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Dynamos massacre Bosso to lift Bob 89 Super cup

by Ndou Paul
24 February 2013 | 6535 Views

Dynamos 4 (Khumbula 8' & 39', Jaure 10', own goal 45') - 0 Highlanders

(Aggregate 6-1)

90' Dynamos still lead

89' Murape now spending most of his time on the ground

88' Zifa comes in for free watch

3min to be added on

86' Peter Moyo shoots over bar

84' Another Bosso free kick. Kangwa behind it. Mukandi claims it

Muparati beats four makers, but shot saved rebound send over bar

Dynamos........ 4 (Khumbula 8' & 39', Jaure 10', own goal 45')
Highlanders... 0

(Aggregate 6-1)

Munya Diya saves Chafa shot.

80' Pakamisa to Jaure, he shoots oh its wide

75' Mukandi saves an embarrassing moment as Bello almost concede an own goal

71' Muparati send Pakamisa through and a brilliant stop by Munya Diya

Madamombe in for Khumbula

68' Murape down injured

Bello yellow card and Bosso free kick acute angle outside box headed out by Dynamos

64' Pakamisa to Murape, Murape inbox shoots overbar

61' Pakamisa shot parried out for corner but linesman flags off side. So it would not have counted

59' Bosso get a free kick, at a dangerous position. Mthulisi Maphosa behind it. Chafa heads it out

Washington Pakamisa IN for Zekumbawire

Morris Kadzola IN for Thomas Magorimbo

57' Muparati's shot from D area goes over bar, wild attempt

55' Jaure now Wide right as Tavarwisa header goes over bar

53' Dynamos content on passing the ball around with Alimenda in thick of things

Zvikumbawire makes way for Tavarwisa

51' Arial Sibanda subsituted, Arial Sibanda out Munya Diya in

48' Alimenda shot saved by Arial

Dynamos........ 4 (Khumbula 8' & 39', Jaure 10', own goal 45')
Highlanders... 0

(Aggregate 6-1)

Straight from center a cross meant for khumbula was turned in by Bosso defender to beat Arial

Dynamos........ 4 (Khumbula 8' & 39', Jaure 10', own goal 45')
Highlanders... 0

(Aggregate 6-1)

1615hrs Second half start


own goal

Half Time

Dynamos........ 3 (Khumbula 8' & 39', Jaure 10')
Highlanders... 0

(Aggregate 5-1)

45 + 2' Bosso corner booted out by Dynamos

45 +1' Khumbula cross but Zvikumbawire sends it just over the bar

43' Magorimbo cross deflected Arial collects

2min to be added on

Great work by Bello to overlap then send a through ball and Khumbula side footed to make it 3nil

Dynamos........ 3 (Khumbula 8' & 39', Jaure 10')
Highlanders... 0

41' Bosso attacks, brilliant save by Mukandi

Dynamos 3 - 0 Bosso

39' goal Dembare Kumbula

35' Mambare shoots wide after mistake by Dynamos defence

Dynamos........ 2 (Khumbula 8', Jaure 10')
Highlanders... 0

32' Bosso force fourth corner, punched out by Mukandi, Bello makes sure

30' Mbara with acres shoooots straight at Arial

28' Murape corner missed by all

26' Mukandi saves a Rio shot for corner and its wasted by Bosso

24' A hustling Murape win a corner for Dynamos

22' Bosso now clueless, I wonder who Kaindu will blame after the game. Bosso need to score 4 times now to win

19' Alimenda showing off some touches as Dynamos now have slowed down. Muparati shown a yellow card

16' Khumbula heads wide off a Mbara cross that was another one

Its DeMbare leading 2-0 in 15 mins and on aggregate they lead 4-1.

Zvikumbawire persistence resulted in shot that was spilled by Sibanda and Khumbula pounced on the rebound.

Two minutes a free kick was headed in by un-marked Jaure

Dynamos........ 2 (Khumbula 8', Jaure 10')
Highlanders... 0

(Aggregate 4-1)

10' Goal Dembare, Jaure

7' Khumbula can't control Muparati pass Bosso let off the hook

8' goal Dembare, Khumbula

5' Bosso corner Dembare defends

3' Dembare's Mukandi with double save

2' Flying start and Zvikumbawire shot saved

Chafa first attempt off target, but Bosso attack and it goes wide

Murape (captain) win toss and elects to attack Mbare end bay first half. It means Dembare pray on city end goal post that it defends.

15:10hrs by my clock and away we go.

Dynamos........ 0
Highlanders... 0

(Aggregate 2-1)

Dynamos Bosso

Source: Byo24Sports


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