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Open letter: Yett Matobo vacancy notice unfairly discriminatory

This is an open letter to an organization calling itself YETT which recently posted a vacancy notice for a Post Graduate Intern to work in Matobo district and be doing regular travel withi the distric...Read more

Open letter: Yett Matobo vacancy notice unfairly discriminatory

25 May 2016 | 2815 Views
This is an open letter to an organization calling itself YETT which recently posted a vacancy notice for a Post Graduate Intern to work in Matobo district and be doing regular travel withi the distric...

by Sibangilizwe Madlela

Zimbabwe Cash Crisis fear of a lost Generation

09 May 2016 | 3625 Views
The Editor, Today I write in awe of the cash crisis facing my beloved country of Zimbabwe. For the benefit of the reader who might not be in Zimbabwe or has not yet heard the news: Zimbabweans...

by Sam

Open letter to Lenox Lizwi Mhlanga

08 May 2016 | 3919 Views
Dear Lenox,  I read your article "Where have the good maids gone?" on Bulawayo 24 7th May 2016 with great excitement because the plight of maids in Zimba...

by Nomazulu Thata

Help me find my father 'Hlongwane'

27 April 2016 | 4070 Views
Dear Bulawayo24 News my name is Mduduzi I'm born in Tsholotsho koMakhazi in Dubani village my mom is Salu Tshuma. In 1972 my mom met with a man by the surname of Hlongwane while she was marrie...

by Mduduzi Hlongwane

Open Letter: VP Mphoko salvage us from the National Pledge

27 April 2016 | 3499 Views
Baba Mphoko, I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Allow me Honorable Vice President to write to you today first as a son (because you are from my region and in my region anyone...

by Sibangilizwe Madlela

What will you gain by eliminating me Mr Mugabe? - Open letter to President R.G Mugabe

20 April 2016 | 7824 Views
Greetings to you in the name of the people's power, democracy and the respect of the rule of law. Am delighted to pen this letter to you Your Excellency and it is my sincere hope that you will spare s...

by Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo

Wicknell Chivayo apology in full

15 April 2016 | 5940 Views
HALLO FRIDAY.....i keep getting astronomical touching emails and messages from our players and football supporters across the nation considering the FIASCO that has been happening in the last few week...

by Wicknell Chivayo

Open letter to Dynamos President

11 April 2016 | 3430 Views
I would like to thank you for employing a foreign coach with the view of taking our club Global. I have been a loyal De Mbare since I started knowing football just after Zimbabwe's independence in...

by Lord Morris Kakunguwo

Open letter to President, Mr. Robert Mugabe

08 April 2016 | 3427 Views
The Zanu-PF and the War Veterans have put forward several demands to the President of Zimbabwe, Mr. Robert Mugabe concerning their Welfare. Some of the issues raised in a meeting in Harare was...

by Sizwe Mda

Tshabalala police station locks gate at night

30 March 2016 | 4507 Views
Dear Editor Thieves in Nketa and Tshabalala have become so daring that they are breaking into houses in broad day light. Window smashing of cars and grabbing of valuables during the ni...

by Concerned Tshabalala Resident

An open letter to ZBC- Abahlaziyi Abazimele

28 March 2016 | 2904 Views
We are a group of Music Independent analysts known as Abahlaziyi Abazimele, whose main aim is to market and promote Matebeleland artists who do not get to played in Broadcasting stations.We wr...

by Abahlaziyi Abazimele

Open letter to authors and musicians world wide

28 March 2016 | 2730 Views
Bulawayo24 has been working on an online store we believe will be of interest to you as a pl...

by Staff Reporter

Anti-corruption consultant throws Rushwaya under the bus

15 March 2016 | 2108 Views
Steans' e-mail to ChiyangwaMr ZIFA presidentForgive my intrusion on this Saturday morning. My name is Terry Steans. I am now an independent sports anti-corruption consultant and a ...

by Terry Steans

Thank you BCC for suburbs and street names correction

04 March 2016 | 3347 Views
I would like to sincerely thank the Bulawayo Mayor, the Bulawayo City Councilors, the Bulawayo Acting Town Clerk and all the Council Staff for the Council decision to accent to my request to have all ...

by Khumbulani Maphosa Bulawayo Resident

Open letter to George Mbwando - New Year New beginnings

27 February 2016 | 2454 Views
New Year New beginnings This morning I felt I need to reach out to my brother George Mbwando to say  I'm sorry for all the misunderstandings between us.I watched you play and prog...

by Lord Morris Kakunguwo

Open Letter to President Mugabe

22 February 2016 | 2665 Views
Dearest President Mugabe, I was very happy to see you sitting together with your two vice presidents giving orders to those perceived to be fanning factionalism in ZANU (PF) and disrespec...

by Sam

L6 Intake Corruption Alert: Headmaster takes pupils with more Ds and Es over As and Bs

