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State must have nothing to fear - Dzamara

Over 150 people today turned up at Africa Unity Square, to join in the wait for President Robert Mugabe's response, but, it was the apparent demonstration of serious fear and paranoia by the state...Read more

State must have nothing to fear - Dzamara

22 October 2014 | 2570 Views
Over 150 people today turned up at Africa Unity Square, to join in the wait for President Robert Mugabe's response, but, it was the apparent demonstration of serious fear and paranoia by the state...

by Itai Dzamara

ZUNDE, one year on

21 October 2014 | 735 Views
Galvanized into action by the ominous results of July 31st elections, what started off 12 months ago on 24 October 2013 as a noble idea between three people, has grown steadily into a global pheno...


South Africa extends ZSP appointment dates deadline!

20 October 2014 | 5447 Views
The new deadline on booking appointments for permit renewals now set to be the 28th February 2015 indeed comes as some sort of a huge relief to many distressed Zimbabweans in SA. Our greatest gra...

by ZIM-ID (SA)

MDC-T National Executive meets

18 October 2014 | 2228 Views
The National Executive Committee of the MDC-T met today to review the provincial congresses as well as the just ended nomination processes and was happy that the process had proceeded peacefully....

by Staff Reporter

Greed tear apart Matebeleland Liberation Orgainsation (MLO)

17 October 2014 | 2065 Views
As posted by Busani Sibanda 'Brian Ndwane' on the MLO Facebook lifetime, I stand to confirm that the allegation are true, MLO 's top leadership has parted ways with them because of their immaturity an...

by Skhosi Ncube

Using Animation to Battle Ebola

14 October 2014 | 724 Views
Nashville, Tennessee - United Methodist Communications collaborated with Chocolate Moose Media and iHeed to create an animation for West Africa that dispels myths about how Ebola is spread and pr...

by APO

Grace Mugabe Angers ZAPU

14 October 2014 | 7756 Views
It was reported that Grace Mugabe insulted the Matebele men in her rally in Gwanda, by saying that the Matebele men are good for nothing except for the purposes of procreation. Grace shoul...

by Thulani Nkala ZAPU Europe Secretary for Information, Publicity and Marketing.

Speak out - Khulumani Billboard Erroneous

10 October 2014 | 1477 Views
Dear EditorWe at Christians For Social Justice note with great concern the continued blatant violation and disrespect for the IsiNdebele language by corporates, companies and organizations in ...

by Christians For Social Justice

MDC hails the local government ministry - Lionel De Necker

10 October 2014 | 1169 Views
Press Statement It is that time of the year  when residents across Zimbabwe are again being invited by local councils to take part in Council Budge...

by Lionel De Necker, MDC Secretary for Local Government

'My position on the VP post' - Mphoko

08 October 2014 | 1796 Views
From the beginning,  I made it very clear that when the VP post campaign has been opened, I will submit my Cariculum Vitae to the party for consideration, together with other aspirants.H...

by Ambassador Phelekezela Mphoko

Ebola must be treated as a global crisis not a local problem, says WMA

08 October 2014 | 821 Views
The world needs to realize that Ebola is a global crisis and not simply a problem for West Africa, the World Medical Association said today.In an emergency resolution adopted at their annual A...

by World Medical Association

Press Statement on Tsvangirai Rigging!

07 October 2014 | 2922 Views
1. I would like to acknowledge the presence of the national leadership of Renewal Hon Dr Sipepa Nkomo, Hon Dr Gorden Moyo, Hon Reggie Moyo, Hon R Nkomo, Hon Bekithemba Nyathi, and Madam Sakhile ...

by Albert Mhlanga, MP

Thumbs up for ZCTU on Mass Protests

06 October 2014 | 1861 Views
Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) is the national labour body which leads most of the workers in the country. It's official position, dissociating itself with the planned streets protests by MD...

by Suitable Kajau

AMFI Awareness and Fundraising event on 25 October 2014

06 October 2014 | 1067 Views
African Mothers Foundation International (AMFI) are pleased to announce the AMFI Awareness and Fundraising Event on the 25th of October 2014 in Cardiff.AMFI was founded by multi-award winner,...

by African Mothers Foundation International

Unemployment levels in the country now a risk factor to national security

01 October 2014 | 2196 Views
Zimbabwe Unemployed People's association (ZUPA) which represents the interests of millions of economically disadvantaged people acknowledges challenges and difficulties facing our economy and gov...


Introducing the Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe (PDZ)

30 September 2014 | 1688 Views
The Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe is a political movement registered with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. The party was formed in response to the dire situation the average Zimbabwe...

by PDZ

Tshelanyemba Ex Students Association giving back to the community

30 September 2014 | 2710 Views
Tshelanyemba High School established in the year 1981 in Motobo District is having a Prize giving ceremony and dedication of a classroom block to the late John Sisana Nare the man who mobilised the co...

by Tshelanyemba Ex Students Association

MDC SA Welcomes SCA Ruling on the Rights of Asylum Seekers and Refugees to Operate Spaza Shops

30 September 2014 | 2560 Views
The MDC SA acclaims the decision of the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) in which the court ruled that refugees and asylum seekers have a legal right to operate spaza or tuck shops in South Africa a...

by Kumbirai T Muchemwa, MDC SA Information and Publicity Secretary

ZIM-ID: The beginning of the end of blank 'bearer's' cheques era in Zimbabwe!

