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Sunday Women matters with Blondie - Sexualisation of Women?

 Come on ladies we can do betterI was watching a music video on TV during the week. The video had some six men beautifully dressed in designer s...Read more

Sunday Women matters with Blondie - Sexualisation of Women?

07 September 2014 | 1444 Views
 Come on ladies we can do betterI was watching a music video on TV during the week. The video had some six men beautifully dressed in designer s...

by Lorraine Blondie Ndlovu

Sunday Women Matters with Blondie - A Crashing Bolt of Lightning; Stroke

10 August 2014 | 1651 Views
Towards the end of this week I visited a childhood peer who suffered a stroke last week. A caring, attentive doctor patiently took time to explain the condition to the patient. I acquired a wealth...

by Lorraine Blondie Sibanda

Women matters with Blondie - Gov please get your hands off the struggling women

31 July 2014 | 1812 Views
If the incident of a Municipality of Masvingo driver who drove over a 2 month old baby at Mucheke Bus Terminus in Masvingo is not heartfully deterrent for government to get its hands off the strug...

by Lorraine Blondie Sibanda

Sunday women matters with Blondie - Thought for that toiling Zimbabwean woman

27 July 2014 | 2366 Views
According to government statistic 85% of the country's population is in employment and 90% of that in the inform sector. Very well stated by government, the informal sector contributes about 25% o...

by Lorraine Blondie Sibanda

Sunday Women Matters with Blondie - Informal Economy Workers Are Human Too

20 July 2014 | 1338 Views
The 1991 to 1995 Economic Structural Adjustment Programme saw the closure of many companies and retrenchment of workers. Most of the workers who lost their jobs turned to street vending, crossbord...

by Lorraine Blondie Sibanda

Sunday Women Matters with Blondie - How can we protect our children from child molesters?

13 July 2014 | 1599 Views
There are people who feel that children should be protected from the realities of life as long as possible. If we lived in an ideal world then their position would be well taken. The real...

by Lorraine Blondie Sibanda

Sunday Women Matters with Blondie - Who are the Child Molesters?

06 July 2014 | 1886 Views
It is difficult to draw a profile of the typical child molester. They come from all walks of life. Some are in positions of authority over children. The common image of the typical child molester ...

by Lorraine Blondie Sibanda

Sunday Women Matters with Blondie - Living the Dash of My Life

22 June 2014 | 2343 Views
We have only one life on this earth and it helps to reflect on the way we are living our lives. Are we just treading the water of self-survival or are we making a difference in the lives of others...

by Lorraine Blondie Sibanda

Sunday Women Matters with Blondie - To What Extent Do Zimbabwean Women Have Access to Property and Resources?

15 June 2014 | 2175 Views
The SADC Protocol provides that by 2015 state parties shall review all policies and laws that determine access to, control of and benefit from productive resources by women. In Zimbabwe, ...

by Lorraine Blondie Sibanda

Sunday Women Matters with Blondie - Feminine and dignified through every month?

01 June 2014 | 2217 Views
The SADC Gender Protocol requires that by 2015 member states ensure the provision of hygiene and sanitary facilities and nutritional needs of women, including those in prison. The provisi...

by Lorraine Blondie Sibanda

Sunday Women Matters with Blondie - Maternal Deaths

25 May 2014 | 1952 Views
A Nation's agony The SADC Gender Protocol calls on Member States to reduce the maternal mortality rate by 75% by year 2015, in line with Millenium Development Goal (MDG) number 5. Acc...

by Lorraine Blondie Sibanda

Sunday Women Matters with Blondie - ZAACA

18 May 2014 | 1930 Views
In a bid to make HIV programming more responsive to the needs of women and girls, Zimbabwe has put in place a framework known as ZAACA. ZAACA stands for Zimbabwe Agenda for Accelerated Country Ac...

by Lorraine Blondie Sibanda

Cohabitation - Umasihlalisane: Part 2

04 March 2012 | 3332 Views
Siqhubeka bakwethu ngayo lendaba esiyiqale kuviki eliphelileyo.Bengithanda ukuba namhlanje sithi ukubheka ama-advantages lama disadvantages okuhlalisana.Most common reasons why peopl...

by Antizah

Cohabitation - Umasihlalisane

25 February 2012 | 3125 Views
Before I can go any further within this topic akutsho wena kungabe ukukho yini or wadlula kukho once. Manina umasihlalisane muhle or mubi..... sekusiya ngokuthi wena ukuliphi icele. Ngingathandi ukub...

by Antizah

Relationship Action Plans 2012

03 January 2012 | 2454 Views
Honestly,  when it comes to issues of the heart - I prefer writing or discussing from two different perspectives.  Why?  Issues of the heart aren't that simple. It isn't a take one...

by Pamela Stitch

World AIDS Day

01 December 2011 | 2500 Views
Trying to wrap my head around the fact that AIDS and HIV is still an issue in 2011. Generally, I can sit down and write on anything but I just feel so sad and disappointed about this that I just had ...

by Pam

Boob and hips job, sucks!

03 November 2011 | 10627 Views
HIE ladies, someone please help me understand women who are so particular about what men think of them. Why are they being so cruel to themselves?At first women were crazy with lightening cre...

by Sakhile Sakala

Ladies who can stand up and say nagging has helped them in life?

27 October 2011 | 2847 Views
Believe me, men hate women who nag a lot and by doing so you might push your loved one into another woman's arms.Though most women believe that nagging helps them get what they want all the t...

by Antizah | Nhlalwenhle Ncube

Bulawayo24 Women's Column: Introducing our columnists

20 October 2011 | 2649 Views
IN life it is always nice to have people around you. Everyone wants to be loved and cherished, no matter how good or bad you might be feeling on that particular day. One thing that keeps women on top...

by Antizah | Nhlalwenhle Ncube

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The Zero-day Vulnerability Cve-2014-4114 Impacting All Versions Of Microsoft Windows

new microsoft windows zero-day vulnerability - cve-2014-4114on tuesday, october 14, 2014, isight partners - in close collaboration with microsoft - announced the discovery of a zero-day vulnerability impacting all supported versions of microsoft win... Read More
SecNews 16 October 2014 ago

Positions To Make Female Orgasm Easier During Intercourse

some women are fortunate enough to be able to climax easily, and in almost any sexual position. the majority of women though, sometimes find it difficult to orgasm especially when they are with a partner. sometimes this difficulty is just a result ... Read More
adoniadennis 12 May 2014 ago