17 February 2016 | 3894 Views
Now that Ministry of Education said D or E at O level is a pass, i have now seen headmasters at boarding schools enrolling pupils with 1C and 7Ds at the expense of one with 3As 5Bs because of corrupti...

by Mr Nhamo Kufa

Open letter to Honorable Dexter Nduna

15 February 2016 | 1307 Views
Honorable I will address you with your title, I know you guys like it a lot, to honor yourselves and soundly assume that we also honor you. First and foremost I would like to give you credit in admiss...

by Baridzi Nkololo wa Tjilumehane Moyo

Open Letter to Hon Builder Revesayi

14 February 2016 | 712 Views
 Dear Hon Builder Revesayi. With all due respect Builder I followed the thread on the Zimbabwe forum concerning the UK. I notice you started the chat and you did not do much to hide your ...

by Hon Philani Noble

Sarah Mahoka's utterances treasonous

12 February 2016 | 2611 Views
The Editor, I was dismayed by the utterances and threats to Mr. Emmerson Mnangagwa by Sarah Mahoka at the ZANU(PF) headquarters on 02 February 2026. In the presence of the President of Zi...

by Sam

Mugabe the feminist?

08 February 2016 | 2674 Views
Farai Sevenzo considers whether the best way to empower women could be to let them make their own decisions about their bodies.Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe recently left the stage as cha...

by Farai Sevenzo

Open Letter: Chronicle cartoonist must resign

04 February 2016 | 2311 Views
We write in reference to a cartoon by the Chronicle cartoonist Musapenda on the Chronicle of 4 February 2016. We need to put it on record that whilst appreciating that Musapenda as an art...

by Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights

Open Letter to the Education Department of Zimbabwe

03 February 2016 | 2169 Views
We are parents and residents of Lupane district, writing this letter with a deep concern over the decline in the quality of Ndebele as a language at some of our Primary schools. We have watched over t...

by Lupane District Communities

'Je suis Charlie' My pen shall never be silenced!

28 January 2016 | 1379 Views
Dear Sikhumbuzo Moyo, The German song "Die Gedanke sind frei" in English it is translated: "the thoughts are free." "Freedom of speech is the concept of the inherent human right to voice one's...

by Nomazulu Thata

Open Letter to Jenny Williams

26 January 2016 | 2908 Views
Jenny Williams mind your inconsequential Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) business and leave Zanu-PF's internal political matrix alone. You are not qualified to instruct President Robert Gabriel...

by Suitable Kajau

Open letter to the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe: The nation is crying, who can hear them?

25 January 2016 | 3396 Views
YOUR EXCELLENCY THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE, ROBERT GABRIEL MUGABE, It is with a heavily bleeding heart that I humbly write this letter to you, as the nation and people of this great nat...

by Tendai Ruben Mbofana

Open letter to President Pierre Nkurunziza, Republic of Burundi

19 January 2016 | 2519 Views
Your Excellency, On behalf of the downtrodden, forlorn African son, I am lettering to you to express our deep concern regarding the sudden eruption of violence caused by you in Bujumbura the f...

by Adam Sibuyi

Response to 'Biti's big bite of opposition cake'

15 January 2016 | 1859 Views
Dear Editor I would like to respond briefly to the 'opinion piece' by Herald Political Editor, Tichaona Zindoga which appeared in the ZANU-PF - controlled broadsheet yesterday titled 'Bit...

by Rejoice Ngwenya

SA props up racist, fascist Mugabe

14 January 2016 | 3869 Views
DEAR SIR,I have been reading with interest the various articles regarding racism and the noble intention to criminalise it.Another story that briefly came to the fore last week was that th...

by Peter Stenslunde

We must implement the GPA reforms and get rid both dictatorship and dictator - no Musewe compromises!

02 January 2016 | 1978 Views
Dear Editor,  "Some of our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora continue to protest and demand political reforms from a regime which knows that it will be suicidal to do so," argued Musew...

by Nomusa

Lost and found Zim passport in Balfour, South Africa

02 January 2016 | 3015 Views
Editor I picked a passport belonging to I.A. Mlilo in Balfour JHB South Africa if anyone knows him tell him to call me on this number 0729865787 (RSA) Thank You!...

by SA Resident

Open letter to Grace Mugabe

04 December 2015 | 4418 Views
On behalf of the troubled Zimbabweans who are experiencing economic difficulties; I would like to ask you the following questions Why are you wasting state funds to promote your political inte...

by Sikhumbuzo Moyo

What will stop ZESA from concocting another dubious reason to fleece us?

