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Brothers dug up more than 100 graves to eat corpses

A convicted cannibal, Mohammad Arif, 35, has been rearrested in Pakistan after a three-year-old boy's head was discovered in the home he shares with his brother Mohammad Farman, 30....Read more

Brothers dug up more than 100 graves to eat corpses

15 April 2014 | 3869 Views
A convicted cannibal, Mohammad Arif, 35, has been rearrested in Pakistan after a three-year-old boy's head was discovered in the home he shares with his brother Mohammad Farman, 30....

by Staff reporter

Zim diaspora calls for UK to rethink deportations

15 April 2014 | 1852 Views
The UK government is being urged to consider implementing a moratorium on the deportations of failed Zimbabwe asylum seekers, because of the worsening situation there.Th...

by Alex Bell

'Romeo' jailed for being too good at sex

15 April 2014 | 3933 Views
42-year-old Romeo Artemio Lori from Italy has reportedly been jailed after his noisy lovemaking kept his neighbours awake at night.Romeo was given a six month jail sentence after at least 12 n...

by Staff Reporter

Woman urinates in busy street in broad daylight

13 April 2014 | 5853 Views
Police in the UK are trying to identify a shameless woman who was photographed urinating in front of shoppers in broad daylight on a busy high street.Stunned shoppers wi...

by Staff reporter

Zim man in Scotland racism attack

13 April 2014 | 2531 Views
GLASGOW - A man suffered serious injuries in a racially-motivated assault in Edinburgh, police said.The 38-year-old, originally from Zimbabwe, was driving on Granton Roa...

by Staff reporter

Deportation of Zimbabweans resumes in the UK

13 April 2014 | 3054 Views
Zimbabwe's former colonial master, Britain, refuge to thousands of people escaping economic and perceived political persecution in the last decade and half, has resumed deportations of Zimbabweans wh...

by Staff reporter

Zim man faces up to 10 years in US jail and a $250k fine for tax fraud

12 April 2014 | 2495 Views
A Zimbabwe citizen pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Delaware of bilking the government out of more than $100,000 by filing fake tax returns, officials said Friday....

by Terri Sanginiti I The News Journal

US man pleads guilty in Mugabe scheme

12 April 2014 | 3385 Views
A 72-year-old Chicago man has pleaded guilty to illegally lobbying U.S. lawmakers to lift sanctions against Zimbabwe's president and other members of his regime for a promise of $3.4 million....

by AP

Video showing baby smoking cannabis posted online

12 April 2014 | 1826 Views

by Staff Reporter

Stiletto heel killer gets life in prison

12 April 2014 | 1950 Views
Houston - A woman was sentenced to life in prison Friday for fatally stabbing her boyfriend with the stiletto heel of her shoe, striking him at least 25 times in the face and head.Ana Trujill...

by Staff Reporter

Giant sinkhole swallows entire house in seconds - Video

10 April 2014 | 3436 Views
A young mother grabbed her newborn baby and fled after her home just seconds before it vanished into a massive hole. Tatarnikov, 28...

by Staff Reporter

EU policy under fire in Zanu-PF led 'sanctions' case

09 April 2014 | 1687 Views
A legal challenge filed against the European Union (EU) by a Zanu-PF member has seen the targeted sanctions policy of the Brussels based body come under fire, with the outcome of the case set to ...

by Alex Bell

Russian President warns Ukraine against irreversible steps

09 April 2014 | 1201 Views
Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday he hoped Kiev would not take any irreversible steps amid the crisis in Ukraine and Russia's diplomatic efforts would be successful."...

by Staff Reporter

The Ultimate Warrior dies at 54

09 April 2014 | 4374 Views
WWE superstar The Ultimate Warrior has died in Arizona at the age of 54.The former pro wrestler, whose given name was James Brian Hellwig, collapsed in front of his Arizona hotel room and ...

by Staff Reporter

Bald man accidentally flies to Spain using his girlfriend's passport

09 April 2014 | 3185 Views
A bald man managed to fly to Spain after accidentally picking up his blonde girlfriend's passport by mistake.A man accidentally flew to Spain using his girlfriend's passport.Neil Clulo...

by Staff Reporter

How to spot a liar - Video

09 April 2014 | 1659 Views
Everyone has at some point been tempted to lie, yet nobody wants to be deceived themselves. Here's how to tell when someone is lying.This video by Steve Van Aperen shows you how to an...

by Staff reporter

9 month baby charged for attempted murder

09 April 2014 | 5205 Views
The infant was booked on attempted murder charges after his family was accused of scuffling with police over an unpaid gas bill. The police officer who registered the child has since been suspended fr...

by CNN

UK introduces stringent visa conditions

04 April 2014 | 3893 Views
ZIMBABWEANS intending to secure visas to the United Kingdom will now find it cumbersome following the announcement of a new application process by the British Embassy that would require applicants to...

