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ZISO Concerned About the Politicization of Mining in Bindura

Bindura miners continue to bear the brunt of the politicization of the country`s natural resources, in particular minerals.Youths led by Gift Kanosvimhira working under an outfit known as the Presiden...Read more

ZISO Concerned About the Politicization of Mining in Bindura

03 August 2015 | 1700 Views
Bindura miners continue to bear the brunt of the politicization of the country`s natural resources, in particular minerals.Youths led by Gift Kanosvimhira working under an outfit known as the Presiden...

by Ziso

ZAPU's position on recent Supreme Court rulings

31 July 2015 | 3359 Views
The Zimbabwe African Peoples Union   is deeply upset and shaken by the continued complacency of the Zanu government at a time most Zimbabweans are grilling with poverty, human insecurity...

by Mjobisa Noko, Zapu Secretary for Information, Marketing and Publicity

My Presidency Will Touch Lives and Turn Around Zimbabwe to Bread Basket of Africa

31 July 2015 | 4427 Views

by Pastor Timothy J.M. Chiguvare

State media publishes fictitious interview with MDC-T Secretary-General

29 July 2015 | 3688 Views
   Over the past two days the state-owned  Herald newspaper has been running with a false story that Western governments had summoned the  MDC-T to arrange funding for the ...

by Obert Gutu, MDC-T National Spokesperson

Boy (10) murdered in human sacrifice

27 July 2015 | 5157 Views
A Nepalese man has confessed to the murder of a young boy after claiming a shaman advised him that a human sacrifice would heal his ailing son, local police said.The body of 10-year-old Jivan ...

by CNN

Professional hunters to reconsider lion hunting policy

27 July 2015 | 2836 Views
In an unprecedented move, the Professional Hunters' Association of South Africa (PHASA) has been told that its "position on lion hunting is no longer tenable".In an email sent to PHASA mem...

by Andreas Wilson-Spath

OAUS Condemns the systematic arbitrary persecution and arrest of its members

25 July 2015 | 3494 Views
STATEMENT - Tichaona Danho, the Occupy Africa Unity Square (OAUS) member who was one of the two who accompanied Itai Dzamara when he first handed in the origin...

by Tendai Kwari

Yet Another Failed Attempt to Attach and Remove Tsvangirai, MDC-T Properties

24 July 2015 | 5393 Views
The Deputy Sheriff today attempted, yet again, to remove President Morgan Tsvangirai’s personal property at his Highlands home and the party property at Harvest House despite the existence of an...

by Obert Gutu

Itai Dzamara is worth Mugabe's attention - ZUNDE

16 July 2015 | 5101 Views
The announcement by President Mugabe's spokesperson, George Charamba that Itai Dzamara's case is not worth the president's attention was shocking and satanic. Mugabe has not spoken in condemnation...

by Zunde

MDC UK and Ireland Solidarity Message With Dzamara Family - No Longer Business As Usual

11 July 2015 | 3975 Views
Today as Zimbabweans were holding a prayer in solidarity with the Dzamara Family over the disappearance of their son, Itai, we remember this as the third major human rights violation by the Zanu ...

by Makusha Mugabe, Spokesman for MDC the UK and Ireland

Kasukuwere has no power to fire Mayors and Councillors - MDC-T

10 July 2015 | 3058 Views
Section 274 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe provides for the establishment of local authorities. Urban local authorities were established to represent and manage the affairs of people in urban areas t...

by Obert Gutu

MDC statement on Cabine reshuffle

07 July 2015 | 5442 Views
Yesterday's cabinet reshuffle by President Robert Mugabe is nothing but a recycle of Zanu PF deadwood, who like all Zanu PF ministers in the present cabinet, do not have the capacity to tackle the myr...

by Joshua Mhambi, MDC National Spokesperson

Voices for Zim Wildlife Statement on the Exported Zimbabwe Baby Elephants

06 July 2015 | 2698 Views
It is sad news to hear of the eventual export of the baby elephants to China, especially after all that we did to secure their liberty, the petitions we signed, the marches, the massive demonstra...

