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'Africa adores Mugabe,' says Zanu-PF

Africa "completely and absolutely adores President Robert Mugabe", that is why he has been elected head of the African Union, his Zanu-PF party said on Sunday."His universal endorsement by the...Read more

'Africa adores Mugabe,' says Zanu-PF

01 February 2015 | 640 Views
Africa "completely and absolutely adores President Robert Mugabe", that is why he has been elected head of the African Union, his Zanu-PF party said on Sunday."His universal endorsement by the...

by Sapa

'Be self-reliant,' Mugabe tells Africa

01 February 2015 | 552 Views
AFRICAN Union chair President Mugabe yesterday rallied member states to walk the talk by exploiting the alternative sources of funding they had agreed on in order to wean the continent off over-relian...

by Caesar Zvayi

Zuma's son 'Edward' in court, signs maintenance agreement

01 February 2015 | 836 Views
Pietermaritzburg - South African President Jacob Zuma's son, Edward, owned up to his responsibilities and signed a maintenance agreement of R5 000 a month for his son.According to the Sunday I...

by Staff Reporter

'What the West will say or do is not my business,' says Mugabe

01 February 2015 | 2120 Views
President Robert Mugabe on Saturday shrugged off concerns that his appointment as new African Union chair would harm relations between the pan-African bloc and the West."What the West will say...

by AFP

'Magical' snakes invade family home

31 January 2015 | 4645 Views
A family from Mhinga Village, outside Malamulele in Limpopo, SA, are living in fear after their home is invaded by snakes.50-year-old Masingita Shivambu said the problem started 10 years ago....

by Staff reporter

Dead woman 'gets revenge' on little sister who stole her husband

31 January 2015 | 5830 Views
A woman believes her dead sister got her revenge on her younger sister after the latter started sleeping with the widower soon after the death.Priscilla's body was still lying in the mortu...

by Staff reporter

'Zimbabweans safe from current SA xenophobic attacks'

31 January 2015 | 1453 Views
NO Zimbabweans have been caught in the wave of xenophobic attacks which broke out in South Africa last week, Zimbabwe's ambassador to South Africa Isaac Moyo said.He said Zimbabweans need not ...

by Thupeyo Muleya

It's cool to be a 21st century artisan

30 January 2015 | 2316 Views
World Skills South Africa National Show, are currently taking place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. This event which is hosted by World Skills South Africa, is an inaugural competit...

by Sithandile Mpofu

Namibia drags feet on Zimbabwe qualifications

30 January 2015 | 3591 Views
TWENTY-EIGHT Namibian graduates who studied at institutions in Zimbabwe are having trouble convincing the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) that their qualifications are legitimate.This follo...

by Theresia Tjihenuna

SA school defends racial segregation

29 January 2015 | 3098 Views
Johannesburg - A school in Pretoria has been accused of assigning pupils to classes based on their race, Eye Witness News reported on Thursday.Almost 30 parents at the school reportedly signed...

by Staff reporter

Europe shouldn't tell us about women, says Mugabe

29 January 2015 | 4133 Views
ZIMBABWE president and soon-to-be-elected African Union chairperson, Robert Mugabe, said the representation of women in European parliaments isn't good enough to warrant them advising Africans about t...

by Staff reporter

Mugabe set to assume AU chairmanship

29 January 2015 | 1504 Views
Members of the Zimbabwean delegation attending the 24th ordinary session of the African Union heads of state say they are hopeful and confident that President Robert Mugabe will assume the chairmanshi...

by Staff reporter

Customers shot in Johannesburg shopping mall robbery

29 January 2015 | 4246 Views
Seven people, including two alleged robbers, were injured in a shootout at a shopping centre in Bedfordview, east of Johannesburg, on Thursday, Gauteng police said."Three customers, two securi...

by Staff reporter

Africa must break from negative narratives

29 January 2015 | 1141 Views
Despite decades of conflict, death and tragedy, coverage of issues in Africa has often been ignored, oversimplified, or excessively focused on limited aspects. Deeper analysis, background and context ...

by Angelique

Outrage over SA xenophobia

29 January 2015 | 1773 Views
The looting of foreign-owned shops in Soweto, South Africa, indicates that the country needs robust economic empowerment policies that benefit the black majority, political analysts have said. ...

by Felex Share

Seek T.B. Joshua's help over Boko Haram, Botswana advises Nigeria

28 January 2015 | 3132 Views
Members of the Botswana public have sent an unusual message to Nigeria as they seek military support from Africa in the increasingly challenging fight against the Islamist insurgent group Boko Haram....

by Tebego Motalaote - Gabarone, Botswana

Delays with SA permits - Zimbabweans sent away from work

28 January 2015 | 5178 Views
Three Zimbabwean men whose permits are pending have been told to leave their jobs at Touareg Tents in Capricorn Business Park and return only when they can prove they are legally in the country....

by Tariro Washinyira

'I enjoyed being raped,' man says

28 January 2015 | 10881 Views
A 21-year-old man who lives in Johannesburg's Diepsloot extension 12, SA, says he enjoyed being raped by a beautiful woman at gunpoint.But he's afraid she may have given him a deadly sexual d...

