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Facebook friend demands sex, threatens to kill Zim woman

by Moyo Roy
31 January 2013 | 18983 Views
A Zimbabwean woman claims she has become a victim of a "Facebook rapist."

Priviledge Privie Dzomba who is currently based in South Africa apparently became a victim after publicly sharing her mobile number with her Facebook friends hoping she was going to receive a viral video of a Zimbabwean mother having sex while her toddler-son was watching.

She sent the message below to: Makhox Women's League

Priviledge Privie Dzomba. Ungafihli igama. Bomama lisakhumbula a few days back ngesikhathi sisendelana ividio kasisi lowana owayesenza isex phambi kwengane,ukhona umuntu owapostayo wathi oyifunayo katshiye inumber zakhe. Lami ngaba ngomunye wabatshiyayo inamba ngifuna leyo vidio.

Then izolo kwabakhona umuntu ongisendele imessage via wassapp ethi uyitholile yini ividio? Ngasengisithi ungubani wathi ngingusisi esahlangana makhox ngaphendula ngathi ngiyitholile but ayidlali. Sesithi kimi ikhuthekile imnandi njani lami bengiyihalela ukhuthekile aah ngahleka ngazithulela.wa sengibuza ukuthi ngihlala kuphi I told him lokuthi ngihlala ngedwa lobaby omncane coz lami bengithi sengitholile a lady to chat with.

Waseqala manje umuntu ukungithumela izithombe zami abe ezidownloader kufb seqala ukuthi and cc umuhle into yami simile khonapha ngiyakuhalela ngathi uyisitabane na? Wathi no ngathi manje udingani emakhox kaphendulanga. Ngisenkingeni ungisendela izithombe of his dick uthi ufuna ukuzolala kwami.

Uthi mangingafuni ukulala kwakhe uzangibulala coz I told him la engihlala khona ngisithi ngucc.

Inumber zalomuntu zithi 073 954 2111. Ngicela lingisize ukulwa with this facebook rapist.

I told him ukuthi I will publish his number wathi lami uzangipublisher.
Bomama lingezwa kuthiwa ngifile or ngiphoswe eflatini libekwazi ukuthi nguye lomuntu ongibuleleyo ngoba uthi uyeza kimi uzangibulala.


Makhox Facebook

Source: Byo@4News

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