by Kenesias Dambakurima The VOICES FOR ZIM WILDLIFE (For Elephants and Rhinos)

MDC Statement on Lesotho situation

06 July 2015 | 3192 Views
The MDC is gravely concerned by the tumultuous political situation in Lesotho, which has now seen the assassination of former army general, Lieutenant General Maaparankoe Mahao. We call upon SADC ...

by Kurauone Chihwayi, MDC Secretary for International Relations

ZISO condemns eviction of artisanal miners at Kitsiyatota in Bindura

03 July 2015 | 3358 Views
Zimbabwe Informal Sector's Organization (ZISO) condemns the inhumane eviction of artisanal miners at Kitsiyatota in Bindura on the26thJune 2015 by members of the police Support Unit. The knee jerk...


Malema misses the point

03 July 2015 | 5282 Views
Statements by South Africa's opposition EFF leader, Julius Malema that President Robert Mugabe is not to blame for the problems in Zimbabwe and that he and other African leaders, with the exceptio...

by Kurauone Chihwayi

Grace Mugabe must stop threatening public officials

03 July 2015 | 4751 Views
The recent calling for the removal of the Prosecutor-General, Mr Tomana, by the First Lady Grace Mugabe, as published in the Herald of 1 July 2015, is a clear case of over zealousness by a runaway...

by Farai Mbira, President - ZUNDE

Mugabe trying to drag the rest of Africa down the path of lawlessness

29 June 2015 | 5442 Views
them accomplices in his international crimes - means that the international community must take note that President Mugabe's continued riding roughshod on international institutions of peace has poten...

by Makusha Mugabe, Spokesman MDC-UK

RDZ welcomes 11 new members from MDC-Renewal

27 June 2015 | 6623 Views
As Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe(RDZ) we welcomed 11 new members from MDC-Renewal in Bulawayo, the new members include Reason Munyapwa who was the MDC-Renewal youth spokes person, Masiza Ndlovu wh...

by M. K. Ndlovu

PDZ welcomes Prof Jonathan Moyo stepping down from government

25 June 2015 | 6267 Views
The Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe (PDZ) welcomes a decision which saw Information Minister Prof Jonathan Moyo leaving government of Zimbabwe despite whatever technicalities.An advocate...

by Leonard Koni

Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan set for UK Launch & Roadshow

25 June 2015 | 4240 Views
THE Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan is set for an official launch in the UK next month, organisers have said.The launch is scheduled to take from 17 to 18 July in three major UK cities....

by The Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan

Zimbabwean Downing Street Racism Demonstration

25 June 2015 | 4169 Views
Zimbabwean exiles in the UK are to present a petition to Prime Minister David Cameron's official residence at 10 Downing Street on Saturday 27th June disowning anti-white comments by President Mugabe ...

by zimvigil

African Govts and business leaders join to launch Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund

18 June 2015 | 3835 Views
OHANNESBURG, South-Africa, June 18, 2015/African Press Organization (APO)/ — - $5million committed by African Governments and ‘Africa Business Champions for Science' during launch ho...

by APO

MDC Youth Assembly Statement on The Day of The African Child

18 June 2015 | 3780 Views
On 16 June every year, the African Union celebrates the Day of the African Child (DAC) in commemoration of the 1976 massacre of school children in Soweto, South Africa who were protesting against ...

by Brighton Makunike

A big thank you says ZAPU

17 June 2015 | 5075 Views
The ZAPU President, Dr. Dabengwa and the entire leadership of ZAPU would like to express their sincere gratitude and heartfelt thank you to all the people of Bulawayo who voted for the Party and t...

by Themba Mthethwa

Zim Women Crowd-Fund to Build A Property Investment Portfolio!!!