by Staff reporter

Namibia in bid to legalise wife swapping

28 January 2015 | 5862 Views
Wife swapping among Namibia's nomadic tribes has been practised for generations but a legislator's call to enshrine it in law has stirred debate about women's rights and tradition in modern society....

by Staff Reporter

Zimbabwean woman's drug case postponed in SA

27 January 2015 | 1187 Views
Two women accused of entering South Africa carrying ingredients associated with drug manufacturing appeared in the Musina Magistrate's Court on Tuesday, Limpopo police said."The two women,...

by Sapa

SA looting of foreign-owned shops, death toll rises

27 January 2015 | 3530 Views
Johannesburg - SA police on Tuesday put the official death toll during looting of foreign-owned shops across Gauteng at five.This is despite seven people being killed in violence involving for...

by Staff Reporter

Woman 'left to rot alive'

27 January 2015 | 3411 Views
A 51-year-old woman from Evaton, south of Johannesburg, who apparently went to Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto with a sore knee was reportedly left to rot alive.Nobuhle Novuka spent ...

by Staff reporter

Acceptance speech by the 6th President of Zambia, Edgar Chagwa Lungu

26 January 2015 | 2377 Views
LUSAKA -I greet you all in the name of our Lord and Saviour, the Sovereign King of our land Jesus Christ. It is with great humility and tremendous joy that I stand before you today. After months of lo...

by Edgar Chagwa Lungu

Drama as woman tells entire village hubby is not circumcised - Video

26 January 2015 | 7174 Views

by Staff Reporter

Mugabe irks Zambian opposition supporters

25 January 2015 | 3226 Views
Zambians have mounted a demonstration against President Robert Mugabe after the nonagenarian flew to Lusaka on Friday for the expected inauguration of the country's new president, although counting of...

by Staff reporter

Zambians in 'Mugabe must go' demo

24 January 2015 | 7420 Views
PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe emerged this week after a five week long leave and began official duty by flying out to Zambia only to be denounced by Zambians who expressed their dislike for him.The ...

by Sapa

Mugabe meets Zambia's white President

24 January 2015 | 4656 Views
As Zambians await the announcement of the final results for the 2015 presidential election tonight, Zambia's Acting President Guy Scott paid a courtesy call on President Robert Mugabe who is the curr...

by Staff Reporter

Woman threatens to dump boyfriend after seeing pastor's manhood on leaked video

24 January 2015 | 10773 Views
Pastor Sithembiso Zondo, famous for his motivational talks on Ukhozi FM's Breakfast Show on Tuesdays in South Africa, has been filmed with no clothes on.The video, seen in the Dailysun, h...

by Staff reporter

Former SA police commissioner 'Jackie Selebi' dies

23 January 2015 | 4670 Views
Johannesburg - Former South Africa national police commissioner Jackie Selebi has died aged 64, theAfrican National Congress has announced."The department of correctional services has...

by Staff Reporter

Bogus traditional healer gets beating of his life - Video

23 January 2015 | 4073 Views
A conman at the Workshop Shopping Centre in Durban, KZN, SA, has been bashed and a cop fled in him car and left him at the mercy of the angry crowd.Six magicians were entertaining the crowd ...

by Staff Reporter

SA police vow strong action against cop who also took part in Soweto looting

23 January 2015 | 2139 Views
Police in South Africa vowed on Friday to take strong action against a policeman who allegedly took part in the looting of foreign-owned shops in Soweto.Speaking at Moroka police station, Gaut...

by Staff Reporter

Zim kidnappers are in SA illegally

23 January 2015 | 2865 Views
TWO of the Zimbabwean men accused of holding a woman and her baby hostage for ransom are in South Africa illegally while another has been convicted six times in the past.The Randburg Magi...

by Staff reporter

SA employers exploit desperate Zimbabweans

22 January 2015 | 4150 Views
Exploitation of Zimbabwean migrants in South Africa has worsened following plans by the Home Affairs Department to deport at least 40,000 who failed to meet the deadline to apply for permits under the...

by Edgar Gweshe

SA hijacking caught on camera - Video

22 January 2015 | 5691 Views
Pretoria - Dramatic cellphone footage has emerged of a hijacking attempt outside a Pretoria nursery school on Thursday morning. ...

by online

8 Zimbabweans arrested in SA

22 January 2015 | 3177 Views
EIGHT Zimbabweans, believed to be behind a syndicate committing armed robberies and hijacking trucks and delivery goods in and around Gauteng Province, have been arrested by the South African Police....

by Crime Reporter

Zambia poll results announcement postponed

21 January 2015 | 2929 Views
Election results have been postponed by the election commission of Zambia as some Zambians are still voting in some parts of flood stricken areas.An official from the election commission s...

by Staff reporter

Frenzied crowd hacks cattle after truck overturns

21 January 2015 | 3320 Views
Johannesburg - A crowd of people tried to hack meat off cattle after a trailer they were being transported in overturned on the N1 in Gauteng, South Africa, the NSPCA said on Wednesday."Wi...