26 September 2014 | 3428 Views
A new era has dawned for all Zimbabweans who belong to any square inch of the beautiful land stretching from Zambezi to Limpopo in the horizons of its politics. The era is of a new democratic disp...


Why must the poor subsidise the rich?

24 September 2014 | 2014 Views
Since 1980 when Zimbabwe got its independence, Zanu pf have only managed to fulfil the 1979 Grand Plan it is the only thing they have successfully achieved nothing else. Zanu pf have over the past...

by Mbonisi Gumbo ,MRP Secretary for Information and Publicity

Stop senseless attacks, hateful defacing of Grace Mugabe and UZ

22 September 2014 | 4703 Views
The Zimbabwe Unemployed People's Association (ZUPA) which represents the interests of millions of economically disadvantaged people is saddened and shocked to hear, read attacks and insults agains...

by ZUPA The Presidium

ZAPU at Fletcher Dulini funeral

21 September 2014 | 1288 Views
Tribute to Fletcher Dulini: Longstanding Fighter for FreedomFuneral Service - Brethren in Christ Church,Bulawayo, 20th September 2014Presen...

by Dr. Strike Mkandla

ZAPU Donates Science equipment to schools

21 September 2014 | 1761 Views
Mr Lawrence Siziba, the ZAPU Member of Parliament candidate for Nkayi North; who is the Secretary for Education and Health for ZAPU Europe province, managed to source a huge consignment of science...

by Thulani Nkala

Fletcher Dulini Ncube: Principled and Dependable to the End

18 September 2014 | 1744 Views
1940 to 2014I first met Fletcher Dulini Ncube in 1999 during the early days of the processes of the formation of the MDC. He was introduced to me by the late Gibson Sibanda at a meeting th...

by Welshman Ncube

Soldiers must always act constitutionally - MDC-T

15 September 2014 | 1527 Views
The commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, General Constantine Chiwenga  has today said soldiers do not meddle in political and civilian issues. This is all well and good and is no...

by MDC-T

Repair bridges to death

15 September 2014 | 1806 Views
Rural children on their way to and from school are brushing shoulders with death every day due to the risky rural bridges they use. Most of these bridges are too low and can be invisible when wate...

by Zupa presidium

Tsvangirai's speech on the occasion of the MDC-T's 15th anniversary celebrations

13 September 2014 | 2121 Views
IntroductionWe gather here today to celebrate the 15th birthday of our great people's party, the MDC.The irony of the MDC is that while the part...

by Staff Reporter

MDC-T Joburg District celebrates MDC's 15th Anniversary

13 September 2014 | 1577 Views
As MDC-T Johannesburg District, we join our party President Dr. Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, his Deputy Mama Thokozani Khupe and millions of our people in celebrating our movement's 15th anniversary...

by Lft Gen Simbarashe Mujeye, MDC T Johannesburg District Information and Publicity Secretary

MDC applauds Mugabe

10 September 2014 | 3826 Views
The Movement for Democratic Change MDC applauds the move taken by President Robert Mugabe's government of removing Zanu-PF and military commanders from Save conservancy if the decision was done...

by Kurauone Chihwayi

Leave small vendors alone

09 September 2014 | 2338 Views
Zimbabwe Unemployed People's Association [ZUPA] which represents the interests of the millions of Zimbabweans who need jobs and a better livelihood call upon authorities and other organs of the st...

by The ZUPA presidium

MDC embarks on extensive diaspora recruitment drive

06 September 2014 | 1550 Views
MDC embarks on extensive diaspora recruitment drive The Movement for Democratic Change MDC is currently embarking on an extensive diaspora recruitment drive as part of its reorganization ...

by Kurauone Chihwayi

ZEC admitting 2013 election irregularities not good enough, must declare result null and void

04 September 2014 | 3026 Views
It is disappointing that Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC) is still failing to take the seriously flawed July 2013 elections with the seriousness it deserves. In its latest report to parliament ZEC ...

by Wilbert Mukori Secretary General Zimbabwe Social Democrats

The End of Men and the Rise of graceful Women

04 September 2014 | 1908 Views
Zimbabwe Unemployed People's association (ZUPA) which represents the interests of millions of the unemployed and economically disadvantaged people acknowledges the complexities and reasons behind ...