by Staff reporter

Man stabbed son to death over rent

03 April 2014 | 2824 Views
A 77-year-old British man has been found guilty of murdering his son following a row over rent payment.George Joseph stabbed his son Paul in the neck at his home in Collier Street, Islington....

by Staff Reporter

8.2 magnitude earthquake hit Chile

02 April 2014 | 1202 Views
SANTIAGO - An 8.2-magnitude earthquake hit off the northern coast of Chile Tuesday, leaving five people dead and three severely injured, while thousands of people have been evacuated due to a tsunami ...

by Xinhua

Missing Malaysian plane search classified as criminal investigation

02 April 2014 | 3254 Views
KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysian Inspector General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said Wednesday that the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was a criminal investigation, and there were things the...

by Xinhua

Woman falls into well during sex, lover runs off

02 April 2014 | 8629 Views
A man in Spain is being hunted by police after he fled when his 21-year-old lover, Edelia Aponte, fell down a well as they had sex.He chose to run away rather than help when Aponte plumme...

by Staff reporter

Adult film star fired for sleeping with black man

29 March 2014 | 6116 Views
A German adult film star who was the face of a far-right German political party, has been fired for having sex with a black man in her latest film.Kitty Blair, real name...

by Staff reporter

Zimbabwe supports Russia on the secession referendum in Crimea

29 March 2014 | 2544 Views
Zimbabwe joins North Korea and 8 other countries voted against the resolution against the secession referendum in Crimea.Despite strong pressure by the US and other countries to support a reso...

by Staff reporter

Zim duo jailed in Belfast over card and cheque fraud

29 March 2014 | 2319 Views
BELFAST, Ireland - Two Zimbabwean men discovered in a north Belfast flat, which was being used as a counterfeiting factory, have been jailed for their roles in the enterprise. The factory was ...

by Staff Reporter

Woman jailed for sending kids to better school

28 March 2014 | 6267 Views
USA - An Ohio mother's attempt to provide her daughters with a better education landed her behind bars.Kelley Williams-Bolar was in 2011 convicted of lying about her residency to get her daug...

by Staff Reporter

Zimbabweans jailed over card and cheque fraud in Belfast

27 March 2014 | 2363 Views
Two Zimbabwean men discovered in a north Belfast flat, which was being used as a counterfeiting factory, have been jailed for their roles in the enterprise, UTV News reported....

by UTV News

World Vision not hiring gays

27 March 2014 | 3165 Views
New York - Facing a firestorm of protest, the prominent Christian relief agency World Vision on Wednesday dropped a two-day old policy that would have allowed the charity to hire Christians in same-se...

by AP

Penis size an issue in court

27 March 2014 | 6649 Views
London - A defence lawyer for Max Clifford, Britain's top celebrity publicist who is on trial for a string of sexual assaults, on Wednesday accused prosecution witnesses of providing unreliable evide...

by Staff Reporter

Images denigrating Obamas causes furore

26 March 2014 | 3957 Views
THE publication, by Belgian newspaper De Morgen, of digitally altered pictures of US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama as part human and part ape smacks of racism and is meant to re...

by Staff reporter

Angry relatives of passengers on missing Malaysian plane clash with police

25 March 2014 | 2409 Views
Dozens of angry relatives of passengers on a lost Malaysian jetliner clashed with police in Beijing on Tuesday, accusing the Southeast Asian country of "delays and deception" a day after it confirmed ...

by Reuters

Flight 370 'ended in the Indian ocean'

25 March 2014 | 3853 Views
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went down over the southern Indian Ocean, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said Monday, citing a new analysis of satellite data by a British satellite company and acci...

by CNN

MH370 Case closed on assumption ('but we will keep searching for jet')

24 March 2014 | 2585 Views
Malaysia Airlines on Monday told relatives of the 239 people on board a missing passenger jet that "we have to assume" the plane went down in the southern Indian Ocean, but vowed the search for th...

by Staff Reporter

27-year-old woman explains why she is selling her v*rginity

22 March 2014 | 6502 Views
A 27-year-old medical student in the US is auctioning her v*rginity online, having been inspired by the figures offered to Natalie Dylan, who received bids of $3.7 million dollars for hers in 20...

by Staff reporter

Unborn baby catapulted 3 metres out of mother's womb, survive fatal accident

21 March 2014 | 4669 Views
An unborn baby has survived been catapulted three metres out of his mother's womb during a fatal motorcycle crash that killed his parents.The accident saw both the baby boy's heavily pregnant...

by Staff Reporter

Woman dies after injecting Vaseline into her breasts

20 March 2014 | 7269 Views
A 39-year-old mum has died in hospital in Argentina after injecting Vaseline into her breasts to make them bigger.Amateur athlete Sonia Perez Llanzon suffered a fatal blood clot in her lung a ...