16 June 2015 | 5940 Views
In February 2015, a group of enterprising mothers, professionals and entrepreneurial Zimbabwean women used social media to start their very own property investment company. 'We met on various ...

by Staff Reporter

MDC Statement on the State of the Country and Changes to the Composition of The NEC

16 June 2015 | 4603 Views
The MDC National Standing Committee met in Gweru on Sunday 14 June, 2015 and reviewed the state of the nation, particularly the continued economic decline and its negative effect on all spheres of th...

by Joshua Mhambi - MDC National Spokesperson

Renewal Team Statement on June 2015 AU Summit

15 June 2015 | 6296 Views
Renewal Team notes with concern the contradictions and frictions that emerged from the just ended 25th AU Summit held on the 7-15th of June 2015 at Sandton, SA as ...

by Dr Gorden Moyo

Attention all Zimbabweans in South Africa

12 June 2015 | 17752 Views
Attention.........Attention......ChurchesCivil OrganizationsProgressive groups All Zimbabweans in South Africa The story of our motherland Zimbabwe is very sad,we have been...

by Shelton Tapiwa Chiyangwa

No Reforms No Elections - MDC UK And Ireland

07 June 2015 | 4425 Views
Zanu PF political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere, had the temerity to tell Zimbabweans that his party dismisses the MDC's call for electoral reforms and even calling on our leader to "go and hang."...

by Makusha Mugabe

Government Must Suspend its Decision to Retrench Vendors

04 June 2015 | 2888 Views
                          The government's ultimatum against vendors is...

by ISO-Zim

Two Zim political parties agree to merge

04 June 2015 | 6926 Views
Statement from  PDZ and PAD To : All PDZ & PAD members It is our great pleasure to announce that Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe and ...

by Staff Reporter

ZISO Statement of the Removal of Vendors from the Streets

02 June 2015 | 4331 Views
Zimbabwe Informal Sector's Organization has previously warned of an impending operation Murambatsvina part two. This warning has been exonerated by Ignitious Chombo's continued call for the ruthle...


Collin Nyabadza Charitable Trust Donates Classroom Furniture in Bubi District

31 May 2015 | 3745 Views
It was an emotional day for the parents, children and teachers at Majiji Primary School in Bubi District, Zimbabwe as the Collin Nyabadza Children's Voice Charitable Trust (CNCVCT) kindly donated ...

by Staff Reporter

Zanu-PF must go to HELL

30 May 2015 | 5012 Views
The Zapu Youth Front RSA would like to categorically distance itself from the article, "Zapu youth leader warns of Dab...

by Zapu Youth Front Sa Province

ZAPU at 'eRenkini'

23 May 2015 | 6514 Views
Dr Dumiso Dabengwa with the lively and vibrant Youths descended at the Old bus terminus in a style today 22nd May 2015. The Old bus terminus is affectionately known as eRenkini to those who know ...

by Thulani Nkala

ZISO statement on informal sector to pay Aids Levy

22 May 2015 | 2262 Views
Zimbabwe Informal Sector's Organization (ZISO) wishes to respond to the government's proposal to collect aids levy from the informal sector. This was reported in the Financial Gazette (21/05/15-28-05-...


Congratulations to the Scottish National Party on Winning the 2015 Elections

18 May 2015 | 2765 Views
Official statement of the Matabeleland Solidarity Forum Released 18 May 2015 Matabeleland Solidarity Forum would like to express its sincere congrat...

by Matabeleland Solidarity Forum

Why the people of Bulawayo should be voting Zapu in June 10 By-elections

17 May 2015 | 4815 Views
The people of Bulawayo find themselves in an interesting position.  Out of 14 constituencies that have been voluntarily relinquished by the MDC parties, five of those are in Bulawayo by coinc...

by Bokani Vundla

ZAPU invades Luveve Constituency

15 May 2015 | 5811 Views
Dr Dumiso Dabengwa led a strong Campaign Team in Luveve where Mr Amon Nyamabi Dube is contesting on ZAPU ticket for the Parliamentary by-elections to be held on the 10th June 2016. Whils...

by Thulani Nkala

LCDZT helps combat violence against disabled girls and women

13 May 2015 | 2603 Views
The Leonard Cheshire Disability Zimbabwe Trust has embarked on a new project aimed at preventing and responding to violence against girls and women with disabilities. The project, called A...

by Mike Hamilton

MDC statement on the proposed curriculum change

12 May 2015 | 4875 Views
THE Government proposed syllabus change which will see foreign languages like Chinese, Swahili, French and Portuguese being compulsory subjects in all government schools is ill-timed and speaks of...