01 December 2015 | 1665 Views
Dear Editor Re ZESA I thought with the introduction of pre paid meters the guess estimations and scheming from the sole supplier would end. Alas...

by M.T. Dube

Zimbabweans suffocating under unjustified levies

22 November 2015 | 2261 Views
Dear Editor,Zimbabweans Suffocating under unjustified levies The spat of levies being introduced by government, the latest of which is the r...

by Ilos Nyoni, MDC National Executive member

Open letter to the Zimbabweans about ZAPU

13 November 2015 | 2287 Views
To the beloved bantwana benhlabathi; now is your time to recognize that the bull has recovered and is ready to protect it territories anyone who tries to block is playing a loosing match....

by Sikhumbuzo Moyo

Credible Myanmar elections

10 November 2015 | 1560 Views
Dear Editor,It is interesting to see a breath of fresh air in election process of Myanmar.  For a quarter of a century the country was suppressed by the military rule which dictated the d...

by Michael Tinarwo

Open letter to Mugabe's nephew - 'Your uncle is the most selfish leader the world has ever had'

09 November 2015 | 4983 Views
"Cde Jason Zhuwao" as you would like to call yourself, let me respond to your so called analysis of People First as follows.Firstly I note you have some unease within your blood about the mons...

by Jonathan Masumbika

Open letter to EFF and its commander in chief Comrade Julius Malema

29 October 2015 | 3154 Views
 Dear Malema and EFFDaughters and Sons of African soil, comrades in the struggle for Economic Freedom, representatives of the poor, the unemployed, miners, garden boys and domestic worker...

by Innocent Ndibali

Open letter to Gen Solomon (Rex Nhongo) Mujuru

28 October 2015 | 7637 Views
Dear Rex. Greetings to you in the name of the people's revolution. It has been long ever since you left us, when you perished in a mysterious inferno at your farm in Beatrice, Harare. A story ...

by Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo Snr

Bring back the Zimbabwe dollar

27 October 2015 | 4772 Views
EDITOR,As a patriot in love with all things Zimbabwean, including the shelved local currency, I would like to request through your paper the gradual resuscitation of the Zimbabwean dollar....

by Admire Mashanyare

Open letter to Prof Jonathan Moyo

10 October 2015 | 3204 Views
The San populations in Tsholotsho North: they face extinction! Dear Honourable Professor Dr. Jonathan Nathaniel Moyo,I am writing on your capaci...

by Nomazulu Thata

Open letter to Bosso leaders by Tshinga Dube

07 October 2015 | 3636 Views
MOST of us supporters of Highlanders and patriots of Bulawayo are really disenchanted by what is taking place at Highlanders Football Club. Highlanders are the oldest team in the country and the sourc...

by Col (Rtd) Tshinga Dube

We need reforms to stop leaders behaving like silver-back gorilla amongst chattering monkeys!

02 October 2015 | 2858 Views
Dear Editor,"He (Tsvangirai) did not listen; a silver-back in the middle of its macho display does not listen to chattering monkeys!" (Bulawayo 24 Opinion) Nice one Wilbert. I laugh now but di...

by Nomusa

ZRP using registered private vehicles

21 September 2015 | 5497 Views
EDITOR,I have noted with concern the recent proliferation of private vehicles with the official Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) white and black registration number plates but not marked with th...

by Tendai A Kadzere & Snr Assistant Commissioner Charamba

Sikhanyiso Ndlovu: A nation's loss

16 September 2015 | 2677 Views
EDITOR,The death of Zanu-PF Politburo member and former Cabinet minister Dr Sikhanyiso Ndlovu shocked me.I prayed for his recovery when I heard that he had suffered a stroke hoping tha...

by M. Ncube, Gweru.

A letter to Hon. VP Mnangagwa

13 September 2015 | 6763 Views
Dear Hon. VP Mnangagwa,I AM writing this open letter to you in your capacity as the Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe as well as the current Minister of Justice.I have written...

by Mutumwa Mawere

Mutuma Mawere writes 'A warning letter to Dangote'

10 September 2015 | 7895 Views
Dear Mr. Dangote,I am writing this open letter to you as a concerned African.My concern is limited to broader public policy and institutional issues arising from your recent visit to Z...

by Mutumwa Mawere

'Violation of patient privacy at Mpilo hospital' - Staff posts photo on Facebook

04 September 2015 | 6554 Views
Editor,Please see below, I think it's worth informing the public about violations of patient privacy at Mpilo hospital.This is the email I sent to the hospital, along with picture evid...

by Concerned Citizen

Open letter to Bulawayo City Council

04 September 2015 | 3857 Views
An open letter to the city council from the Matabeleland Concerned  Residents Association (MACRA) and other organizations :We the citizens of Matab...


SANRAL name used fraudulently to obtain banking details

04 September 2015 | 1960 Views
Dear e-toll Account HolderSANRAL Fraud Hotline has detected a scam where an imposter represents themselves as SANRAL personnel and starts off by confirming the person's personal details - incl...

by Sanral

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