by Staff reporter

Man arrested after trying to have sex with corpse in the grave

18 March 2014 | 4189 Views
47-year-old man Chin Chean tried to have sex with a corpse after digging into the grave.He was arrested when he fell asleep in the coffin, police in Cambodia confirmed.He was caught wh...

by Staff reporter

Woman marries a dog

17 March 2014 | 5292 Views
A British woman chose her pet dog over man. While she can be sure they won't leave the toilet seat up or put foam round the sink… there is the chance she might get fleas.Amanda Rodgers marr...

by Staff reporter

Crimea votes to join Russia

16 March 2014 | 2615 Views
Simferopol - Crimeans voted overwhelmingly on Sunday in favour of joining former political master Russia as tensions soared in the east of the splintered ex-Soviet nation amid the worst East-West...

by AFP

Malaysia under fresh fire over missing airliner

16 March 2014 | 4410 Views
Beijing - China spearheaded fresh criticism on Sunday of Malaysia's handling of a missing airliner drama, saying it "squandered" precious time and resources by releasing dramatic information on the pl...

by Staff Reporter

Baby girl born with two heads - Video

15 March 2014 | 3118 Views
A woman has given birth to a baby with two heads after she couldn't afford an ultrasound to check for any complications.The baby girl has two heads, two necks and two sp...

by Staff reporter

Snake found with chain dangling from mouth after eating dog

15 March 2014 | 4568 Views
A horrified woman turned up to walk her pet Chihuahua but saw a bloated 8ft python stuck in its place still attached to the kennel with the dog's chain dangling from it's mouth.The tiny dog up...

by Staff reporter

Baby born with two heads

15 March 2014 | 2140 Views
28-year-old Urmila Sharma who gave birth to conjoined twins in India had no idea because she was too poor to afford an ultrasound."She is presently alive and healthy," Dr. Ashish Sehgal sa...

by Staff reporter

Zimbabwean children stranded in Australia after father is murdered

14 March 2014 | 5626 Views
A young family has been left distraught and emotionally marooned in Australia following the brutal murder of their father on the 6th of March in Botswana, by two fellow Zimbabwean workmates believed t...

by Staff reporter

2 Zimbabwean men sentenced in US tax fraud case

14 March 2014 | 2169 Views
Two men from Zimbabwe charged with using the identities of hundreds of Americans to file false tax returns in a Cincinnati-based scheme have been sentenced.Tawanda Marim...

by AP

Police shut dual highway to find missing penis

13 March 2014 | 4816 Views
Middlesbrough police are reported to have found a 40-year-old man in a "distressed" state on the side of the A66 dual carriageway on Thursday morning.The man is reported...

by Morgan Flanagan Creagh

Zim man nabbed for drugs possession in the UK

13 March 2014 | 2443 Views
A ZIMBABWEAN reveller was caught trying to take drugs into a club in the United Kingdom.Failed asylum seeker Dalton Mtengwa blamed an unnamed man for handing him the packets of amphetamine ou...

by Staff reporter

Woman cut off lover's male organ after he forcibly had sex with her

13 March 2014 | 6406 Views
A woman chopped off her former boyfriend's male organ with scissors and then killed him with a hammer after he raped her, beat their young daughter and tried to blackmail her into giving him  $...

by Staff reporter

Europeans had dark skin 7,000 years ago

13 March 2014 | 2178 Views
A genetic analysis of an ancient European hunter-gatherer reveals that his face was a striking combination of dark skin and blue eyes, ...

by CBC

Zimbabwean man jailed 6 years for US tax fraud

09 March 2014 | 1788 Views
25-YEAR-OLD Cincinnati man was sentenced to almost six years in prison Thursday. Tawanda Marimbire was jailed for his role in a fraudulent tax-refund scheme which sent most of the stolen funds to Zimb...

by Staff reporter

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MDC-T youth planning nationwide mass actions - OPPOSITION MDC-T's yout...

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'Unity Accord has failed'

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'Not yet uhuru,' says Dabengwa

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Welshman Ncube opens up to coalition

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Deborah Fraser to perform at Prophet Makandiwa's 'Judgment Night 2'

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New $60,000 Mercedes-Benz ML for the mayor?

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'Corruption is betrayal of the values of the liberation struggle' says...

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Stand Up comedian to record one man show in Zimbabwe - Daliso Chaponda...

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L'Vovo Derrango billed for Bulawayo show - THOSE attending the Zimbabw...

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Artist Profile - Interview with D2X

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Generations actor's Bulawayo show flops

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Mukanya gets 'wild' applause - Self exiled legendary musician Dr Thoma...

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Freshlyground to perform in Zim's HIFA after insulting Mugabe - South...

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Generations actress in Zimbabwe - GENERATIONS, a South African soapie ...

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