19 December 2014 | 4055 Views

Chinotimba wins human rights award

by Staff Reporter | 19 December 2014 | 1890 Views


Visually impaired singer gets early Christmas present

by Staff Reporter | 19 December 2014 | 1405 Views

Tuku fails to secure seat on Air Zimbabwe

by Staff Reporter | 19 December 2014 | 2715 Views

Mafikizolo jets into Zimbabwe today

by Brenda Phiri | 19 December 2014 | 1354 Views

Sony cancels US release of movie about plot to kill North Korean leader

by Staff Reporter | 18 December 2014 | 1858 Views

Designer sale off 2014

by Hunnar Agency | 18 December 2014 | 2516 Views

10 Zim designers to feature in iFashion Fest 2014

by Hunnar Management Agency | 18 December 2014 | 2348 Views

Kunonga releases fourth album, Kwedu - AFRO-JAZZ singer Victor Kunong...

by Staff Reporter | 18 December 2014 | 816 Views

Ibumba roars into life with Tuku expected to headline the event - THE ...

by Simbarashe Mutizwa | 16 December 2014 | 1340 Views

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