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ZAPU at 'eRenkini'

Dr Dumiso Dabengwa with the lively and vibrant Youths descended at the Old bus terminus in a style today 22nd May 2015. The Old bus terminus is affectionately known as eRenkini to those who know ...Read more

ZAPU at 'eRenkini'

23 May 2015 | 5946 Views
Dr Dumiso Dabengwa with the lively and vibrant Youths descended at the Old bus terminus in a style today 22nd May 2015. The Old bus terminus is affectionately known as eRenkini to those who know ...

by Thulani Nkala

ZISO statement on informal sector to pay Aids Levy

22 May 2015 | 1890 Views
Zimbabwe Informal Sector's Organization (ZISO) wishes to respond to the government's proposal to collect aids levy from the informal sector. This was reported in the Financial Gazette (21/05/15-28-05-...


Congratulations to the Scottish National Party on Winning the 2015 Elections

18 May 2015 | 2481 Views
Official statement of the Matabeleland Solidarity Forum Released 18 May 2015 Matabeleland Solidarity Forum would like to express its sincere congrat...

by Matabeleland Solidarity Forum

Why the people of Bulawayo should be voting Zapu in June 10 By-elections

17 May 2015 | 4245 Views
The people of Bulawayo find themselves in an interesting position.  Out of 14 constituencies that have been voluntarily relinquished by the MDC parties, five of those are in Bulawayo by coinc...

by Bokani Vundla

ZAPU invades Luveve Constituency

15 May 2015 | 5326 Views
Dr Dumiso Dabengwa led a strong Campaign Team in Luveve where Mr Amon Nyamabi Dube is contesting on ZAPU ticket for the Parliamentary by-elections to be held on the 10th June 2016. Whils...

by Thulani Nkala

LCDZT helps combat violence against disabled girls and women

13 May 2015 | 2346 Views
The Leonard Cheshire Disability Zimbabwe Trust has embarked on a new project aimed at preventing and responding to violence against girls and women with disabilities. The project, called A...

by Mike Hamilton

MDC statement on the proposed curriculum change

12 May 2015 | 4525 Views
THE Government proposed syllabus change which will see foreign languages like Chinese, Swahili, French and Portuguese being compulsory subjects in all government schools is ill-timed and speaks of...

by MDC

National Convergence Conference - Come One Come All

10 May 2015 | 3036 Views
The National Convergence Process under the National Convergence Platform is taking shape, with national committees or thematic teams being formed in Zimbabwe and in the Diaspora.Details will p...

by Rt Rev Sebastian Bakare

MDC Statement on Proposed Closure of Telecel

09 May 2015 | 3231 Views
The MDC finds the continued determination by government, through Potraz to shut down Telecel, the third largest telecommunications operator in the country shocking and ill -advised.With the ec...

by Senator Tholakele Khumalo, MDC Secretary for Economic affairs

MDC-T response to the Mass Public Opinion Institute and Afro - Barometer Survey

08 May 2015 | 4846 Views
The MDC-T takes very seriously scientific studies which help to inform us of the political environment in which we operate. As such, the MDC-T will always take its time to thoroughly study the re...

by Obert Gutu

Telecel update, High Court suspends cancellation of licence

07 May 2015 | 4107 Views
Today the High Court of Zimbabwe granted an interdict suspending the cancellation of the Company's licence to provide national cellular telecommunications services, pending Telecel Zimbabwe's appeals...

by Telecel Zimbabwe

'Ubuntu' means Africa must take the lead when dealing with Ebola

07 May 2015 | 3001 Views
07 May 2015: The concept of 'Ubuntu' should be applied to the ethical treatment of Ebola - and other neglected tropical diseases - in order to change the way that African countries respond to the dis...

by Epic MSLGroup

MDC-T's position on water meters

06 May 2015 | 3444 Views
The MDC-T wishes to make it clear that as pro poor party, it is totally against the installation of prepaid meters to residents. The party maintains that clean water is a basic right for every on...

by Obert Gutu

Political leaders of MDC-T, MKD, ZAPU and NCA solidarity message to the workers of Zimbabwe on May Day

01 May 2015 | 4103 Views
Today is May Day and as the political leaders in Zimbabwe, we are here in solidarity with the ZCTU and the patriotic, working people of this country.  It is the blood, sweat and tears of the...

