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Mthwakazi Youth Leaders trial update

by Staff Reporter
25 Sep 2013 at 14:04hrs | 1868 Views
Yesterday the Mthwakazi Youth Leaders trial of Mqondisi Moyo and Busani Sibindi roared into action, however the state failed to produce tangible evidence pointing to Busani Sibindi and Mqondisi Moyo as the conveners of the demonstration.

The state witness for the 24th trial could not even identify who Busani Sibindi.

When asked how she classified the demonstration as an unlawful gathering she stated that she joined the demonstrators for about 9 minutes.

Of which the group's lawyer Dumisani Dube asked her four times weather she was part of the demonstrators for those 9 minutes and she said yes and later on admitted that she was not competent enough to provide evidence against the two and court was adjourned.

The other 21 facing charges of criminal nuisance are set to return to court on the 3rd of October 2013 for trial.

The trial resumed today with the state calling upon the Officer Commanding Bulawayo Suburban as its witness. Again the OC could not provide tangible evidence.

The only evidence produced for exhibition was the petition signed by the Executive Committee of the Resolution which supported the residents outcry for fair employment opportunities and an end to what they termed segregative policies.

When asked weather the petition itself was a letter summoning residents to the streets or was it targeted to the ZESA authorities the OC could not qualify his evidence.

Thus again by the end of the case today another witness also admitted that besides the petition there was no other evidence available for exhibition.

The trial is set to resume on the 3rd of October together with the other 21 members.

Source - Mthwakazi
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