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Where did he watch these matches?

by Tanisha Mufutau
09 Feb 2013 at 08:32hrs | 4284 Views
On the issue of football, God has shown it all to TB Joshua. The record is there - see it for yourself!

 TBJ also prophesied Zambia's amazing victory over Ivory Coast in AFCON 2010

He prophesied the AFCON 2010 qualifying match between Nigeria and Guinea

He prophesied the opening match of FIFA 2010 between South Africa and Mexico

TB prophesied the FIFA 2010 final match between Spain and The Netherlands

He prophesied the 2011 World Cup Qualifying Match Between Nigeria and Mozambique

In 2011, he prophesied the FIFA U20 World Cup Quarter Final match between Nigeria and France

TB J even prophesied the AFCON 2008 qualifying match between Nigeria and Ghana!

Source - TB,Joshua
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