by Staff Reporter

DARE: Alternative Zimbabwe May Day Message

01 May 2015 | 2374 Views
My compatriots, as we celebrate International Workers Day aka May Day, we salute all the millions of Zimbabweans all over the world, who are working hard for themselves and their families.  W...

by Benny Mukusha

'We have absolutely nothing to celebrate on Workers Day, there is no worker amongst us' - UYO

01 May 2015 | 2593 Views
The Unemployed Youth Organisation(UYO) joins the workers in Zimbabwe and around the whole world in celebrating Workers Day. In the same vein we are deeply concerned by the plight of the employed m...

by UYO

MDC Statement on Mugabe Kalanga remarks

30 April 2015 | 4505 Views
Mugabe's statements about Kalangas are nauseatingly tribalistic, divisive and extremely hurtful. From the estimated 3.5 million Zimbabweans living in South Africa as a result of his government's ...

by Joshua Mhambi, MDC National Spokesperson

Welshman Ncube rips into Zuma

29 April 2015 | 10365 Views
MDC leader, Welshman Ncube has lashed out at his in-law, South Africa President Jacob Zuma saying Zuma's statements on xenophobic attacks were unfortunate and must have been directed at unreservedly...

by Welshman Ncube

MDC-T demands electoral and political reforms

22 April 2015 | 4077 Views
From the time that the young and fledging political party known as the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), began to participate in elections in Zimbabwe in June, 2000, the ZanuPF regime has alwa...

by Obert Gutu

Let’s fight them now; we simply cannot take no more.

18 April 2015 | 3645 Views
ZUPA acknowledges the expressed intention of ZINASU president Gilbert Mutubuki to retaliate against xenophobic violence in South Africa. We simply cannot take no more. The Zimbabwe Unemployed People's...

by ZUPA The Presidium

Statement from Brand South Africa on the current developments in South Africa

17 April 2015 | 3045 Views
Brand South Africa joins the rest of the country in condemning the acts of violence  JOHANNESBURG, South-Africa, April 17, 2015/ -- Brand South...

by Ms. Alice Puoane Acting Chief Executive Officer

MDC-T: Independence Day Message by the political leadership of Zimbabwe

17 April 2015 | 2968 Views
IntroductionTomorrow, we celebrate the 35th anniversary of our national independence.We in the political leadership urge all Zimbabweans to ...

by MDC-T

MDC Statement on Xenophobic attacks in South Africa

16 April 2015 | 2136 Views
THE MDC is disturbed by the escalation of xenophobic attacks on foreigners in South Africa. With an estimated 1.5 million Zimbabweans having fled the Robert Mugabe's dictatorship and economic deca...

by Kurauone Chihwayi, MDC Secretary for International Relations

MDC-T condemns xenophobic attacks in South Africa

15 April 2015 | 2220 Views
The MDC-T condemns, in the strongest terms, the ongoing xenophobic attacks against fellow Africans by misguided elements of the South African community. That these attacks are taking place soon after...

by Obert Gutu, MDC-T National Spokesperson

MDC statement on the scraping of civil servants bonuses

14 April 2015 | 3971 Views
The MDC notes with utter dismay Zanu-PF government continued desire to strangulate Zimbabweans left, right and center, due to its tragic failure to manage the country's economy. The pronouncement ...

by Joshua Mhambi MDC Spokesperson

YWPF's statement on the 150 students murdered at Kenyan University

12 April 2015 | 1543 Views
Today we stand as the Young Women in Politics Forum, saddened and disheartened by the killings perpetrated by a  demonic sect namely Al shabaab on innocent students at Garissa University. ...

by Nomusa Sokhela Secretary General of YWPF

'New Kid on the Block', set to Launch on Independence Day

10 April 2015 | 3307 Views
The 1980 Alliance is a network of young Zimbabweans who want to challenge themselves and each other to make a difference. These young people distinguish themselves as 'self-confessed dreamers, wri...

by Staff Reporter

A Weekly Commentary on Bread and Butter Issues - Prof Welshman Ncube

10 April 2015 | 3930 Views
Are elections the only democratic means for an opposition party to assume political power?Zimbabwe is a constitutional democracy. What this means is that most, if not all political proces...

by Prof Welshman Ncube, President, MDC

National Convergence Platform To Start Diaspora Consultation

09 April 2015 | 2411 Views
The National Convergence Platform (NCP) will start its consultation in the Diaspora following the appointment by the Convener, Bishop  Sebastian, of a secretariat headed by Advocate Gabriel S...

by Makusha Mugabe

Rhodes grave must not be tempered with - MLF

07 April 2015 | 4986 Views
Cain Mathema never ceases to dream with his eyes wide open, particularly when his Shona superiors sneeze, the cold seems to affect him more than any Mthwakazian in Zanupf, ow he sings the song that th...

by MLF

ZSP 'submissions receipt' is as good as an SA permit!