by MDC

National Convergence Conference - Come One Come All

10 May 2015 | 3297 Views
The National Convergence Process under the National Convergence Platform is taking shape, with national committees or thematic teams being formed in Zimbabwe and in the Diaspora.Details will p...

by Rt Rev Sebastian Bakare

MDC Statement on Proposed Closure of Telecel

09 May 2015 | 3578 Views
The MDC finds the continued determination by government, through Potraz to shut down Telecel, the third largest telecommunications operator in the country shocking and ill -advised.With the ec...

by Senator Tholakele Khumalo, MDC Secretary for Economic affairs

MDC-T response to the Mass Public Opinion Institute and Afro - Barometer Survey

08 May 2015 | 5181 Views
The MDC-T takes very seriously scientific studies which help to inform us of the political environment in which we operate. As such, the MDC-T will always take its time to thoroughly study the re...

by Obert Gutu

Telecel update, High Court suspends cancellation of licence

07 May 2015 | 4491 Views
Today the High Court of Zimbabwe granted an interdict suspending the cancellation of the Company's licence to provide national cellular telecommunications services, pending Telecel Zimbabwe's appeals...

by Telecel Zimbabwe

'Ubuntu' means Africa must take the lead when dealing with Ebola

07 May 2015 | 3475 Views
07 May 2015: The concept of 'Ubuntu' should be applied to the ethical treatment of Ebola - and other neglected tropical diseases - in order to change the way that African countries respond to the dis...

by Epic MSLGroup

MDC-T's position on water meters

06 May 2015 | 3786 Views
The MDC-T wishes to make it clear that as pro poor party, it is totally against the installation of prepaid meters to residents. The party maintains that clean water is a basic right for every on...

by Obert Gutu

Political leaders of MDC-T, MKD, ZAPU and NCA solidarity message to the workers of Zimbabwe on May Day

01 May 2015 | 4439 Views
Today is May Day and as the political leaders in Zimbabwe, we are here in solidarity with the ZCTU and the patriotic, working people of this country.  It is the blood, sweat and tears of the...

by Staff Reporter

DARE: Alternative Zimbabwe May Day Message

01 May 2015 | 2676 Views
My compatriots, as we celebrate International Workers Day aka May Day, we salute all the millions of Zimbabweans all over the world, who are working hard for themselves and their families.  W...

by Benny Mukusha

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Bredenkamp in trouble over $3.8m Yakub debt

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Zimbabwe economic intelligence in foreign hands

by Staff reporter | 04 August 2015 | 1076 Views

Air Zimbabwe secures fuel

by Staff reporter | 04 August 2015 | 676 Views

Clueless lamentation of a War veteran

by Caitlin Kamba | 04 August 2015 | 1722 Views

Headmaster tortures 94 students for not paying fees - ZIMRIGHTS

by Staff Reporter | 04 August 2015 | 1253 Views

Govt wont backtrack on urban-tollgates - Min Mpofu

by Staff Reporter | 04 August 2015 | 1314 Views

Another US hunter 'kills' lion in Zimbabwe

by Thobekile Zhou | 04 August 2015 | 1762 Views


Rebecca Malope has been married for long but no one knows

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Singer Daniel Jenkins says no to date rape

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Gwanda gospel music extravaganza confirmed

by Staff correspondent in Pretoria South Africa | 29 July 2015 | 3960 Views

Zim music industry dead - Prof Moyo

by Staff Reporter | 29 July 2015 | 5353 Views

Mobile Spy Software Maker Mspy Hacked

mspy, the makers of a software-as-a-service product that claims to help more than two million people spy on the mobile devices of their kids and partners, to have been massively hacked. a public relations pitch from mspy to krebsonsecurity in march ... Read More
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Hp Omen 15-5116tx – The Next Generation Gaming Laptop

the hp omen 15-5116tx is being targeted at the performance hungry gamers. it comes in a single variant boasting an eye-catching attractive design. the notebook offers a slim, lightweight chassis and appears like a piece of art than an actual gaming... Read More
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