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Sunday Women Matters with Blondie - Fear not...

As we near the end of Easter, I have decided to share a short motivational and encouraging message with you.David the psalmist says, "Trust in the Lord, and do good so that thou dwell in t...Read more

Sunday Women Matters with Blondie - Fear not...

20 April 2014 | 1287 Views
As we near the end of Easter, I have decided to share a short motivational and encouraging message with you.David the psalmist says, "Trust in the Lord, and do good so that thou dwell in t...

by Lorraine Blondie Sibanda

Sunday Women Matters with Blondie - Gender Violence in Schools

13 April 2014 | 1369 Views
This past week marked the end of the first school term. School is meant to equip our children with educational skills and knowledge for a sustainable future. However, violence against girls in sch...

by Lorraine Blondie Sibanda

Sunday Women Matters with Blondie - Solving Insomnia

06 April 2014 | 2124 Views
Fatigue is one of the 10 most common reasons why people end up seeking medical attention. The remedy should be simply to get more sleep. But most of the time, a significant number of tired peopl...

by Lorraine Blondie Sibanda

Sunday women matters with Blondie - Its the small matters that matter most

30 March 2014 | 1275 Views
Years of experience have taught me that faithful attention to little things is what eventually leads to health, happiness and success. Here is a story I remember when I am tempted to cheat on smal...

by Lorraine Blondie Sibanda

Women Matters with Blondie - A Cheerful Heart is Good Medicine

24 March 2014 | 1151 Views
No matter how hectic busy and burdensome life is, it helps to find humour in some of the situations. A notice in a church bulletin read; "For those of you who have children and don't know it, ...

by Lorraine Blondie Sibanda

Women die because of using one sanitary pad for long hours

21 March 2014 | 6039 Views
Mehmet Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon and teaching professor at Columbia University and host of the popular Television programme The Doctor Oz Show has warned women against one sanitary pad for as l...

by Staff Reporter

Women Matters with Blondie - When the gauge hits zero? Let the Lord take his place

17 March 2014 | 2164 Views
If you've ever felt stressed, compare your life with that of the apostle Paul: "I have worked harder, been put in jail more often, been whipped times without number and faced death again and aga...

by Lorraine Blondie Sibanda

Inspiring change - Dare we spare a thought for the orphans?

09 March 2014 | 1018 Views
This week's article has been inspired by part of a Girls Not Brides' statement on International Women's Day and a testimony by a former male Zimbabwean teacher. Girls Not Brides, is a global partn...

by Lorraine Blondie Sibanda

Corruption at Ndanga Hosp now too much - WhatsApp update

07 March 2014 | 1398 Views
Please note that Bulawayo24 News does not editor WhatsApp update...6:41am, 7 Mar - ‪+263 ** *** ****‬: Cor...

by Citizen Journalist

Death in a foreign disused mine - Women's Agony

02 March 2014 | 3566 Views
An essential tenet of any democratic framework is the principle of human rights, including the granting and exercise of political, economic and social rights of both men and women, rich and poor....

by Lorraine Blondie Sibanda

Sunday women's matters with Blondie - Time to be tougher with Rapists (a woman's call)

23 February 2014 | 1728 Views
Rape has been defined as the unlawful compelling of a person (usually a woman) through physical force or duress to have s*xual int*rcourse against their consent.Rape is one of the most h...

by Lorraine Blondie Sibanda

Sunday women matters with blondie

16 February 2014 | 2308 Views
Society has long defined men and women by their physical attributes and graded them accordingly. This is more so in our African scenario where our cultural and religious beliefs have created box...

by Lorraine Blondie Sibanda

Cohabitation - Umasihlalisane: Part 2

04 March 2012 | 2651 Views
Siqhubeka bakwethu ngayo lendaba esiyiqale kuviki eliphelileyo.Bengithanda ukuba namhlanje sithi ukubheka ama-advantages lama disadvantages okuhlalisana.Most common reasons why peopl...

by Antizah

Cohabitation - Umasihlalisane

25 February 2012 | 2225 Views
Before I can go any further within this topic akutsho wena kungabe ukukho yini or wadlula kukho once. Manina umasihlalisane muhle or mubi..... sekusiya ngokuthi wena ukuliphi icele. Ngingathandi ukub...

by Antizah

Relationship Action Plans 2012

03 January 2012 | 1853 Views
Honestly,  when it comes to issues of the heart - I prefer writing or discussing from two different perspectives.  Why?  Issues of the heart aren't that simple. It isn't a take one...

by Pamela Stitch

World AIDS Day

01 December 2011 | 1720 Views
Trying to wrap my head around the fact that AIDS and HIV is still an issue in 2011. Generally, I can sit down and write on anything but I just feel so sad and disappointed about this that I just had ...

by Pam

Boob and hips job, sucks!

03 November 2011 | 6145 Views
HIE ladies, someone please help me understand women who are so particular about what men think of them. Why are they being so cruel to themselves?At first women were crazy with lightening cre...

by Sakhile Sakala

Ladies who can stand up and say nagging has helped them in life?

27 October 2011 | 2070 Views
Believe me, men hate women who nag a lot and by doing so you might push your loved one into another woman's arms.Though most women believe that nagging helps them get what they want all the t...

by Antizah | Nhlalwenhle Ncube

Bulawayo24 Women's Column: Introducing our columnists

20 October 2011 | 1791 Views
IN life it is always nice to have people around you. Everyone wants to be loved and cherished, no matter how good or bad you might be feeling on that particular day. One thing that keeps women on top...

by Antizah | Nhlalwenhle Ncube

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Oskido, Big Nuz in no show - SCORES of revellers were baying for South...

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Galileo Is A Tool That Can Spy All Kinds Of Mobile Devices

hackers from italy said that they could hack any smartphone.there is a tool in the software market, that can spy the owners of devices running ios, android, windows phone, blackberry, as well as mac and pc. italian hackers from hacking team reporte... Read More
ITnews 25 January 2014 ago

Political Rights In Zimbabwe According To The New Constitution

chapter 4declaration of rightspart 1application and interpretation of chapter 4***67 political rights***(1) every zimbabwean citizen has the right—(a) to free, fair and regular elections for any elective public office established in terms of this ... Read More
iNdabaNdaba 22 December 2013 ago