27 March 2015 | 5221 Views
Fellow Zimbabwean nationals, your ZSP 'submissions receipt' is as good as an SA permit!Minister Malusi Gigaba's re-assuring pronouncements that Zim...


King Zwelithini must deport his wives, his son back from Swaziland and get a Job

25 March 2015 | 6469 Views
The luxury of living on people's hard earned taxes clearly pollutes one's judgement to the extent of making them talk nonsense. This is the fate that king Goodwill Zwelithini shares with his equa...

by Swaziland Solidarity Network [SSN]

MDC Youth Assembly firmly behind party

25 March 2015 | 1237 Views
The MDC Youth Assembly would like to thank the party's Standing Committee under the guidance of our inspirational,principled and visionary leadership of President Prof Welshman Ncube for reassigni...

by Brighton Makunike

UYO condems by-elections

25 March 2015 | 2402 Views
The Unemployed Youth Organisation condemns in the strongest words the by Election for the constituencies that hail the expelled MDC Renewal members of parliament. This call is against the ...

by UYO Spokesperson Cde Francis Mufambi

MDC committed to Reunification

24 March 2015 | 3179 Views
The MDC remains unequivocally committed to the full implementation of the reunification agreement as signed by us and our counterparts from the MDC Renewal on the 26th of November 2014 in Harare. ...

by Joshua Mhambi MDC National Spokesperson

ZAPU to hold its AGM 2nd May 2015

23 March 2015 | 1409 Views
Mr Thabiso Mabhena the ZAPU PEC Secretary for administration has officially released a statement announcing the Annual General Meeting to be held on the 2nd May 2015.Part of his statement ...

by Thulani Nkala

MDC youths ditch Welshman Ncube for ZAPU

22 March 2015 | 4785 Views
The tranquillity in the ZAPU ranks is finally paying huge dividends; today on the 21st March 2015 at ZAPU's new offices in Bulawayo scores of the MDC Youths dumbed the MDC to join ZAPU. "We have come...

by Thulani Nkala

MDC-T applauds the recalling of renegade MPs

18 March 2015 | 3595 Views
The MDC-T applauds the decision by the Speaker of the National Assembly and the President of the Senate to uphold the provisions of Section 129 (1) (k) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe and allow th...

by Obert Chaurura Gutu

UZ students pose a peaceful demo- ESUZ

17 March 2015 | 2849 Views
Ahoi maUBA ahoiAhoi maUSA ahoiThe chant still ringing in my ears...The lecturers as well as workers at the state owned, ran and controlled universities have not been given their r...

by Hatis Kdzoreka

'MDC-T decision makes sense only to a group of drunkards'

17 March 2015 | 3463 Views
The MDC-T's recent attempts to recall 21 MDC Renewal MPs from Parliament is one of those incomprehensible decisions which can make sense only to a group of drunkards, given that the both MDC-T an...

by Sibongile Mgijima, MDC Deputy National Spokesperson

The Zimbabwe Consulate Magazine Launched!

17 March 2015 | 1631 Views
Friday 13 March saw the official launch of the Zim Consulate Tribune Magazine at the Zimbabwean Embassy in Pretoria....

by Zanele Ndlovu

MPD applauds the bravery and unity of Matobo people

17 March 2015 | 1743 Views
As Matebeleland People in Diaspora (MPD), we would like to applaud the people of Matobo, for their bravery and unity in their fight against the injustices of the Zimbabwean government. It is that kind...

by Matebeleland People in Diaspora

ZAPU Demonstrates at Zimbabwe embassy on two consecutive days

15 March 2015 | 3169 Views
Yesterday the revolutionary ZAPU Youth leader, Arnold Dube, blockaded the Zimbabwean Embassy in London in protest of the Maleme Ranch occupation by Rodrick Mashingaidze, a member of the notorious ...

by Thulani Nkala

Langa on Valinhos, Zifa and Fifa

14 March 2015 | 3051 Views

by Andrew Langa

UN disaster risk should condemn Robert Mugabe - MDC International

13 March 2015 | 5939 Views
The MDC-T UK joins the MDC Asia Pacific Region in calling on the UN and countries of the Asia Pacific to use the occasion of the 3rd United Nations Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Japan t...

by Makusha Mugabe, MDC-UK Information and Publicity

Say NO to the Illegal Maleme Farm Invasion (Online Petition coming soon)

13 March 2015 | 2895 Views
ZUPA which represents the interests of millions of economically disadvantaged people acknowledges the expressed intention of the people of Matobo. We also acknowledge progressive leadership shown by l...