by Sapa

Looting of shops owned by foreign nationals spreads in Soweto, SA

21 January 2015 | 3276 Views
The looting of shops owned by foreign nationals spread to other areas in Soweto following a shooting incident in Snake Park, near Dobsonville, Gauteng police said on Wednesday."Reports this mo...

by Sapa

Bogus Botswana ID lands Zimbabwean man in court

20 January 2015 | 2738 Views
Gaborone - A Gaborone court on Tuesday denied a Zimbabwean national a request to change his plea after he allegedly made a false statement that led to him obtaining a Botswana national identity ca...

by Sapa

Mugabe named in BBC's leaders who choose power before the people

20 January 2015 | 3295 Views
As part of the BBC's Democracy Day, Maud Jullien considers the African leaders who have refused to give up power and those who have been forced out by popular protests.The principle of governm...

by BBC

ANC wants Malema back

20 January 2015 | 6966 Views
Battle lines in the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have been drawn, with renewed claims that party leader Julius Malema is in talks with the ANC for a return to his former political home.High...

by Citizen Reporters

Python scare

20 January 2015 | 6372 Views
TRADITIONAL healer Msuseni Dindi adores snakes.So when a friend saw people trying to kill a python in the nearby mountains, Msuseni rushed over and saved it.And now it lives as quietl...

by Staff reporter

My muthi fixes cheating husbands and wives!

20 January 2015 | 5680 Views
"I'M TIRED of cheating husbands and wives!"These were the words of George Madzavumuse, an inyanga from Zimbabwe who practises in Motherwell NU1, Port Elizabeth.He says many people chea...

by Staff reporter

Zuma dumps his second wife

20 January 2015 | 8114 Views
THE JACOB ZUMA School of Love has strict rules.Those who misbehave are punished!AND NUMBER ONE'S NUMBER TWO HAS BEEN BOOTED OUT OF NKANDLA!First Lady Nompumelelo "MaNtuli" is n...

by Staff reporter

Zambia goes to polls in tightly contested race

20 January 2015 | 2024 Views
Johannesbur - Zambia goes to the polls on Tuesday in a tightly contested race to elect a president after a ruling party power struggle following the death of Michael Sata in office last year.T...

by Staff Reporter

Thousands protest against Joseph Kabila in DRC

20 January 2015 | 1380 Views
Beni, Congo - Thousands of people demonstrated on Monday against alleged plans by Congolese President Joseph Kabila to extend his rule.Government spokesperson Lambert Mende confirmed late on M...

by Staff Reporter

Six Zimbabweans nabbed for SA robbery and attempted rape

19 January 2015 | 5002 Views
SIX Zimbabweans are expected to appear in the Bothaville Magistrate Court in South Africa soon on charges of house robbery and attempted rape, the South African police have said.A statement fr...

by Staff Writer

Cops teargas school kids in demo over playground

19 January 2015 | 2986 Views
Nairobi - Kenyan police on Monday teargassed schoolchildren demonstrating against the removal of their school's playground, which has been allegedly grabbed by a powerful politician, said a Kenyan hum...

by AP

Botswana govt appeal gays case

19 January 2015 | 1830 Views
Gaborone - The Botswana government is appealing a high court case which gave Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals of Botswana (Legabido) the right to register as an organisation, court records showed on Monda...

by Staff Reporter

Zimbabwean shot in Sierra Leone land row

18 January 2015 | 3870 Views
A BELGIAN and a Zimbabwean working for international agribusiness company Socfin Group have been shot during a protest over land rights in Sierra Leone, police said on Saturday.The Luxembourg-...

by Reuters

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Zimplats only giving ultra-lucrative tenders to white owned firms - Pl...

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'Be self-reliant,' Mugabe tells Africa - AFRICAN Union chair President...

by Caesar Zvayi | 01 February 2015 | 552 Views

Roki, Ammara break up - BREAK UP!!!Yes, there is no better word to des...

by Mbongeni Msimanga | 01 February 2015 | 1653 Views

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Dabengwa 'political impotent, divisive and clueless': Zapu NEC official

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Man acquitted for fatally axing father - A 31-YEAR-OLD man from Gokwe ...

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Zuma's son 'Edward' in court, signs maintenance agreement

by Staff Reporter | 01 February 2015 | 836 Views


Somizi Mhlongo joins the Idols SA judging panel - After nearly six yea...

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Bojo Mujo dies - reports - There are reports that talented South Afric...

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Musician praises Grace Mugabe, blasts Gamatox - ZIMDANCEHALL chanter ...

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Nama awards nominees - Full list - A lot has been said about the Natio...

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Munya Mataruse Joins Tuku on US Tour - Upcoming Pakare Paye Arts Centr...

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Mugabe, Mujuru at Harare Gallery

by A.A.V. Amasi | 28 January 2015 | 5980 Views

Prof Jonathan Moyo says 'Zimbabwe to meet digitisation deadline in Jun...

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DJ stabbed by lover - A MATSHOBANE suburb disk jockey (29) got more t...

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