'In our fight for democracy; we are all important'

29 August 2014 | 1021 Views
We are all important and everyone counts!.The boss mentality is for Zanu PF power mongers!KuZUNDE chishefu takasiira vepfungwa shoma!eZUNDE ubukhosi satsh...

by ZUNDE Information & Publicity

Uprising continues in Zimbabwe - photos

27 August 2014 | 5544 Views
Two Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) legislators and a freelance journalist were briefly detained in Harare on Tuesday when heavily armed police officers clashed with protestors who were deman...

by Polite Musarurwa MDC-T International Spokisiwumani Mdc-T Online Spokes

Zanu PF threat to criminalise those too poor to pay school fees is a bad wolf bully tactic

26 August 2014 | 1465 Views
It is intolerable that this regime has destroyed Zimbabwe's economy forcing millions of our people into a life of abject poverty. It is absolutely criminal that the regime is now seeking to turn the ...

by Wilbert Mukori, Secretary General Zimbabwe Social Democrats

'Khupe is the face of Matabeleland'

25 August 2014 | 2298 Views

by Polite Musarurwa

'700+ companies shut down since the election,' says Tsvangirai

22 August 2014 | 2647 Views
1. IntroductionIt is not every day that a people gather to commemorate theft but only last month, our colleagues in Zanu PF chose to hold a grossl...

by Morgan Tsvangirai

Zapu on farm invasions in Matabeleland

19 August 2014 | 3473 Views
ZAPU wishes to express its concern at the increasing wave of farm invasions in Matabeleland. Hired and recruited war veterans, senior government officials and thugs have embarked on an unprecedented l...

by Patrick Ndlovu, ZAPU Deputy Secretary for Information and Publicity

Mugabe must end suffering and not test people resilience or providence

19 August 2014 | 2629 Views
We in the Zimbabwe Social Democrats condemn in the strongest terms this Zanu PF regime's continued indifference to economic hardships Zimbabweans are facing today as a result of the country's worsenin...

by Wilbert Mukori

'MDC-T constitutional review not about individuals'

14 August 2014 | 1149 Views
MDC-T constitutional review about strengthening the institution, not about individualsThe MDC-T is currently gathering the views of its grassroots members in the provinces ahead of a review of...

by Luke Tamborinyoka

ZUPA condemns the invasion and settlements at Dumiso Dabengwa's farm

12 August 2014 | 2821 Views
Zimbabwe Unemployed People's association (ZUPA) which represents the interests of millions of economically disadvantaged people acknowledges the position taken by the ZRP.We however strongly b...


Zapu Europe Chair's Heroes Day Statement

12 August 2014 | 1534 Views
Fellow Zimbabweans, As we remember and salute our heroes and heroines both fallen and living, let us pride ourselves as a nation in that because of their sacrifices we have our Zimbabwe th...

by Christopher Maphosa (ZAPU Europe Chairperson)

RPP congratulations message to the Turkish President-Elect

12 August 2014 | 1021 Views
Dear President-Elect Erdogan Congratulations, President Elect, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The Rwandan People's Party would like to congratulate you on your recent victory in the Turkish Pre...

by John V Karuranga, RPP President

National youth leaders represent the youth with integrity and dignity

11 August 2014 | 1590 Views
ZANU PF SA wishes to congratulate Kudzai Chipanga and the entire new national youth leadership on their election to lead the youth of Zimbabwe. The mandate given to them is to lead the youths for ...

by K. M. Mandaza (Zanu PF SA District Secretary for Information and Publicity)

ZSD welcome Germany's questioning EU basis for lifting sanctions

11 August 2014 | 2370 Views
The Zimbabwe Social Democrats welcome the Germany government's questioning the EU's decision to lift sanctions against all Zanu PF leaders except President Mugabe and his wife given the regime's failu...

by Wilbert Mukori, Secretary General Zimbabwe Social Democrats

ZSD welcome partial recovery of war vet Sibanda's political sight!

11 August 2014 | 3608 Views
We in the Zimbabwe Social Democrats welcome Jabulani Sibanda's recent statement condemning the injustice in Zanu PF's infamous land redistribution which has resulted in collapse of the agricultural s...

by Wilbert Mukori,Secretary General Zimbabwe Social Democrats

ZAPU to protest farm invasions in London

10 August 2014 | 3319 Views
ZAPU is organising its very first protest march in London since its revival. The march is going to be on the 16th August 2014 at the Zimbabwe Embassy. When ZAPU was revived in 2008 its co...

by Thulani Nkala, ZAPU Europe Secretary For Information, Publicity and Marketing

MDC's Heroes Day 2014 message

10 August 2014 | 1985 Views
On 11 August each year we celebrate our country's brave men and women particularly those who took on and defeated the military might of racist Rhodesia to attain this country's freedom from coloni...

by Nhlanhla Dube, Information Secretary (MDC)

MDC-T's statement to mark the Heroes and Defence Forces days

10 August 2014 | 2462 Views
The MDC-T today remembers the tremendous role that has been played by the country's heroes in liberating the  country from colonial bondage. This indeed gave  our country pride. &nbs...

by MDC-T

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by Africa Unity Square | 22 October 2014 | 5214 Views

BREAKING: Cops in riot gear chase people from Africa Unity Square

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Gezha maoko - Ladybee (Official Video)

by Staff Reporter | 19 October 2014 | 2302 Views

Matebeleland Music & Arts Festival - Sivala umnyaka ngengoma lapho sit...

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Grace Mugabe honoured in song - Dancehall outfit Final Warning has rel...

by Tawanda Marwizi | 15 October 2014 | 2350 Views

US firm makes money off Zimbabwe concept - United States transport sh...

by Staff reporter | 14 October 2014 | 2952 Views

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