Zanu-PF stop provoking us this time you won't get away with it

13 March 2015 | 3235 Views
The recent developments in Matebeleland particularly at Maleme Ranch has yet again proven beyond any reasonable doubt that  Zanu pf has no respect for Matebeleland people and their Leadership...

by Mbonisi Gumbo, Mthwakazi Republic Party Secretary for Information and Publicity

MDC Condolence message on Justice Wilson Sandura passing

12 March 2015 | 2586 Views
THE MDC joins the legal fraternity and the entire nation in mourning the loss of the late, Justice Wilson Sandura, the retired Judge of Appeal of the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe who passed away yest...

by Sibongile Mgijima MDC Deputy Spokesperso

MDC statement on harassment at Maleme

12 March 2015 | 2949 Views
THE MDC expresses its shock and dismay at the continued savage ill-treatment of villagers of Maleme in Matopo by state security personnel. Scores of villagers were arrested and detained th...

by Moses Mzila Ndlovu MDC Acting Secretary General

All World Wars Are Ignited by Land Issues - M.L.F President General Nandinandi

11 March 2015 | 4898 Views
Mthwakazi Liberation Front in solidarity with Mthwakazi people arrested for refusing appropriation of their land by the Rich Shona elite.As MLF we condemn in the strongest possible terms the c...

by MLF

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MDC-T Bulawayo backs Khupe - MDC-T Bulawayo province has leapt to the...

by Staff reporter | 29 May 2015 | 1277 Views

866,710 Zanu-PF members to elect Mugabe's successor - ABOUT 900 000 Z...

by Staff Reporter | 29 May 2015 | 2195 Views

Man (73) attacked, killed in front of wife

by Staff Reporter | 29 May 2015 | 1671 Views

Prophet 'rises' from the dead as police bring coffin - A Zaka prophet ...

by Staff Reporter | 29 May 2015 | 2261 Views

Zapu disowns Mphoko - Dumiso Dabengwa, Zapu President has disowned Vic...

by Staff reporter | 29 May 2015 | 1138 Views

Mujuru faces revolt by loyalists

by Staff reporter | 29 May 2015 | 1511 Views

Grace Mugabe's absence raises eyebrows

by Staff reporter | 29 May 2015 | 2277 Views

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by Staff reporter | 29 May 2015 | 881 Views

Econet hikes data charges - ECONET Wireless Zimbabwe has placed itself...

by Oliver Kazunga and Molline Gagare | 29 May 2015 | 1349 Views

Mzembi lose battle for lucrative chicken farm, to get new farm

by George Maponga | 29 May 2015 | 764 Views

Mother of 3 infect grade 7 boy with STI, demand $1 as payment - A 33 y...

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SA to deport 1,350 Zimbabweans starting today - South African governme...

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Man arrested for raping his wife

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Patients trapped in hospital elevator for 30 minutes - FOURTEEN people...

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Prostitution is not an offence, but a lifestyle in Zimbabwe - Prostitu...

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List of 89 suspended Zanu-PF officials - ZANU-PF has suspended 87 memb...

by Farirai Machivenyika and Nyemudzai Kakore | 29 May 2015 | 1135 Views


Ex-Generations actress was once involved in an adulterous affair with ...

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ZTV blackout looms - ZIMBABWE will likely miss the June 17 Internation...

by Staff reporter | 25 May 2015 | 5232 Views

Bulawayo snubs Big Nuz - AFTER gathering strength to make the long tr...

by Kusile Madlela | 25 May 2015 | 4922 Views

Winky D face 10 year UK ban for fraud

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Ngibhace ezizweni - Unkown Artist - ...

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Zimbabwe linked Tinashe nominated for a BET award - TINASHE Jorgenson ...

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